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The reasons why Muslims should apologize for ISIS crimes: Not in My Name

A group of Muslims started a campaign of “#NotInMyName” to not only condemn the horrendous crimes conducted by ISIS and other Takfiri terrorists, but also to apologise for these crimes. That was the right move to do.

Surprisingly, few Muslim “leaders” came out and refused to participate in this noble campaign. Not only they refused to participate in it, but they also tried to delegitimize and dishonour it. The justifications used were both morally corrupt and superficial.

One of the justifications used by these Muslim “leaders” was “we did not participate in conducting these crimes and so we should not apologise for the actions of others”.

Does this ring a bell? We all remember how former Australian PM used the same justification to refuse apologising for our indigenous people for the crimes they were subjected to in the last 2 centuries. Surprisingly, John Howard was harshly condemned by the majority of Australians, especially by the “lefties”. The same lefties that highly praised t…