Monday, September 03, 2012

Our story with the Australian extremists: Enough is enough!!

When we decided not to back down on the barbaric attacks by local extremists, we took this decision as enough is enough. The current barbaric medieval attacks on our democratic rights of freedom of speech and thoughts were not the first attacks we sustained. But we have decided that they should be the last.

The first time we decided to run candidates in local election was on September 2008. At that time, there were no controversial issues like the current violence in Syria. Our election campaign was going on very smoothly. Until one day we were alerted by a friend who attends Friday praying at musallah operated by one of these extremist groups.

We were told that the imam of the musallah had urged his followers not to vote for us, namely. The reason for this because he suspects that we are Shia seeking representation in the local council. The calls to boycott us spread like fire in the hay. We heard accounts that all other musallahs, masjids and mosques operated by extreme groups affiliated with Al Qaeda had done the same.

We approached one of these musallahs and encouraged the leaders of that musallahs not to spread sectarian hate. Regardless of the fact that we are not Shia, sectarian hate should not have place in Australian democracy and life-style. The leaders denied that they spread such sectarian hate. But at that election we heard more horrific accounts. The extremists in fact used all venues available to them to advocate people not to vote for us. They even utilised Islamic school to spread sectarian hate. Some of the school kids are in fact Shia, studying in Sunni dominated school. They were urged to tell their parents not to vote for “infidels” like us.

We decided not to take any action, as this could hurt the reputation of the community and could affect the fragile harmony between its sects.

The same story was repeated, in more ugly way, during the last year’s state election. While again during the last year’s election, the issue of Syria was not a factor in the election, violence against our campaign was very high. With no warning, we woke up one day to discover that all our posters had disappeared from the streets. Even posters inside shops were torn apart by angry mob. We then were told that the mob has left us message that they belong to Al Bukhari bookstore. When we tried to talk to Al Bukhari bookstore, we met with mixed response. Officially they denied encouraging their members to attack our posters because we are “infidels” and no Muslim should vote for us. But practically there were few members who admitted that they did all this. And the campaign to sabotage our campaign went on and on. All our efforts to stop these Al Bukhari members from attacking our campaign were unsuccessful. We left with one option: report these barbaric medieval attacks to authorities, including police. We also leaked news alert to media.

The police could not take practical step to stop these attacks. It was only when The Daily Telegraph published small article about these attacks that Sheikh Feiz and his group moved to stop their members from continuing their campaign. But with more threats to us.
At that time we again decided that the reputation of the community should be put above our interests of getting decent votes. And this is why we refused to talk directly or indirectly to the media. We had several requests from different TV stations (including SBS, ABC and other channels) in addition to newspapers and radio stations (including 2GB and 2UE). Even the Times contacted us from its offices in London and offered to send journalist to meet us and get the full story.

Eventhough it was the golden opportunity for us to get a lot of media during election campaign, we refused all offers. Some think that we could have lost a lot of Muslim votes if we accepted the offers. This is not true. And the result was clear evidence.

A lot of community members are against these extremists. We should remember that in the community there are a lot of Shia Muslims, Alawis and moderate Sunnis that are sick of these extremists and their extreme ideas and tactics. There are also a lot of racist and Anti-Muslim community members. Let us remember that One Nation racist and Anti-Muslim party got in many elections more than 10% of the votes in Auburn seat.

We did not take all these numbers and facts into account when we took the decision to refuse to talk to the media. All what was important for us is the interests of the community, including its reputation and harmony among its members.

But the attacks during this election led us to clear understanding that the reputation and interests of the Muslim community require us to stand up and stop these extreme groups from going on with their extreme tactics and agendas. If we continue to cave in and absorb attacks without counter attack, these groups will take the whole community as hostage. And the same tactics will be repeated in any future elections or public campaigns.

These groups were the reason for the very bad reputation of the Muslims around the world and gave us the bad name as “terrorists” “monsters” and “inhumane”. They in fact do not care about the reputation and harmony in the community. Not only this. Their tactic is very simple: to abuse our careful steps not to hurt the community’s reputation. They then attack and claim that any counter attack on them will divide the community and give the community bad reputation.

In this election we decided that “the best way to defend yourself is to attack your enemies”. And so we went on counter attack from the first day the extremists started to send us threatening sms, phone calls and Facebook messages. And we continued by alerting the media, politicians and other community members. And we will continue until they stop their dirty tactics.

We believe that in democracy people can exchange ideas, debate, make accusations and compromises to settle disputes. These extreme groups do not recognise democracy at all. This is why they resort immediately in any debate to threats, physical attacks and use of religious centres to attack opponents. We will do the same.

We know that the damage was done this election. We know that these groups resorted to all dirty tactics; including using “Islamic” schools to spread sectarian hate and lies.

But we are doing all this for future. They should stop taking the whole community a hostage for their extreme agendas. They should start to act like any other Australian in the society. If they do not like things, they can either shut up or debate, within the laws. Not threats and no physical attacks.

And we know that they are well organised and have no morals to do any low acts. And this is why we need to better organise and show them that we will not allow them to go on with their dirty tactics.

And we will do this.....

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Greens lies on Melbourne by election results: It is the time to rid of the Greens!

The Greens had deafened our ears for the last decade that they will win Melbourne seat, become major party and that they are lefty party seeking “clean politics”. The results of the Melbourne
by- election yesterday would be clear evidence against all these myths and lies.

I personally heard the Greens leader, Bob Brown, during the Victorian state election 2002 stressing to the members and media that the Greens will win Melbourne seat from Labor. He even went further. He predicted that the Greens will win 5-7 seats in the Victorian both houses. The results of that election were clear: the Greens won no seats. Not only this. Without Labor’s major reforms to voting system in Victoria, the Greens would have won no seats until today.

I also personally heard Mr Brown (who could be comfortably described as the best lying politician in Australian contemporary history) promising Greens members and supporters that the Greens will end Labor dominance in politics and would replace it. So far the best results for the Greens were during the exceptional 2010 election by winning 11.7% of the votes. This is not even near the 38% to Labor.

The other myth is that the Greens advocate and exercise “clean politics”.

The Greens so far vended many lies to justify their deceptions about winning the Melbourne seat easily from Labor. Logically, the Greens should have won the seat in this by-election for the following reasons:
1-This is a by-election, where voters usually vote against incumbent party. The voters usually can afford to send message of dissatisfaction to their traditional party, without costing them office.
2-The Greens control the seat Federally.
3-The Labor is sliding in all opinion polls with the mess at Federal level and extremely unpopular Federal government.

The Greens, instead of admitting the truth that they failed to impress the voters, resorted to vend more lies after lies of the reasons of such failure.

At the beginning, they accused Labor of making dirty deals with Christian conservative party, Family First.

Then they accused the voting system of handing the seat to Labor, despite the fact that the Greens won more primary votes than Labor.

The Greens have vended these accusations/lies disregarding the following facts:
1- The Greens have won almost ALL their seats on the back of preferences from conservative parties.
2- The Greens almost never won any seat on primary votes.

