Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rising Islamophobia: who to blame...!!!

For the last 6 years and since the beginning of terrorist activities in Syria under the banner of “revolution”, I (and many community leaders and activists) were warning of the dire consequences for the current rhetoric on the issue. The major concern for us was that such rhetoric would lead to a deep division in the society and inevitable skyrocketing Islamophobia. We also warned that official support for radical elements in the society will increase the actual possibility of imminent terrorist activities in the country. This would help the radicals establish networks this way spreading their extreme philosophies.

Our warnings fell on deaf ears!

Now and after the revelation of Centrelink’s payments to ISIS terrorists, authorities need to take major steps.

Scandals such as this one and previous terrorist activities have greatly helped the increase of Islamophobia never experienced before in this country’s history.

We saw the results of this high level of Islamophobia in last month’s Federal election results, where anti-Muslim micro-parties gained big political representation in our parliament.

Thanks to the increase of a divided society, now we are experiencing attacks from both sides and not only in the virtual world.

For the first time in years our authorities arrested neo Nazi activist for planning terrorist attacks against Muslims or pro-Muslim targets.

As a well-known anti-extremism campaigner, I find myself (and I believe many of anti-extremism Muslim activists) in a unique position.

Since the beginning of terrorism in Syria, I was subjected to vicious campaigns of attacks and threats by Wahhabi “Muslim” extremists. These days, the threats and fear is coming from anti-Muslim extremists, for being Muslim.

Not only this. To date and because of my opposition to US-NATO intervention in Syria, authorities are against me. Last year, Australian authorities directed AFP and ABF to target me by subjecting me to a humiliating investigation at the airport. Then AFP lead a major covert operation involving the collection of false testimonies from at least two “community leaders” (actually ASIO informants) and cooperated with some segment of corrupt Lebanese authorities to ban me from entering Lebanon. Such move was hailed as a victory by extremists, which they expressed in messages and comments on my Facebook page.

In answering the dumb question of “who to blame” for this situation of high radicalisation (to the point of imminent terrorist attack) and skyrocketing Islamophobia, the official answer is “Google sheikhs” and “Youtube Imams”.

I am not sure if the authorities classify Centrelink as Google Sheikh? What about classifying Bob Carr as “Youtube Imam”?

Our lives are rapidly degrading because of US ambition to destroy an unfriendly state (Syria). Our lives are under imminent danger of terrorist attacks because of this US dream/plan. And our rights were taken away under the mirage of authorities fight against terrorism, when in fact they were supporting radical elements in the society for the last 6 years.

I see no hope of change in the immediate future.

Our authorities are still conspiring against me because of my opposition to US-NATO destructive plan.

Our PM still invites extremists/godfathers of terrorists for Iftar and has regular consultations on how to fight radicalisation.

Our media is still glorifying the various godfathers of extremism portraying them as “anti-extremism champions”.

Our “human rights organisations” still recognise the work of extremists as exemplary to fight against radicalisation.

Our government departments still fund extremist organisations, but refuse to fund the anti-extremism ones.

And the anti-Muslim extremists still attack all Muslims indiscriminately, for being just Muslims without taking the time to understand the difference.

Soon, we will start a campaign to bring the real perpetrators of this mess into the spotlight.

Watch this space!

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