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Bob Brown (and the Greens) real legacy: politics full of lies, deceptions and no achievement!

Bob Brown, the founder and first leader of the notorious Greens party, chose the right time to leave the party. The party currently is at its best look: record numbers of senators and MP, unique position on holding balance of power in both houses and in government. A really unique position that obviously will not last for long time.

The media, politicians and other entities were today busy talking nice about this politician, as part of normal farewell speeches and praises.

But what was the real, ugly and devastating legacy of this cunning opportunist highly regressive politician?

Bob Brown, in his own resignation media conference which was full of lies, could not mention any achievement for him or his party but the introduction of Carbon Tax. And of course a lot of talk about “his” struggle as openly gay activist and politician. Though, he failed to inform us how he struggled being openly gay, apart from some verbal abuses....

Let us go deep and examine the real legacy of Bob Brown (and …