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Al Zarqawi and the Security Council

The information leaked from Geneva is that Kofi Annan is negotiating with Abu Musaab AlZarqawi to offer him permanent seat at the Security Council in return of stopping his war on the world.
The view of Mr. Annan is that if such man can strike in Fallujah, Mosil, Anbar, Najaf, Karballa and Basra simultaneously killing daily more than 100 people and injuring another score of hundreds, then he should be recognized as "super power".
If we add to all this that this man could strike not only in the war-torn country of Iraq, but also in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other countries in addition to his well-established connections in Afghanistan, England, Spain, USA, Indonesia, Malysia and the Australian suburb of Auburn, we can understand why Mr Annan is anxious to negotiate with this "emerging super power".
If the American administration wants to convince us (and apparently MrAnnan has been convinced) that this man is responsible for suchsophisticated attacks on th…