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The story of Greens politician Lee Rhiannon..!!

(2) Advocating Limited Tenure but still in politics for 2 decades!!!

As Lee had clear vision that she cannot totally control the party until she gets rid of her main rival and historical champion of environmental movement Ian Cohen, she invented another campaign in the lead up to pre-selection campaign to select the lead candidate for 2003 NSW Election. She was desperate to get rid of Ian Cohen to have absolute monopoly on the party. This is why between 2001-2003 Lee campaigned very hard to convince the party to introduce another amendment to the party constitution to enforce “limited tenure” for its politicians.

If amendment adopted, Ian Cohen will be barred automatically from running for re-election.

The campaign was very vicious. It risked dividing the party. She wrote countless articles, organised forums and toured the state to convince party members to accept the amendments.

What she suggested was that politicians became corrupt with power. To solve the issue, the party should…