Let us mention details here:
- The Greens sealed a deal in 2001 Federal election with extreme racist One Nation Pauline Hanson party. The Greens senator, Kerry Nettle, actually won on the preferences she received from One Nation.
- In 2006 Victorian state election, the Greens entered negotiation with conservative Liberals party (who sealed at that time a preference deal with Family First) to swap preferences. The Liberals refused to swap deal with the Greens on principled reasons (because of the Greens Anti-family policies).
- In 2007 NSW state election, the Greens attempted to bribe the conservative Liberals party (controlled at that time by extreme Neo-Conservative faction) to swap preferences in certain areas (namely Balmain and Marrickville). Again the Liberals were more principled than the Greens and refused to swap deals with the Greens because of the Greens Anti-Family policies.
- The Greens leader, Bob Brown, won his seat in Tasmania first time (1998) on less than 5% of primary votes (the quota to win seat is 14.5%). Without preference deals, the Greens leader would never win the seat then.
- Almost ALL Greens politicians won on preference deal. The Greens only win on primary vote were in Tasmania and Victoria, 2010.

These facts would dismiss any claims by the Greens of “clean politics”.

So why the Greens lost this “unlosable election”.

The loss of election came after almost ALL political forces in Australia understood that the only way to increase their vote is to get rid of the Greens. Almost ALL parties understood that the Greens are very good in propaganda, including lies and deceptions on commitments and achievements. And it is very clear that they will combine forces to end this farce.

The Greens for the last decade could get votes from all political parties. Some votes came from Labor. Other votes came from the Democrats. A lot of votes come from new voters who swallowed the lies and deceptions of the Greens commitments to Multiculturalism, refugees rights, Anti-War and pro-public sector.

Let us go back to preference deals in yesterday’s election. The Greens failed to get any decent preference deal, even from parties that would have many in common with the Greens.

The Greens even failed to get preferences from Sex Party (even though the Greens are staunch supporters of promoting prostitution, drug abuse …). The Sex party came to clear understanding that they will never win any decent primary votes while the Greens get such level of voting and representation in parliaments.

The Labor started the campaign to isolate the Greens and convince other parties to direct preferences away from the Greens. The Labor and ALL other forces should intensify this campaign. The Greens should be isolated and denied preference votes, to enable other decent parties to get fair share of primary votes. And it seems that this is what will happen.

The only exception to this so far is the Socialists within the Socialist Alliance. They are still in bed with the Greens, despite the fact that the Greens are refusing to adopt any Socialist agenda and are considering the Socialist ideology to be laughable matter from dark era. The Socialists do not understand that the good work they are doing on many platforms, including refugees rights, Anti-War….. were hijacked on election days by the Greens. The Socialists alliance with the Greens gives wrong indication to the voters of who really have commitments and actions on social justice issues. The Socialists should start to distance themselves from the Greens, especially the Greens are treating the Socilaists as inferior, naïve and irrelevant in Australian politics.

If the trend will be repeated in the next elections, we would expect the disappearance of the Greens form the political scene soon. The same happened to extreme Pauline Hanson One Nation.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Carbon Tax: the myths vs reality!

First of all we should mention here that the idea of Carbon Tax is not a Labor party idea or project. It is pure Greens party idea and initiative. The Labor political immaturity makes them defend the tax as if it was in the heart of their policy. The Greens, on the other side, keep low profile on their initiative as part of their opportunistic policy for the last decade. The Greens are watching: If the tax generates disastrous outcomes, they will keep low profile on it and leave Labor to struggle with its impacts. If it will generate good outcome (highly unlikely), they will come forward and claim full responsibility.

From listening to both the Greens and Labor on the reasons for the tax and expected outcome, we can outline few unrealistic myths that the tax was based on for its introduction:
1- Australia is polluting more than any other nation on this planet, and so Australian government needs to act to reduce this pollution.
2- The tax will penalise big polluters and so make them pay for their pollution to clean the mess and enforce them to reduce such pollution.
3- The tax will revolutionarise Australian way of life into embracing sustainable energy and abandoning the traditional sources from fossil fuel.

Well let us talk precisely on each point before going into any conclusion.

Maybe Australia is classified as the “highest pollution nation” but “per capita”. This means that “Each Australian pollutes more than Each Indian or Malaysian or Jordanian”. But taking into account that the numbers of Australians are very limited to less than 22 millions, the pollution they make is very limited if compared to other nations. In fact Australians pollution is very insignificant if compared to huge nations like China, India, USA, Brazil, Nigeria or Indonesia.

So any suggestion that Australian government action to curb pollution will significantly impact on the global warming devastation is no more than exaggeration for political reasons. This does not mean that we do not want Australians to reduce their pollution. But we want to put everything into factual context.

The Greens (and Labor) insistence to act locally on this issue is something very strange and does not make any sense. We are talking about GLOBAL warming where there are no borders in the sky. Australians do not live in closed compartments that can control emissions and impacts. Without Global approach to the issue, the efforts are fruitless.

I support any action on reducing emissions as a gesture and to lead other nations. But without international frame work, nothing will be changed.

The second lie/myth the Greens (and Labor) manufactured to justify this tax is that it will penalise ONLY the big polluters and enforce them to reduce their pollution. This is the biggest lie in the debate.

Yes, the biggest polluters will be taxed. But then they will have one of three options to deal with this tax:
1- Pass the full cost of the tax (and maybe even more) onto customers.
2- If passing the tax on customers will make them uncompetitive, they will close down businesses and take them to India, China, Indonesia or wherever there is less taxes and cheaper working forces.
3- Divide the burden on customer and their profit margin.

In the current globalisation atmosphere, there is no border for businesses to relocate their factories/shops/means of production to make profits. If it is not profitable in Australia, capital can migrate easily overseas and then import ready products to Australia. This means more unemployed people in Australia, less tax revenue for budget and more environmental pollution (as other developing countries will have less environmental safeguards for business establishment).

And if the business decided to pass the tax cost (fully or partially) onto customers, the Australian butlers will be the main losers. We have already seen how increased energy bills made these butlers life-style deteriorated. Recently, we have witnessed how people sacrificed basic needs as they cannot afford them anymore. With this tax, the sacrifice will be more.

Talking about the last myth, we do not know how the tax will revolutionarise Australian way of life into embracing sustainable energy and abandoning the traditional sources from fossil fuel. Beside steps like start using charcoal as heaters (with big dangerous of fires and suffocations), reduce using heaters and instead use blankets and increased criminal activities to afford increased cost of living, we cannot think of other alternatives available for Australians currently.

We understand that theoretically, Australians should start using energy generated by wind or solar system. But practically these means are beyond butlers’ availability at the moment. And the government has enough taxes and wealth to start generating such clean sustainable energy, without the need to destroy people’s life-style.

For the last 16 years I was living in this country, every government was promising Australians of “Paradise life” after introducing each tax or selling each public asset to fund this paradise life. But after introduction of these taxes or selling these assets, we will discover that our life-style in fact deteriorated. The Carbon tax will not be exemption.

