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Our story with the Australian extremists: Enough is enough!!

When we decided not to back down on the barbaric attacks by local extremists, we took this decision as enough is enough. The current barbaric medieval attacks on our democratic rights of freedom of speech and thoughts were not the first attacks we sustained. But we have decided that they should be the last.

The first time we decided to run candidates in local election was on September 2008. At that time, there were no controversial issues like the current violence in Syria. Our election campaign was going on very smoothly. Until one day we were alerted by a friend who attends Friday praying at musallah operated by one of these extremist groups.

We were told that the imam of the musallah had urged his followers not to vote for us, namely. The reason for this because he suspects that we are Shia seeking representation in the local council. The calls to boycott us spread like fire in the hay. We heard accounts that all other musallahs, masjids and mosques operated by extreme groups aff…

The Greens lies on Melbourne by election results: It is the time to rid of the Greens!

The Greens had deafened our ears for the last decade that they will win Melbourne seat, become major party and that they are lefty party seeking “clean politics”. The results of the Melbourne
by- election yesterday would be clear evidence against all these myths and lies.

I personally heard the Greens leader, Bob Brown, during the Victorian state election 2002 stressing to the members and media that the Greens will win Melbourne seat from Labor. He even went further. He predicted that the Greens will win 5-7 seats in the Victorian both houses. The results of that election were clear: the Greens won no seats. Not only this. Without Labor’s major reforms to voting system in Victoria, the Greens would have won no seats until today.

I also personally heard Mr Brown (who could be comfortably described as the best lying politician in Australian contemporary history) promising Greens members and supporters that the Greens will end Labor dominance in politics and would replace it. So far th…

Carbon Tax: the myths vs reality!

First of all we should mention here that the idea of Carbon Tax is not a Labor party idea or project. It is pure Greens party idea and initiative. The Labor political immaturity makes them defend the tax as if it was in the heart of their policy. The Greens, on the other side, keep low profile on their initiative as part of their opportunistic policy for the last decade. The Greens are watching: If the tax generates disastrous outcomes, they will keep low profile on it and leave Labor to struggle with its impacts. If it will generate good outcome (highly unlikely), they will come forward and claim full responsibility.

From listening to both the Greens and Labor on the reasons for the tax and expected outcome, we can outline few unrealistic myths that the tax was based on for its introduction:
1- Australia is polluting more than any other nation on this planet, and so Australian government needs to act to reduce this pollution.
2- The tax will penalise big polluters and so make them pa…

The story of CJPP, Hebron-Leichhardt & Jennifer: Palestinian blood in election campaigns!!

Jennifer Killen does not hold any official position in the Greens. She even denies that she is Greens member. But she attends all meetings, events and celebrations. She participates in election campaigns. And she does many things with and for the Greens, but all behind scenes. All this because she has unique job: she is the Greens rubbish lady.

When the Greens officials make stupid mistakes, they need someone to clean their rubbish. Jennifer will step in.

And when the Greens need to throw rubbish on rivals, opponents or anyone criticising them, they need people like Jennifer to do the job.

In mid 2006, I contacted few community members active on the issue of Israeli occupation of Palestine. My idea was that we in Sydney, as the largest city in Australia, we need an organisation that coordinate activities on this issue and lobby the government, opposition parties and media. So we came with the idea of Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine. Even the name was my idea, adopted by…

Open letter to my Socialist friend: This is why I support President Assad!!

I should mention here that when the crisis erupted in Syria more than a year ago, I was not supporting President Assad. At that time, I declared that I oppose violence in Syria, oppose Western bid to destabilize regime against its people’s wish and oppose the plan for New Middle East, which includes destabilising Syria and divide it. But now, I am supporting President Assad and I will tell you why I changed my mind.

I have noticed that the majority of “Left” groups in Australia have very unique understanding of “Left and Right”, “progressive and regressive” …. I have noticed that it is in fact a “taboo” left, or maybe more accurate “left of slogans and dreams”… at some stage I called it “Left-Over”.

I understood from my conversation with you and with many of your colleagues Socialists and Greens that you support “Syrian revolution” because they declare that they are “revolutionarists”, take arms in their hands and revolt against the regime. For you it is not important to explore “revo…

Open letter to our PM: Please stop supporting Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria

Dear Hon Julia Gillard, Australian PM

I am writing this letter in disgust of your government support of Al Qaeda in Syria, by adopting the lies and deceptions vended by its armed faction, Syria Free Army. This disgust grew very significantly after your government recent decision to expel two Syrian senior diplomats on very flimsy basis. Your government took a decision before any credible side take thorough investigation of what actually had happened in Houla last Saturday and who is actually responsible for the horrendous crimes. The initial facts point responsibility clearly towards the Al Qaeda terrorist groups operating publicly in Syria.
In this letter I, on behalf of many Australians, would like to raise alarm about possible devastating impact of such policy of your party to support and praise the Al Qaeda actions.
I am sure that you have been briefed last February that Al Qaeda operatives in Sydney shot fellow citizen Ali Ibrahim. Mr Ibrahim was crippled because he opposes Al Qae…

NSW Political Donations Law: When eating my wife’s cooking is a crime!!

