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Reflection on yesterday’s rally: satirical contradictions for obvious reasons!

While yesterday’s rally was called to protest against horrendous crimes against international activists outside Gaza waters, it witnessed very “funny” (mostly satirical) contradictions.

The first extremely satirical thing to the point of collapsing on the floor of the Sydney Town Hall is the content of the Greens MLC speech. Ms Sylvia Hale and her Greens party had just discovered yesterday that Gaza strip is under blockade. And only yesterday, Ms Hale promised to speak up against this blockade. One would, rightly, ask where these party politicians live. Are they living on the same planet as all of us? Do not they watch TV (any TV station, even the regressive Murdoch press) to discover that Gaza is under complete blockade since early 2007?

And to be fair to Ms Hale and her party, we should mention that they promised (after they woke up recently) to come to rallies and make verbal undocumented promises to speak up against this blockade. All this despite the fact that they did not issue s…