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The Greens try to hijack social justice campaigns: undemocratic moves to silence criticism and to hide truth.

Yes, I am proud that I heckled the Greens MLC yesterday over her lies about the Greens commitments to oppose Israeli barbaric actions. And yes it was deliberate and calculated action, and not coincidental.

I know that the Greens are extremely unhappy about this. The Greens wanted us to be silent, swallow their lies and then clap hands and go home satisfied that there are some politicians who listen to us and feel our sadness.

But yesterday I (and many community members) felt that enough is enough. This political prostitution should be stopped and end forever.

First of all and for all Greens (and no Greens) members who think that heckling politicians are undemocratic and uncivilized, I should mention here that in fact we learnt this tactic from the Greens. Their whole rise of popularity was a result of heckling all rival politicians they can.

Yesterday, Greens members were extremely unhappy with me heckling party MLC and branded me to be “uncivilized” and following “undemocratic” proce…