We understand that the Greens party is no more than a machine to manufacture lies and deceptions. At the end of the day, ALL Greens politicians are very rich and will not be affected by increases to energy bill.

One would assume that any preacher should embrace their preach before asking others to do so. The Greens are exemption to this rule (mainly because they are naturally liars and opportunists).

The Greens are champions in embracing and calling for Australians to use public transport. But NO Greens politician start his/her working day with ride on public transport. They are calling for reduction in using fossil fuel energy, but all of them are using (heavily) electricity generated by coal. And of course they will not need to reduce the quality and quantity of their food after introducing carbon tax. I understand that their food is mainly heavily subsidised on tax-payers money.

The Greens politicians can afford to continue their luxurious life after the introduction of carbon tax.... But will you, as a butler, afford this increase?

Friday, June 22, 2012

The story of CJPP, Hebron-Leichhardt & Jennifer: Palestinian blood in election campaigns!!

Jennifer Killen does not hold any official position in the Greens. She even denies that she is Greens member. But she attends all meetings, events and celebrations. She participates in election campaigns. And she does many things with and for the Greens, but all behind scenes. All this because she has unique job: she is the Greens rubbish lady.

When the Greens officials make stupid mistakes, they need someone to clean their rubbish. Jennifer will step in.

And when the Greens need to throw rubbish on rivals, opponents or anyone criticising them, they need people like Jennifer to do the job.

In mid 2006, I contacted few community members active on the issue of Israeli occupation of Palestine. My idea was that we in Sydney, as the largest city in Australia, we need an organisation that coordinate activities on this issue and lobby the government, opposition parties and media. So we came with the idea of Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine. Even the name was my idea, adopted by the majority.

After the group started to grow steadily, Jennifer Killen appeared from nowhere. I never heard of her. But she was introduced to the committee by one of the founding members.

Immediately after accepting her, she started her dirty game. She is very good at bullying, intimidation and giving people very hard time until he/she would wish to just vanish from earth.

At every action we organised, she would squeeze the Greens speaker. Then at some stage, she swamped the meeting with Greens and pro-Greens Socialists. They hijacked the organisation that was growing very fast. You can go to the website and check the actions we organised in 2006. It was tremendous work that was easily hijacked by Jennifer, Greens and Greens-arse-licking Socialists.

For us it was very clear. We lost the organisation. But we did not have time to waste by fighting Jennifer and her Greens fellows. And because Palestine is very important for us, we withdrew silently and went other way in our activism.

Jennifer and the Greens hierarchy loved the game. So they asked Jennifer to continue her game within CJPP. Not only this. They set up few other fake organisations to mix up things and make it difficult for people to expose Jennifer and her Greens hierarchy.

The Greens are interested in Palestinian blood only before election and for electoral reasons. No more no less.

The Greens before one of the elections helped moving and supported motion for sistership between Leichhardt and Hebron (May 2007 – just few months before 2007 Federal election). These games proved to be highly effective, especially among voters from Middle Eastern origins who make judgments through their hearts. It was approved. After the media (especially Murdoch media) started to attack the move (as expected), the council met again and decided (with the support of the majority of the Greens councillors) to overturn the decision, as the purpose of the motion to attract voters to the Greens were achieved.

To avoid embarrassment and continue emotional abuse of highly desperate Middle Eastern, Palestinians and pro-Palestinian residents, the Greens decided to empower Jennifer again. They set up the Leichhardt friends of Hebron. The mission of this group is no more than to promote the Greens as pro-Palestinian politicians (without any evidence or practical achievements). The group has one mission: to have activities where only the Greens politicians are invited... take their pictures and put them on the website... issue media releases praises the Greens politicians... All this to attract more progressive vote, in very cheap way that does not cost them any regressive vote or criticism from Murdoch media.

And they were successful. They did the same in Marrickville. They put motion... The Greens politicians divided their vote... Then they accused Labor members of the council of failing the Palestinian cause.

Otherwise, how would the Leichhardt friends of Hebron refuse to allow an organisation that done a lot for the Palestinian cause from having a stall in the annual festival? This happened in the same time when an active member of the group was on the SBS radio asking the community to participate in the festival by all means, including bringing Palestinian traditional staff and donate to the festival. He was urging organisations to do this and refused Viva Palestina Australia (which had participated in 2 convoys to Gaza, in Global March to Jerusalem, in cooperating with Gazans to send money to purchase medicines.....) a stall!!!

The Leichhardt friends of Hebron mission is simple: to hide the reality of the Greens as a political party controlled by Zionists and pro-Zionists groups. Let us remember that the Greens:
1- Introduced the largest numbers of Zionist-Jews to the Parliament/s.
2- The ONLY political party that did not participate in any solidarity missions to Palestine.
3- Party that supported all legislations to list many Palestinian organisations on Australian terrorist lists, with no demand to list any Zionist terrorist groups...
4- Has no one practical achievement on the debate of Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The Leichhardt friends of Hebron maybe has some good people with good heart. But the influential people who are steering the organisation are Greens members who act always to enable the Greens to get more votes, even on deceptive claims.

We need to hear from this group why our organisation was not allowed to have stall, show Palestinian culture and fundraise money for the cause....

More on the reality of the Greens, CJPP, Leichhardt freidns of Hebron and Jennifer soon...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Open letter to my Socialist friend: This is why I support President Assad!!

I should mention here that when the crisis erupted in Syria more than a year ago, I was not supporting President Assad. At that time, I declared that I oppose violence in Syria, oppose Western bid to destabilize regime against its people’s wish and oppose the plan for New Middle East, which includes destabilising Syria and divide it. But now, I am supporting President Assad and I will tell you why I changed my mind.

I have noticed that the majority of “Left” groups in Australia have very unique understanding of “Left and Right”, “progressive and regressive” …. I have noticed that it is in fact a “taboo” left, or maybe more accurate “left of slogans and dreams”… at some stage I called it “Left-Over”.

I understood from my conversation with you and with many of your colleagues Socialists and Greens that you support “Syrian revolution” because they declare that they are “revolutionarists”, take arms in their hands and revolt against the regime. For you it is not important to explore “revolution” against what, what is the “revolution” plan and objectives and what revolutionary means and methods they use.

I have noticed too that you did not ask important questions like: who is aiding this “revolution”, what is the cost for this aid and what are the possible consequencies for such “revolution”.

I have noticed that you and your Socialist and Greens “progressive” friends are vending your support for this “revolution” from the comfort of your homes in Newtown or Eastern Suburbs. Whatever happens in Syria (and in the Middle East) will not affect your life. So you can spare to support this terrorism that aims to bring dark-ages regimes to control the area, as you will not experience any of its devastating results.

I know that if the New Middle East plan succeeds and Arab Taliban (that you have supported in Libya and currently support in Syria) controls the area (from Morocco to Arab Gulf) all what you will do to counter act the consequence of this support is to issue media release condemning the persecution of women, secular men, religious and ethnic minorities and progressive forces. Your home in Newtown will have enough food, electricity, internet access and spare time to condemn killing of minorities, women and progressive people.

