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Ecological Fascists (the Greens) to participate in destroying our Medicare and society

The Greens party was described on several occasions by disappointed members and supporters as “ecological fascists” for putting “protecting environment” slogan ahead of “people’s lives and wellbeing”. Of course all of us (including these disappointed members and supporters) do believe that protecting environment is very important task and noble job to strive to achieve. But balance should be made and we should not be locked in the Byzantine argument of “who is first: the chick or the egg”.

Yesterday’s decision by the Greens to support increasing the tax on petrol is clear example of the Greens ecological fascist behaviour.

The Greens support this hike because they believe that this increase will increase the price of driving a car, and so it will enforce people to abandon their private cars and start joining public transport. This is the most stupid and short-sighted assumption any moron can consider.

With the current mess in our public transport, no hike on petrol price will enforc…

Abbott’s government budget: ideological goals, not financial slowdown

Tony Abbott and his government try to deceive all of us using argument about government’s debt and financial slowdown to achieve old ideological agendas. The government is hiding the truth about the status of Australian economy as one of the best performing economies (if not the best) amid the current financial slowdown.

All this is just to continue the neo-liberal agenda started by Howard’s government. Let us put everything in its perspective.

John Howard’s government tried to destroy the Medicare in 2003. (Read: How Howard plans to destroy the Medicare system ). He, then, was met with strong opposition, even from within his own MPs. Ironically; Tony Abbott was minister for health in Howard’s government during his attempt to destroy the Medicare. So the attack on Medicare is not related to the economic slowdown. At that time, 2003, the Australian and global economy were flourishing and there was no financial needs to de…