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Pick-and-choose in fighting violence: the hidden agenda?

We should be very proud of our security agencies: they successfully traced twitter account holder who threatened community activist and charged the accuser ( But this quick and effective action may face some questioning: why our authorities were slow and ineffective in tracing thousands of extremists’ threats and subsequently ineffective in arresting any perpetrator for the last 5 years.

I, as an example, was receiving since mid 2012 steady flow of hate messages, including abuses, threat to kill me and hurt my kids. To date, no one message was successfully traced and no one was subsequently arrested. Even when I was physically attacked at least 3 times, I provided pictures, videos, car plate-numbers and phone numbers of perpetrators, no one was arrested. Of course except the high-profile attack I coped in front of Chanel 7 cameras May 2013. But even though the whole incident was filmed …