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Open letter to Mr Peter Dutton: you need to put your money where your mouth is on the subject of extremism

Dear Hon Peter Dutton, Minister for immigration

I read on your portfolio your latest comments regarding the mass migration of Lebanese Muslims during the 70s. I found your “attack” on Malcolm Fraser’s brave decision to be disgraceful!

While I agree that there is a serious problem with sections of Muslims migrated from north Lebanon, I have to disagree that the reason of this extremism is caused by being born as extremist. There is no evidence of this.
To the contrary, all reliable academic studies indicate that these extremist became like this after decades of intense brainwashing.

Academics have been warning the government about the impact of Wahhabi ideology. I can refer to the countless studies by fine academics who warned the government at the time of John Howard that extremist ideology was spreading thanks to the Saudi embassy which spent $2.7 billion in three decades to promote extremism among our youth.

Instead of taking actions to curb the Saudi spending, your party (through t…