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In response to a post deliberately distributed to members of the Syria defence movement which portrays me as involved knowingly and deliberately in bringing into Syria an Israeli spy, I would like to write a few words here about this.

Firstly the individual who has deliberately distributed this information, damaging for the State of Syria and my own reputation, has failed miserably and only assisted in exposing more valuable information needed to close in on all the collaborators.

From the outset, this tour was under the auspices of the Syrian Ministry of Information who encourage visitors to Syria and see in this a form of economic support for the country. Our organisation’s role in this all was to liaise with the contact person from the Ministry and in a timely manner supply them the passport and details of proposed tour members. I would do initial research but as a layperson I can only research so much as was available to me. Hence, all these documents a…

Article by Syrian activist Leo AlHalabi on Tim Anderson... before we lose Leo's page...

Leo Alhalabi
Yesterday at 9:02pm ·

Tim Anderson is one of those least likely to be anyone’s best friend given his colorful history and current demeanor. All one has to do is ask some of his associates to realize that with having friends like him, one doesn’t need enemies. But this is the last thing that Tim wants his international fan base to know.

Tim Anderson jumped onto the Syrian bandwagon for many reasons, one of which was that he’d been desperately looking for a come-back into fame, or rather infamy.

As a young adult, would-be professor Tim was a leading figure in Ananda Marga, a highly “devoted” Hindu-ish sect, but one that’s also highly controversial. Whether the many allegations about Ananda Marga are baseless or not, who knows, but this post focuses on what I know of Tim and what is gleaned about him from sources online. The intention here isn’t to open a closet of skeletons, but as Ananda Marga was accused of a number of serious acts of religious terrorism around the world…