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Comments on the Australian government announcement of policy on Syrian crisis

Following the Australian government announcement of policy on Syrian crisis, we would like to mention:
- Australia has committed itself to a very dangerous mission. The Australian participation in bombing of targets inside Syria could be very dangerous manoeuvre for Australia and the region. The region is already a jungle of foreign armies ready to attack each other. We are aware that thousands of Chinese, Russian and Iranian military enforcement has arrived in Syria and in the Mediterranean off the Syrian coast. Any mistake on Australians’ side of bombing of Syrian military or their allies could inflame the whole region. Australian jets could be met with hostile retaliation from both sides. We all remember the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive when his jet was shot down by terrorists.
- The only guarantee that this could be avoided is by acknowledging the only legitimate force on the ground, the Syrian army, the only force fighting terrorists. Without coordination with the Syrian…