I have noticed that during Taliban control of Afghanistan, you (and your friends in Socialist groups and Greens party) were sleeping nice, eating well, have shower every day, watch TV and then walk in the street protesting the oppression of Afghanis. At the end of the protest, you would walk to the nearest pub, have several schooners of beer and then declare that you done all what you could to condemn the repression.

At the same time, I was living in Jordan. I witnessed several attacks from “Afghani Arabs” who were declaring that secularism is against religion. Cinemas were torched because they are against their interpretation of religion. Walking with non-veiled sister was scary experience that could bring devastating consequences. Talking politics was highly dangerous practice that we all avoided in public places or with strange people.

You were enjoying your time in the pub, university or at Mardi Gras. We were hiding in our homes avoiding deadly confrontation with these extremists. Can you see the difference!!!

I understand that someone who did not left the comfort of his home in Newtown would not understand why Syrians are praying day and night for this terror campaign to end soon with big failure.

But I wonder about one fact: did you notice very strangely the USA and NATO strong support for this “revolution”??? Did you and your friends Socialists and Greens notice that Israel supports the “revolution” and give the “revolutionarists” the maximum support?? Was this the first time for USA, NATO and Israel to support a “revolution”? Unless it is in fact not a revolution but a Western conspiracy!!!

I know that your “taboo” thinking is making it very hard for you to see beyond slogans. “Revolution”, “social justice”, “freedom”…. are slogans that fell on your mind with heavy impact. But the devastating consequencies will fell on us, our families and our future generations.

Now you may think that I am selling you big rhetoric and exaggeration of facts… To give you the right picture, I can volunteer to tour with you the streets of Qandahar. No, I will not volunteer to go with you to Qandahar of Afghanistan. I will take you to Australian Qandahar. I mean here Lakemba, maybe Punchbowl or Auburn too.

There I will take you to Ali Ibrahim to tell you why he was shot in front of his home by heavy bearded, totally closed-minded extremists that you support to rule the whole Middle East. I may take you to visit my friend, Talat, to show you the written and verbal threats to kill him. I may take you also to hear form Isa why he assaulted me and my friend, Omar, because he did not agree with our analysis of what is happening in Syria. Maybe I need to take you too to hear from our friend from the local police station about the accounts of extreme tension they became aware of in the streets of Lakemba and Auburn.

I know very well that ABC, SBS and Greens media releases did not report all these to you. But I deeply believe that it is your obligation to seek knowledge and equip yourself with information. Information from different sources not only ABC, SBS or Christine Milne.

I know that you are busy dreaming of making “revolutions” by walking in the streets shouting in support of “revolutions” in Libya, Syria and Egypt. I am sure that you do not know that these “revolutions” did not bring anything positive to the lives of people of these countries. They only brought to them instability, sectarian and ethnic division and hate, civil war and insecurity. And the only winner is USA, imperialism, NATO and Israel.

I know that beyond your dreams, protests and schooners in the pub, you are very sure that you and your family will not lose anything if the “revolution” of Syria succeed or fail.

If it will succeed, you will be back to streets to demand freedom for minorities, secular forces, women and gays. If it will fail, you will protest demanding ending the repression of Assad “regime”… Nothing more, nothing less.

But for me, it is very different story.

If Arab Taliban succeed to control Syria and other Middle East countries, my family will be in immediate danger there. My family currently enjoys some freedom in their life. At least they now enjoy some freedom in the way they dress, freedom to study and work and freedom to choose way of life. If the Arabic Taliban controls the Middle East, the oppression will be maximized and they would not be free to choose anything in their lives, not even the way they would die.

I know that your media release then to condemn their oppressor will not help them at all. The media releases issued by you, your organization, the Greens or even by our government did not help us when “Arab Afghanis” were torching cinemas, attacking non-veiled women and trying to shut public life.

I support President Assad because I do not want to lose one of my family members in the civil war that will break. Such civil war that is designed to protect Israel and prevent us from returning to our homeland, Palestine.

I know that you will accuse me of exaggerating things. Before you do so, please stop watching ABC & SBS and travel to Libya. Then you will know who is hiding information from you: myself or ABC!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Open letter to our PM: Please stop supporting Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria

Dear Hon Julia Gillard, Australian PM

I am writing this letter in disgust of your government support of Al Qaeda in Syria, by adopting the lies and deceptions vended by its armed faction, Syria Free Army. This disgust grew very significantly after your government recent decision to expel two Syrian senior diplomats on very flimsy basis. Your government took a decision before any credible side take thorough investigation of what actually had happened in Houla last Saturday and who is actually responsible for the horrendous crimes. The initial facts point responsibility clearly towards the Al Qaeda terrorist groups operating publicly in Syria.

In this letter I, on behalf of many Australians, would like to raise alarm about possible devastating impact of such policy of your party to support and praise the Al Qaeda actions.
I am sure that you have been briefed last February that Al Qaeda operatives in Sydney shot fellow citizen Ali Ibrahim. Mr Ibrahim was crippled because he opposes Al Qaeda crimes in Syria. We believe that the Al Qaeda operatives who shot Mr Ibrahim took the green light from your government’s line of supporting terrorist acts in Syria and always blaming the secular regime of conducting them. The operatives are enjoying great support not only from your government, but also from ALL opposition parties and almost every mainstream media outlets. Such support that gave them indication that they can carry on terrorist attacks against opponents here in Australia.
We are aware that members of your party have participated in fundraising dinners where organisers declared before the events that the money will go to buy arms and ammunitions to Al Qaeda operatives (under the umbrella of Free Syria Army). Can you imagine that your colleagues in the parliament are attending and donating to buy arms and ammunitions to terrorists groups??
I am also very sure that you know of the wave of threats we, active community members who opposes Al Qaeda terrorist activities in Syria, have been receiving for the last few months. We did not only receive threats to kill us and our family members, but I am sad to tell you that we were assaulted on many occasions by extremists who declare publicly that they support Al Qaeda and its extreme teachings.

And what did your government do to curb this wave of extremism in our streets? Nothing. On the contrary. Sending members of your ruling party to donate money to Al Qaeda operatives did send the opposite message.

After yesterday’s verbal and physical assault, I hold you responsible of any harm to me or to my family in the future. Not only this. I did not insist to report to police that details of the assault because we are very sure that if your government continues to support, praise and aid AL Qaeda operatives in Sydney, things would get out of hands.

Your government irresponsible policy would (and indeed already did) import sectarian and religious hate into our country. All what we are waiting now is the break of violence and counter violence in the streets of the suburbs.

Walking in the streets of Lakemba, Punchbowl, Auburn or Bankstown would give us feeling that we are walking in the streets of Qandahar. And if you attend one of the many religious ceremonies in some of the mosques or musallas, you would think that you are listening to Bin Laden or Al Zawahri. The same terrorist rhetoric happening here in our streets and under surveillance of our security agencies, including ASIO. Such agencies that seem to be more busy with writing unsubstantiated reports on poor asylum seekers arriving by boats, instead  of following and interrogating terrorists and their leaders.

