Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Greens try to hijack social justice campaigns: undemocratic moves to silence criticism and to hide truth.

Yes, I am proud that I heckled the Greens MLC yesterday over her lies about the Greens commitments to oppose Israeli barbaric actions. And yes it was deliberate and calculated action, and not coincidental.

I know that the Greens are extremely unhappy about this. The Greens wanted us to be silent, swallow their lies and then clap hands and go home satisfied that there are some politicians who listen to us and feel our sadness.

But yesterday I (and many community members) felt that enough is enough. This political prostitution should be stopped and end forever.

First of all and for all Greens (and no Greens) members who think that heckling politicians are undemocratic and uncivilized, I should mention here that in fact we learnt this tactic from the Greens. Their whole rise of popularity was a result of heckling all rival politicians they can.

Yesterday, Greens members were extremely unhappy with me heckling party MLC and branded me to be “uncivilized” and following “undemocratic” procedures. Well they should go and tell their hierarchy that in the last 30 years the Greens were uncivilized and followed “undemocratic” procedures.

The Greens are very good on political prostitution. When the “uncivilized” and “undemocratic” ways benefit them, they branded it as exercising of “freedom of speech” and “political campaigning to inform public”. But when it exposes their political opportunism and political prostitution, they branded it as “uncivilised”.

Very interesting party.

Let us go back to the issue of why I heckled the Greens MLC today.

The Greens yesterday has exercised extreme degree of shameless hypocrite conduct I ever met with. The Greens party had the courage to attend rally opposing the Israeli massacre, even though the party until now (and I mean until now and for the next ten years) did not issue one media release condemning this action. Even the Liberal party was more progressive on this issue by issuing media release and had Julia Bishop (who is very regressive politician) quoted on the media saying that the violence is regrettable and demanded “credible” investigation by Israel. The Greens did not have this courage yet even to follow the footsteps of the Liberals. But the Greens had the courage to come to the rally and spread all lies of opposing Israeli barbaric actions. And when I heckled them, the Greens party (which is infamous of the ability to change colour and tone and come up with lies after lies without stop) came up with the biggest laughable mockery that the Greens politicians will put a motion in the NSW parliament to condemn Israel.

What a shame without limits.

The Israeli crime is an international crime that needs strong motion in the FEDERAL parliament, not in local parliament. And the Greens have 5 members of FEDERAL parliament.

The Greens members in the crowd wanted me to be “democratic” and stop heckling the Greens member because I am not giving her the “democratic” right to lie on us. I remind them that democracy means that she has the right to speak and spread lies, but at the same time we have the right to speak and express our disgust at this cheap lies.

But the Greens democracy is a ONE WAY democracy. It is either “you are with us” or “your are undemocratic”.

Not only this. The whole rally was hijacked by the Greens party and its puppet “imagined organisation” that made decision on the speakers without any democratic decision making process. The Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine (CJPP) (I will write separate article about this imagined organisation that infact was my idea before I realise that we are serving the Greens and not the Palestinians struggle), decided to enter the election campaign to promote lies about the Greens unsubstantiated and unrpoven commitments towards the Palestinian struggle.

Well, the Greens and the CJPP yesterday were shamelessly trading with the blood of innocent people for cheap election propaganda. Both were auctioneering every drop of these angels blood that fell trying to end the Gaza siege in exchange for tens of votes in the next election.

Well, the first question to be asked by every listener yesterday was: why the Greens party (who was shamelessly branded by the CJPP MC as the long time supporter of Palestinian cause) did not demand in the last 3 years and immediate end of Gaza siege? Not only this, why the Greens party was the only parliamentary political party who until today did not send any of its parliamentarians for a solidarity visit to Palestine? Why the Greens party refused to participate in any of the solidarity visit, including declining the invitation send to the Greens party 2002 to lead solidarity and fact-finding mission to West bank after the massacres of Jenin and Nablus.

Yesterday the Greens party and its branch founded to deceive Palestinians and pro-Palestinians voter (CJPP) tried to oppress us from speaking up against lies. We were speaking yesterday against Israel, as the Greens party is a strong supporter of Israel if we carefully investigate the true facts (and we will release these facts soon). And we will do all in our best to keep these heckling to expose this evil party of mainly opportunists and Zionists.

Let us ask one question at the end: imagine that a homosexual (or drug addict) was shot by Iranian police during pro homosexual rights (or pro-drug abuse rally) in Tehran, would the Greens party be silent for three days? Would the Greens party restrict it action to putting a shy motion in local parliament? Or would the Greens do all in its power to turn the world upside down!!!

The Greens and their puppet imagined organisations (and there are few of them there on other issues, and we will write about them very soon) are highly condemned yesterday for tow sins: try to shut up democratic heckling. And other sin is for their bid to trade the blood of tens of innocent persons with votes to secure election of another opportunist regressive politician.

We are committed to continue our activities to expose these acts of political prostitution by all means. And we are very creative in doing this.

The Greens should respect their teachings. For the last 3 decades they did not achieve any real change in society but heckling every rival politician. And they should expect that other rival politicians will follow their tactics. This is for us a democratic and fair process.

And in Arabic we say: if you do not like it, you can hit your head against the nearest strong brick wall.

One last question: why the regressive Murdoch media suddenly is highlighting every Greens activities as if they encourage voters to vote for them? This question needs separate analysis soon.

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