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WHY boycott the next state election?

What made more than 25% of Marrickville voters boycott the last by-election, 2005?

What makes more than 10% of the state’s residents regularly express their total loss of faith in ALL political institutions, by boycotting the elections somehow?

What are the reasons behind our campaign to boycott the current state election in 2007?

The simple answer is: because there is a total absence of a true visionary leadership at the moment.

It is very clear that the Labor has abandoned its commitments to social justice issues, and is trying to creep more and more towards the right. Equally clear is the increasing influence of the Labor right faction on the decision-making inside Labor.

But what about the smaller parties? Why could they not present alternative leadership?

There is no doubt that the increase in popularity of the largest 2 small parties (the Democrats and Greens) were just as protest votes against the major parties.

The increased popularity of the Democrats was a protest vote against the …