Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Al Zarqawi and the Security Council

The information leaked from Geneva is that Kofi Annan is negotiating with Abu Musaab AlZarqawi to offer him permanent seat at the Security Council in return of stopping his war on the world.
The view of Mr. Annan is that if such man can strike in Fallujah, Mosil, Anbar, Najaf, Karballa and Basra simultaneously killing daily more than 100 people and injuring another score of hundreds, then he should be recognized as "super power".
If we add to all this that this man could strike not only in the war-torn country of Iraq, but also in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other countries in addition to his well-established connections in Afghanistan, England, Spain, USA, Indonesia, Malysia and the Australian suburb of Auburn, we can understand why Mr Annan is anxious to negotiate with this "emerging super power".
If the American administration wants to convince us (and apparently MrAnnan has been convinced) that this man is responsible for suchsophisticated attacks on this large scale (including many countries in many continents), it should be convinced by the logic of Mr. Annan to grant him a permanent seat.
At the end of the day, granting him a permanent seat will convince him to reduce the level of violence and start acting as a "responsible superpower" (like his US counterpart!) with the right of veto if he does not like others' actions or logic.
I can see another benefit of such a move of even using his "military forces" for peace-keeping missions around the world in war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine...With such highly trained forces, we should fix most of the hot-spots around the world in record time.
If a dead man could do all this, he is definitely deserving more than a permanent seat at the paralysed council (UN security council). Imagine what he could do if he is alive!
Please have mercy on our intelligence!
When will the axes of evil (Bush-Blair-Howard) recognize that it is not this man (who, by all evidences of respectable sources, died at least 5 years ago) who is responsible for the resistance in Iraq? When will they recognize that those responsible for this heroic resistance is all freedom-loving forces who know that the victory of these axes of evil in Iraq would mean spreading the ashes of war into other countries and regions?
Please note that I am writing this article before the new anti-terror laws will pass the senate, so that I may escape charges of sedition!!
Long live the Howard democracy

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