I know very well that you do not feel what we are feeling. At the end of the day, you and your government are on the side of the terrorists. We believe and feel that we are left alone to face and counteract terrorists in the streets of Sydney.
Instead of kicking out Syrian diplomat and so lose any influence on the crisis, your government should have arrested and publicly condemned the terrorists that shot fellow Australian Ali Ibrahim, attacked and vandalised foreign embassies, threatened fellow Australians and assaulted all opponents.
In this letter we would like to condemn in the strongest possible words your government extreme position to support extreme groups. We wonder why you and your government did not take such extreme position when Israeli military massacred publicly and in front of all media cameras, hundreds of innocent Palestinians who took shelter in school operating under UN agency control. The UN agency (UNRWA) indicated very clearly that Israeli soldiers carried out the massacre in cold blood. Many Israeli soldiers admitted that they had orders to shoot at any moving Palestinian, regardless if they were armed or not.
Your government which is proving day after day to be the worst government in Australian contemporary history will not make any new friend by supporting terrorists. On the contrary. Many Australians from different communities who believe that Syria needs help and not further punishment to end the civil war changed their voting intensions in the aftermath of your government’s policy of supporting terrorist organisations.
 I will wait for any reply from your office explaining to us that our assumptions are wrong. We welcome any evidence you have that the regime is solely responsible of the wave of terrorist acts. Otherwise and if you do not have such evidence, we can provide you with tons of material that would cast serious doubts about such claims of regime’s responsibility of these crimes.
Even if the regime is responsible for every single crime happened in Syria for the last year, we believe that your government is responsible of protecting our rights to live in peace with no fear. We also believe that your government has the responsibility to enable us to exercise our rights for freedom of speech and believes.
Jamal Daoud
Berala, NSW 2141

Note: I already made my mind to vote against your government and your party. And we will campaign to encourage all peace loving progressive people to send your government to history dust bins.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

NSW Political Donations Law: When eating my wife’s cooking is a crime!!

The Local Election seminar last Thursday turned to circus when activists and possible candidates for the election listened to the details of the lunatic NSW Political Donations Law. We discovered (and we admitted responsibility by the end of the seminar) that we have committed offences and crimes under the above mentioned legislation.

By the legislation, every effort to interfere in any election in NSW is classified as “donations”. And for the purpose of serving the legislation, every cent spent by any person taking these efforts must be registered and reported to the Election Funding Authority (EFA).

So, if a local hairdresser during election time talks about election, who to vote for and why, this is considered by the legislation to be “donation” for the candidate the hairdresser supports. The hairdresser is obliged to appoint Official Agent and report how much money he spent or received in his “election campaign”.

The angry protestor, who climbed the Harbour Bridge few months ago to send a political message against current family law, is required by the legislation to appoint Official Agent. He is required to report who helped him, how much money they spent and the name, address and work of the donors. And he should be careful. If one of the donors is a worker in Tobacco Company, entertainment industry or Property Development Company, he would be liable for prosecution under the legislation. In other words, if one of the donors are one of the above mentioned categories, he is not entitled to take any action, legal or illegal.

The man will not prosecuted only for disturbing public peace, but also for electoral fraud offences.

And if an angry resident prints few hundreds of leaflets and distributed them to local homes, he would be under the same obligation of reporting. And if the money is more than $1,000, he needs to operate specific bank account, appoint Official Agent to operate the account and reporting system. And if the amount is more than $2,500, in addition to all these, he will need an auditor (who will probably charge him between $300 – 900).

If a teacher at school tries to educate the children (or adults at migrant language centre) about the political system in Australia, he would need permission from the Election Funding Authority. He/she will need to be registered for funding reporting.

We did not understand what the situation of the media is!!!

So if a journalist is angry form the Greens during election campaign and wrote an article or two against them, would this be classified as “election campaigning”? Would that journalist need to be registered with the EFA? Does he/she need to appoint Official Agent and open separate bank account for the purpose of writing this article?

What a chaos!!!

What amazes us (all the active community members in the seminar) is that the system (in addition to its lunatic nature) is so flawed, impractical, discriminatory, undeomcratic and draconian.

The legislation prevents any person who is either not registered on the electoral roll or is non-citizen to talk about politics. The system allows only citizens to be active in political participation. The more than 1.5 million permanent residents and temporary residents should remain silent. They also need to remain passive, cannot donate their times, efforts and money to the prosperity of this nation.

There is other side of the discriminatory nature of the law. The workers in specific industries are required to be silent, politically stupid, have no say in the future of their nation and remain neutral of decisions that could destroy their lives. The workers of only Tobacco company, gambling industry and property development industry should be regarded as thieves, crooks and irrelevant to the political process. But the workers of sex, pharmaceutical, retail and export and import industries can do whatever they want.

The system is not allowing non-citizens to donate.... So how would we, as campaigners at a street stall, know if the by-passer donating 5 cents is in fact on the electoral roll or no!!!

Most importantly, how would the Electoral Funding Authority prove that they were non-citizens!!!

Not only this. I discovered that I really committed big offence under the legislation. But I will repeat this offence in all next elections. In the last election and to feed the volunteers on the pooling booths, my wife made them delicious sandwiches. According to the legislation, my wife is a donor. We should report this donation to the authority. But my wife is non-citizen and not on the electoral roll. So and by the legislation, my wife cannot cook and feed me. She cannot cook and feed volunteers.

Whoever was behind this law (and we understand that the Greens are proud themselves to be behind the introduction of the law) should know that it will not work. Not only this. It did not help improving our political system. On the contrary. It reduced the political participation. The law makes it very hard for independents to think about even just giving opinion on the current candidates, their political parties’ policies and the future of this nation. The law in fact suffocates democracy, kills political debate and reduces political participation (especially from marginalised groups). And most importantly, the law is impractical.

We know that the Law-and-Order arm of the authority to implement these laws is impotent to enforce these laws. All what the politician could achieve is to encourage people to lie and make false claims.

How would you prove that the sandwiches we ate on the Election Day were made by my non-citizen wife??? Who did give the politicians the authority to prevent wife from feeding her politically active husband??

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bob Brown (and the Greens) real legacy: politics full of lies, deceptions and no achievement!

Bob Brown, the founder and first leader of the notorious Greens party, chose the right time to leave the party. The party currently is at its best look: record numbers of senators and MP, unique position on holding balance of power in both houses and in government. A really unique position that obviously will not last for long time.

The media, politicians and other entities were today busy talking nice about this politician, as part of normal farewell speeches and praises.

But what was the real, ugly and devastating legacy of this cunning opportunist highly regressive politician?

Bob Brown, in his own resignation media conference which was full of lies, could not mention any achievement for him or his party but the introduction of Carbon Tax. And of course a lot of talk about “his” struggle as openly gay activist and politician. Though, he failed to inform us how he struggled being openly gay, apart from some verbal abuses....

Let us go deep and examine the real legacy of Bob Brown (and his Greens party).

Bob Brown was no more than a liar who was very good in making lies, selling them and then believing them himself.