The Local Election seminar last Thursday turned to circus when activists and possible candidates for the election listened to the details of the lunatic NSW Political Donations Law. We discovered (and we admitted responsibility by the end of the seminar) that we have committed offences and crimes under the above mentioned legislation.

By the legislation, every effort to interfere in any election in NSW is classified as “donations”. And for the purpose of serving the legislation, every cent spent by any person taking these efforts must be registered and reported to the Election Funding Authority (EFA).

So, if a local hairdresser during election time talks about election, who to vote for and why, this is considered by the legislation to be “donation” for the candidate the hairdresser supports. The hairdresser is obliged to appoint Official Agent and report how much money he spent or received in his “election campaign”.

The angry protestor, who climbed the Harbour Bridge fe…

Bob Brown (and the Greens) real legacy: politics full of lies, deceptions and no achievement!

Bob Brown, the founder and first leader of the notorious Greens party, chose the right time to leave the party. The party currently is at its best look: record numbers of senators and MP, unique position on holding balance of power in both houses and in government. A really unique position that obviously will not last for long time.

The media, politicians and other entities were today busy talking nice about this politician, as part of normal farewell speeches and praises.

But what was the real, ugly and devastating legacy of this cunning opportunist highly regressive politician?

Bob Brown, in his own resignation media conference which was full of lies, could not mention any achievement for him or his party but the introduction of Carbon Tax. And of course a lot of talk about “his” struggle as openly gay activist and politician. Though, he failed to inform us how he struggled being openly gay, apart from some verbal abuses....

Let us go deep and examine the real legacy of Bob Brown (and …

The Greens motion on Bahrain: Greens play sectarian bloody politics now....

The Greens have done it again, after again and again. The same tactics, the same timing for the same reasons.

Just before 4 months of NSW Local governments’ election, the Greens are waging huge deception campaign, this time using the Bahraini and Syrian blood.

Last year, before 4 months of NSW state election, the Greens waged huge deception campaign, that time on Palestinian blood. Do you remember when the Greens initiated motion in Marrickville council to boycott Israeli companies??? Then and immediately after the election, the same Greens councillors that initiated the motion sat down in the council chamber and voted against the same motion they initiated few months ago. The Palestinian blood was already sucked by the Greens in the NSW 2011 election campaign, and it was the time to move on....

Now it is the turn of Bahraini and Syrian blood.

First, the Greens moved a motion to condemn Syrian president, demand his resignation, trial in Hague, close Syrian embassy in Canberra and call on …

Queensland election: analysis of results and its causes...

Despite the fact that most of the political analysts and observers have considered the result of QLD election last weekend to be historical. But they failed to highlight the other interesting trends and results. They focussed only on the devastating loss of Labor and its failure to win more than 7 seats, so far.

We do not blame these analysts and observers for their focus on the Labor’s bloodbath and landslide loss of losing all seats but 7. They were shocked to wake up to a result where the Labor lost its party status, a rare scenario in Australian politics.

These analysts did not deeply investigate the holistic scenes and the real reasons for this Labor political catastrophe. Consequently, they failed to mention the other big losers and winners, apart from the LNP.

Any deep detailed investigation of what happened last weekend in QLD would definitely note the role of the Federal Labor and its failures on Federal level on the results of QLD election. For weeks, the Labor QLD premier, A…

Open letter to Kevin Rudd on his comments about Iran and Syria

Dear Hon Kevin Rudd, Minister for Foreign Affairs
What prompted me to write this letter to you are your irresponsible comments in the last few days about issues important for the whole world.

In the last few days you were quoted first supporting the USA measures to isolate Iran and enforce more draconian measures of economical blockade and ban on oil exports.

Then yesterday you were quoted supporting USA and its allies in demanding international intervention in Syria and demanding President Assad to resign.

We would like to condemn your stances on both issues which are designed to initiate new military conflicts in the Middle East.

Let me explain to you the reasons behind our condemnation of your stance.

In the question of Iran, you think that such harsh embargo and sanctions are acceptable because of claims of Iranian military nuclear program. You and your government did not give us any explanation why you and your Western allies are very silent on the Israeli aggressive military nucl…

BDS campaign in Australia: one step forward ten backwards!!!

The Greens party’s latest decision to officially reject and abandon the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) campaign against Israel has exposed the naked truth that we were talking about for the last year. The decision by the Greens, while had great negative impact on the campaign for Palestinians rights in Australia, is a clear prove that the BDS campaign in Australia had started in the wrong way by the wrong people.

From the first day the Greens announced that they will push a motion in the Marrickville council to boycott Israel and Israeli companies, we announced that all circumstances are very suspicious. The timing was suspicious, just 3 months before NSW state election. The wording of the motion was highly suspicious. And the source of the motion was also highly suspicious. Since when was the Greens a credible “left” party that have any ideology or left agenda?

We put all our suspicions into few words and declared that the project would be a big failure (see our article on htt…