Monday, March 13, 2006

Sheikh Ruddock and his Fatwas

I was not surprised to hear the latest fatwa of Sheikh Philip Ruddock. This time he issued a fatwa that the Muslim Imams should deliver their Friday preaches in English, instead of their own language.
It is very clear that Sheikh Ruddock is basing his fatwah on the teaching of his Imam, the Grand Ayatollah John Howard.

The Grand Ayatollah Howard has a dream for this nation. His dream is to maintain Australia as White and English speaking as possible. His understanding of multiculturalism is restricted to multicultural food, multicultural dance and music (but not songs, as this involves languages other than the superior English!) and multicultural faces (silent ones!).

It appears that Sheikh Ruddock’s motive for this fatwa was not more than encouraging all Australians to take advantage of the billions of dollars spent on English classes that the federal government is allocating every year. It seems too that the other motive was to promote equality of access to the Friday preachers by all Australians, even the non-Muslims, if they choose.

I think too that he is trying to spread his historical discoveries that the prophet Mohammed in fact was an English man, but the Arabs denied him this privilege and claimed that he was Arab. Shiekh Ruddock wanted to correct this historical mistake.

I do not think that the motive has anything to do with the lack of “multicultural” ASIO spies who can speak another languages. I also do not think that he has any motive of any further contempt to Muslims and their religion. I strongly do not think that this Fatwa has anything to do with the campaign of “divide and rule” policies that his government was following for the last decade.

The only innocent question I asked after hearing this fatwa was why this Ruddock did not issue a fatwa that the Greek Church must adopt English for their Sunday prayer? Why he did not extend his fatwa to include Armenian Church, Arabic churches, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, Jews synagogues …?

Arabs say “and the clever will understand from signs”.
Long live Sheikh’s fatwas! Long live the white racist Howard-Ruddock’s multiculturalism.

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