Bob Brown and his Greens party claimed that Bob and his Greens politicians were always taking political stance based on principles and not on its popularity. Let us dissect some of these stances.

Bob Brown launched the biggest lie in his life when he claimed that he was the only politician in Australian parliament that stood up during Tampa standoff.

Going back to senate Hansard, we can easily discover that Bob Brown never talked about refugees and asylum seekers, immigration, racism or Islamophobia. The first time he talked about these issues was during Tampa farce. He understood that the timing was right to talk about this issue in this way.

During Tampa, the Democrats (which was the main party that was standing up for refugees and asylum seekers for years) was embroiled in deep infighting and was losing its popularity in the wake of its deal with John Howard’s government to introduce GST. The Labor party chose to follow the Howard’s government’s handling of the case. Bob Brown knew that more than one third of Australians were looking for strong leadership to stop Howard’s attack on refugees and asylum seekers. At that time the Greens had only 2.5% of the vote. So 30% of voters were very popular, and not as the Greens claim that they always stand on principles and not popularity.

But why the Greens never talked about the immigration, refugees and asylum seekers rights and multiculturalism in general?
The answer is very easy: because the Greens is the only pure white party that stands stiffly against any increase of population, on ecological- balance grounds. The Liberals, on pragmatic grounds, moved away from the racist policy of decreasing immigration and allowed substantial increase in immigration intake. The Greens is still insisting on the need to reduce migration to keep the ecological balance right!!!

The Greens was and still lying by saying that Bob Brown was the first and the only politician that talked against harsh treatment of boat people. The democrats, for example, have long history to talk about these issues and to oppose the government’s policies.

For the Greens, lying is constant “principled” policy. I did not meet any Greens politicians that did not lie. In the next few weeks, I will write extensively about many greens politicians and their apparently “genetic” inclination to lie.

The Greens recently opposed the Gillard’s government decision to close down Tasmanian detention centre. The Greens alleges that they took this decision because they are concerned about the few jobs created by this inhumane “hell-hole”. The Greens is concerned that few security guards, cleaners, psychologists, psychiatrists and funeral services workers could lose their jobs if the detention centre closed down.

But the Greens do not care about hundred of thousands of jobs will be lost because of their policy to introduce Carbon Tax, end forest logging and other environmental policies. This does not mean that we support forest clearing or attack on environment. But it is just to give example of Greens political prostitution.

Bob Brown proud to be “human rights” activist. He is only active against Chinese rule of Tibet. He does not care about Israeli occupation of Palestine, parts of Syria and Lebanon. He was, and still, concerned about the human rights violations in Syria. But he does not care about the gross human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other countries ruled by regimes controlled by CIA.

Bob Brown concerned about refuges and asylum seekers, but only before elections. After elections, who cares? He participates in government that has the worst violation to human rights of asylum seekers beyond White Australia policy era. He also participates in a government that introduced the worst racist immigration policies in recent decades. Yet, he has the courage to appear on media and claim to be “left” and “human rights activist”. Frankly, I did not see Bob Brown on any rally against human rights abuses of boat people.

On economy: Bob claimed that he was responsible for saving Australia from the worst economic slowdown. In 2008, and in the face of turbulence in global markets, Kevin Rudd’s government introduced the worst economic stimulus package in any nation. What the Rudd government with complete support of Bob and his Greens party did was no more than the worst economic vandalism in this nation’s history. They wasted more than $60 Billion which created no single job. Yes, it was popular policy to give people cash in their hands, but such policy achieved nothing.

The slowdown was averted because China was able to create jobs and recover from the slow down, momentarily. So it was not Bob and his Greens party that saved Australian economy. It was Chinese economic stimulus in China that saved Australian jobs.

But the Greens and Bob are still having the courage to appear on National Press club and claim that they saved Australian economy from collapse.

The right legacy of Bob Brown (and his Greens): the best liar-politicians in Australia, ever.

The Greens leader was right to leave politics now. Now he can safely claim that he achieved the best result for the Greens. We deeply believe that in the next election, all these wins will evaporate as voters are discovering day after day the crystal clear fact about the Greens: The Greens is a party about nothing.... except power thirst. No ideology.. No comittments ... No achievments...

Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Greens motion on Bahrain: Greens play sectarian bloody politics now....

The Greens have done it again, after again and again. The same tactics, the same timing for the same reasons.

Just before 4 months of NSW Local governments’ election, the Greens are waging huge deception campaign, this time using the Bahraini and Syrian blood.

Last year, before 4 months of NSW state election, the Greens waged huge deception campaign, that time on Palestinian blood. Do you remember when the Greens initiated motion in Marrickville council to boycott Israeli companies??? Then and immediately after the election, the same Greens councillors that initiated the motion sat down in the council chamber and voted against the same motion they initiated few months ago. The Palestinian blood was already sucked by the Greens in the NSW 2011 election campaign, and it was the time to move on....

Now it is the turn of Bahraini and Syrian blood.

First, the Greens moved a motion to condemn Syrian president, demand his resignation, trial in Hague, close Syrian embassy in Canberra and call on NATO to destroy the country. The motion was designed to win support of Muslim Sunni voters, including the very conservative extreme elements that usually do not vote for any political party.

But the Greens were not ready to lose the Shiia voters usually vote for the Greens in the last few elections because they swallowed the party’s huge deception campaigns about opposing Israeli occupation. So the Greens election machine came up with this idea: why not deceiving the Shiia voters the same way we deceived the Sunnis!!!

The Greens put the motion in NSW Legislative Council to “condemn the acts of the Government of Bahrain which stifle its people’s right to freely protest…”. Only to condemn Bahraini government, and not the king…. And only in NSW parliament…. Not in Federal parliament where foreign policy is made and updated…

The tactics is very simple.

The Greens want to deceive Sunni Muslims in NSW to vote for the party. But they do not want to upset the Shiia, who largely support the Syrian president and oppose any military action on Syria. So the Greens decided to create huge campaign to confuse Shiia Muslims and deceive them to prompt them to vote for the Greens, despite the Greens stance to encourage foreign military intervention in Syria to topple President Bashar Al Assad, in addition to the Greens support of sanctions on Iran.

Dirty tactics that play with people blood.

And the Greens have no intention to stop such bloody tactics, politics and campaigns.

To prove that the Greens motion on Bahrain was no more than a cheap bloody tactic to deceive mainly Shiia voters, let us ask few questions here:
1- Why did the Greens choose only NSW parliament to move this motion? Taking into account that the Greens have politicians in Federal parliament and parliaments of WA, Victoria, Tasmania, SA and ACT parliaments. Was this related to the fact that NSW will have election in September???!!
2- Why did the Greens move only this month on Bahraini issue and moved this motion, despite the fact that the revolution in Bahrain started February last year? Was this also related to the timing of NSW local government election?
3- Why the Greens put such a weak motion that only condemns the Bahraini government, with no demand to cut ties or sack the king and his government? Is this because the Greens do not want to upset USA, Saudi Arabia and its powerful lobby in Australia and extreme elements of Sunni communities?

