Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Australian authorities Should Act Before Tim Anderson Causes Another Hilton Hotel Bombing

After the revelation of Tim’s violent nature whereby he endorsed anti-Jewish hate messages and, instead of apologising to both Jews and Palestinians for his damaging actions, Tim Anderson is instead resorting to spread more hate against all sides. (https://www.facebook.com/7newssydney/videos/2248128551877932/)

Immediately after channel 7 broke the news about his anti-Jewish hate, Tim Anderson blamed me for exposing his violent actions. He then activated his cell to mount a hate campaign against me. Many of his cell members called for my death and such death threats were “liked” and promoted by Tim.

This is nothing new for this hateful figure.

Last year, Tim endorsed threats to kill my friend Vanoush (Vanessa) from the USA, because she criticised him and his friends/cell members. The video message recorded and then broadcast by his friend, Amid Yousef, called for the hanging and execution of Vanoush and her friends. This call included myself, other Australian citizens, friends and colleagues, and was related to a particular matter. Everyone who knew about this matter, including the targets, knew who the act of terrorism was being called against and were encouraged to go after them. Tim “liked” the video and wrote in the public comments, “Thank you Amid, you are too kind”.

Some 40 years ago, Tim headed a terrorist organisation and caused a lot of deaths and killings.

It seems that Tim's long time in jail did not help to rehabilitate him into a less violent man. On the contrary, his mixing with rapists and murders made him more violent and reckless.

While I am happy that I received an email from the University of Sydney informing me that the University is investigating these serious matters, I have deep concerns that the hate campaigns initiated by this beast could be translated in carnage in Australia soon.

Some of his inner circle of friends are posting very racist and Islamophobic comments/messages.

One of his friends had just called me a “Certified Muslim Brotherhood People Smuggler”, referring to my study at the ANU for Grad Cert of Migration Law.

Tim and his cell members are fiercely attacking my ethnic background and even deciding that I am “fake” Palestinian.

The increase of anti-Jewish and anti-Palestinian rhetoric in the media and also on social media after this moron's violent actions of endorsing anti-Jewish sentiments, is of great concern to us. The situation is already intense and any further moves to increase the already tense situation is very dangerous and could have very negative (and violent) impact and consequences. Last time, Tim's actions to stir Hindu extremism in Australia resulted in the Hilton Bombing and a dozen of terrorist attacks. We warn that the repeat of history is not a remote possibility.

This is why I and many of my colleagues have written to Sydney University demanding they sack this predator.

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