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Our government’s “war on radicalisation”: reality vs joke!!!

In the last two years (yes, only 2), our authorities declared war on “radicalisation and extremism”, or at least that’s what they wanted us to think.

What we’ve seen so far is lots of noise threatening to crack down on extremists and making a few arrests. Also more than $1 billion of extra funding has been given to security agencies and community programs but so far the only results we can see is that extremism has increased while civil liberties have been taken away from people who are fighting the very extremists the government says it’s fighting!

After two years our government and authorities should prove to us that they are serious in tackling terrorism by showing us beyond doubt what they have achieved so far.

Well, I can easily claim beyond doubt that our government was never serious in fighting extremism and radicalisation. This is very clear since there has been no degree of de-radicalisation.

A few arrests here and there of a few teenagers allegedly plotting some kind of te…