The Greens motive behind this motion is very simple and very clear. The Greens want to deceive the Shiia Muslim voters.

The Shiia Muslim voters and all voters who oppose imperialist wars and American hegemonic bids to crush any opponent to its bloody politics should have been angry from the Greens stances on these issues.

The Greens support for NATO intervention in Syria and support for sanctions on Iran are something that could not be tolerated by any progressive voter. The Greens support for NATO intervention in both Syria and Iran exposes the real face of the Greens. The Greens is not a political party as such that have ambition to achieve socio-economic progressive reforms in the society (as they allege). The Greens is no more than an election machine to achieve better voting result for the sake of accumulating power only.

And this election machine has no morals or standards to adhere to. Now the Greens election machine decided to play on sectarian division in the society, after they played on suffering and blood of many people, including Palestinian and Lebanese blood and suffering.

The Greens should be urged thousand times before next election: please stop your Dracula-like bloody politics of sucking blood of fallen innocent people into your election machine….

On this instance we want to stress that we would not be very upset form the Greens if they have consistency in their politics. But we cannot understand how party supports peace, but urges NATO to destroy countries… How party supports multiculturalism, but does not tolerate any Non-English speaking elements in its hierarchy…. How party supports independence of nations, but at the same time supports listing of national resistance forces on terrorist lists (Greens supported listing of Hezbollah as terrorist organization).

And the Greens party is still claim to be “Left”…. Do not these actions qualify the Greens to be “Left-Over” instead…?

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Queensland election: analysis of results and its causes...

Despite the fact that most of the political analysts and observers have considered the result of QLD election last weekend to be historical. But they failed to highlight the other interesting trends and results. They focussed only on the devastating loss of Labor and its failure to win more than 7 seats, so far.

We do not blame these analysts and observers for their focus on the Labor’s bloodbath and landslide loss of losing all seats but 7. They were shocked to wake up to a result where the Labor lost its party status, a rare scenario in Australian politics.

These analysts did not deeply investigate the holistic scenes and the real reasons for this Labor political catastrophe. Consequently, they failed to mention the other big losers and winners, apart from the LNP.

Any deep detailed investigation of what happened last weekend in QLD would definitely note the role of the Federal Labor and its failures on Federal level on the results of QLD election. For weeks, the Labor QLD premier, Anna Bligh, was asking both Gillard and Rudd to end their camps’ infighting on leadership. The indecisive Gillard victory did not put the infighting to rest for good.

Even after the failure of Rudd to unseat Gillard from the prime ministership, Julia is still the worst prime minister of this nation in recent decades. The consecutive opinion polls indicate very clearly that Ms Gillard is one of the most unpopular PM in Australian history. While Labor powerbrokers are very convinced that Gillard should go before the next federal election if it hopes to keep power or even to avoid total wipe-out, but Rudd’s arrogant and unpleasant character in working with his colleagues urged all of them to stick with Gillard, for the moment at least. The current circumstances of unstable minority government, enforced Labor powerbroker to stick with Gillard momentarily. This caused growing anger and dissatisfaction of Labor. The voters did not have opportunity to vend such anger, frustration and dissatisfaction of federal Labor, but on QLD Labor.

What makes things worse for QLD Labor is the impression among voters that the Labor became arrogant does not listen and have no flexibility to accommodate better political pragmatic solution for issues facing Australia. The voters saw the Labor fail to find any solution for any challenges Australia faces, even by retreating from solutions rejected by voters and their representatives.

There is no doubt that the Labor devastating defeat in QLD election was a devastating defeat for Labor at all levels, especially the Federal level. The government which was actually defeated last weekend was the Gillard paralysed and failed government, and not only Ana Bligh’s. This does not mean that Bligh’s government is good government that does not bear any responsibility, but it should take the whole blame and responsibility.

This fact was clear within some comments by Bligh and other Labor officials, when she resigned not only from the parliament but from all responsibilities within the party. She was quoted saying “we failed and we need fresh approach” in a clear indication that the current Labor loss of its direction was the real reason for failure.

The comments by some of previous Labor PMs added to this fact, when Peter Bettie and Paul Keating said very clearly that the Labor had lost its way and abandoned its traditions. And they are right. The Labor continued creeping to the right saw more and more Labor faithful departing for other alternatives.

In addition to the above issues, the political analysts and commentators have ignored many other emerging facts and results. They did not talk much about the Greens big defeat and crumbling voting.

The Greens did not only fail to win any seat in the state, but they failed to keep the votes they attracted in the last election.

In the last federal election conducted August 2010, the Greens secured the support of 260,000 of QLD’ers (11% of QLD voters). In the last weekend’s election, the QLD Greens secured the support of only 145,000 of QLD voters (7% of QLD voters). This means that the Greens faced big defeat by losing more than 40% of the votes they win in 2010 election. In less than 18 months, the Greens lost more than 110,000 voters.

This humiliating result came as confirmation to what we have been claiming for the last decade that the vote for the Greens is no more than a protest vote against Labor and Liberals, and not for Greens platform or policies.

The emerging of Bob Katter Australian party in QLD (won 2 seats for the first election they contest) as strong defender of ordinary people that stands up for poor against unemployment and against transfer of jobs overseas, against deteriorating life-style and against the powerful lobby of homosexuals, did affect greatly the voting for the Greens. This is another evidence of what we have said about the Greens vote as a protest vote against major parties that could be increased or decreased if alternative forces will emerge to defend the marginalised rights. Especially if the Greens achievement list within three decades of political representation is no more than serious talks about same-sex marriage and introducing Carbon Tax, which is highly unpopular among voters.

The result of the last weekend’s QLD election is a real warning message for this government (of 2 partners: Labor & Green). QLD voters sent clear message that we need effective government to find solutions for our problems, otherwise who cares of earthquake....

If the centre-left Labor-Greens government failed to stand up for multiculturalism, human rights (including rights of refugees and asylum seekers) and against Islamophobia. And if this government failed to stop the attacks on our welfare system and the attack on poor and unemployed. And if the government failed to find any solution for accommodation crisis. And if it failed to find any solution for crowded public health and public education. And if the government failed to improve working conditions, employment security and restore workers rights. And if the Labor-Greens government became a true copy of conservative Liberals one, but in a paralysed and subtly racist one, who will shed one tear if it loses power in the next election!!!!

QLD voters sent clear message. And according to all opinion polls conducted in the last few months, it represents the majority of Australians in other states.

Our message to Gillard government “learn from QLD election lessons, before you send Australia into Liberal-National-Katter tsunami”.

In our opinion, the first step for Labor powerbroker is to get rid of the crew that lead them in 2010 to the worst electoral defeat in Australian history. If Labor will not do this, it will not find one Australian sheds one tear when saying good-bye to them in the next election...

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Open letter to Kevin Rudd on his comments about Iran and Syria

Dear Hon Kevin Rudd, Minister for Foreign Affairs
What prompted me to write this letter to you are your irresponsible comments in the last few days about issues important for the whole world.

In the last few days you were quoted first supporting the USA measures to isolate Iran and enforce more draconian measures of economical blockade and ban on oil exports.

Then yesterday you were quoted supporting USA and its allies in demanding international intervention in Syria and demanding President Assad to resign.

We would like to condemn your stances on both issues which are designed to initiate new military conflicts in the Middle East.

Let me explain to you the reasons behind our condemnation of your stance.

In the question of Iran, you think that such harsh embargo and sanctions are acceptable because of claims of Iranian military nuclear program. You and your government did not give us any explanation why you and your Western allies are very silent on the Israeli aggressive military nuclear program.

Where Iranian program is so far peaceful according to the latest report by IAEA, the Israeli military nuclear program is alive and running for the last few decades. We, as Australians, need to hear the reasons behind your clear hypocrisy on this issue. And we know that you will tell us that Iran is so different from Israel. And we believe so, too.

Iran so far did not invade, occupy and ethnically cleanse any of its neighboring countries and nations. Israel did all these. It occupies Palestine, parts of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. It ethnically cleansed the indigenous people of Palestine, where the majority now are living as refugees, inside their country or in other countries. I and all my family were among those ethnically cleansed during the 1948 war.

On the question of Syria, we are sure that your comments came as you did not read the latest report of Arab observers sent to Syria a month ago. The observers noticed very clearly that the majority of crimes were conducted by armed militia financed and supported by foreign powers. You chose to follow blindly the stance of USA government, which is one of the foreign powers that are financing and supporting the armed militia’s activities against the Syrian civilians and armed forces.

You were quoted calling on president Assad of Syria to step down and give power to the opposition. We do not know if you are aware about the extreme risk of such move.

But we are very sure that President Assad will not listen to failed politician like you. If you cannot convince your failed leader to step down and hand the power back to you after she failed to manage this country, how would you convince president of independent foreign power to do so?

In this letter we want to convey to you a simple message: not in our name. Your participation of beating the war drums against Syria and Iran would not be supported by the majority of Australians. We also believe that the Australian participation in any future war in the Middle East will be major mistake that will destabilize the whole region, if not the whole world. We watched with deep concern the tensed debate in the UN Security Council meeting about the proposed military intervention in Syria. And we believe that invading Syria or Iran will not be without a lot of blood and very wide destruction.

We thought that Australian government under Labor-Greens should have been totally different (and less regressive) than a government under extreme Liberal-Nationals. Your comments in the last few days gave us deep suspicions about this.

The next election is not too far and we believe that peace-loving Australians will send your government a decisive tough message.

Thanks and I hope that you can find time to give us some convincing answers to our arguments and suspicions.


Jamal Daoud
Spokesperson, Social Justice Network

Monday, January 02, 2012

BDS campaign in Australia: one step forward ten backwards!!!

The Greens party’s latest decision to officially reject and abandon the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) campaign against Israel has exposed the naked truth that we were talking about for the last year. The decision by the Greens, while had great negative impact on the campaign for Palestinians rights in Australia, is a clear prove that the BDS campaign in Australia had started in the wrong way by the wrong people.

From the first day the Greens announced that they will push a motion in the Marrickville council to boycott Israel and Israeli companies, we announced that all circumstances are very suspicious. The timing was suspicious, just 3 months before NSW state election. The wording of the motion was highly suspicious. And the source of the motion was also highly suspicious. Since when was the Greens a credible “left” party that have any ideology or left agenda?

We put all our suspicions into few words and declared that the project would be a big failure (see our article on for all above mentioned suspicious circumstances (and facts).

Then we were attacked by individuals and organisations that backed the move enthusiastically (the majority are Greens members assembled in pro-Palestinian “organisations” like the CJPP (Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine) to try to use the Palestinian blood and suffering for Greens electoral gains). The events in the following few months proved that we were right.

The Greens initiator of the motion and candidate for Marrickville seat in last year’s state election and after the first article in the Australian attacking her stance on the issue held a press conference and declared (and in written media release also) that she does not support BDS. She mentioned that she will not take the issue to the state parliament, if she wins the seat, contrary to the Greens careful wording of the original motion of the necessity to take the issue to the Federal and State levels of government.

And during the campaign the Greens leader, highly regressive Bob Brown who was never quoted talking about the Israeli brutal occupation of Palestine during his 30 years career in politics, appeared on TV screens and announced that BDS is not supported officially by his party.

The last month’s decision by the Greens to officially abandon support for BDS should have sent wake call for all individuals and organisation that still putting all their bids on the Greens horse. These individuals and organisations (mainly either naive or Greens members) should wake up to the grim reality. The Greens is no more than a populist political prostitute that you never can count on for such important issue. The Greens record on acting on this issue is very poor, even poorer than Liberals record. Let us remember that the Greens proactively supported the banning of Palestinian national resistance forces, 2003. The Greens refused to participate in any solidarity missions to Palestine after Jenin massacres (2002), war on Lebanon (2006), war on Gaza (2008-2009),...

So what is next for BDS campaign?

In our opinion, the campaign was designed and started upside-down, and this is why it failed.

The campaign started from the top, trying to initiate the debate and campaign from councils and parliament. You do this only if you have strong lobby that is very well organised, have tremendous resources and plenty of political connections and influences.

The Zionist movement does depend on such campaigns. They have strong well organised lobby groups. They have plenty of resources, including plenty of powerful mainstream media outlets and strong political connections and influences, including Zionist MPs and ministers.

But for the pro-Palestinian camp, this is not the case. There is no strong organised lobby groups. There is no powerful resources. No support in media. And consequently no strong political connections and influences.

So the alternative would have been the grass-root campaigns among citizens. By doing this, the campaign would gather momentum to convince the politicians to support such camping for their electoral sake.

The BDS campaign should start by convincing Australians to embrace BDS principles on personal level. If we can convince Australians to start shopping away from Zionist products and stop using services provided by Zionist companies, then we could have strong start.

But we first need to start such campaign. Currently, even the Australians concerned about the Palestine issue do not have any clue about the importance and ways for BDS. How many times we have visited Palestinian, Muslim or pro-Palestinian friends and they offered Coca Cola or Nescafe for beverages? How many times we have seen them go to McDonalds or KFC for dinner? How many Israeli dates and products are sold in Muslim and Arabic shops?

This should be the first step. Not by helping the Greens trading the Palestinian blood and sufferings for cheap electoral gains.

The CJPP and other organisations should either declare that they are Greens-propaganda arms. Or they should maintain independence from the Greens and act in the interest of Palestinian people, as they declare in their declared objectives.

There is a lot of work to be done. And there is a long journey to walk to achieve any goals. But the direction is very important. If we start walking in the wrong direction, we will be lost with no achievement at all. We even would discover that we help the enemies, instead. And this is what we have discovered now after the Greens declaration of their real agenda, intents and belonging.

هل الكل انتصر في موضوع المرسوم السوري رقم 16؟

حسب عضو مجلس الشعب السوري نبيل صالح فالكل انتصر , بالرغم من انه ادعى انه كان اكبر الابطال والمنتصرين في الضجة التي اثارها حول المرسوم ...