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The real reasons why we have a shortage of nurses

The shortage of nurses in Australia is critical and getting worse every day.

Our government admits this but fails to take any steps to try change the status quo. Not only are they failing to fix this problem, things are getting worse due to the many bureaucratic red-tapes around the issue.

The shortage of nurses has forced many hospitals to shut down vital wards.
By closing hospital wards the crisis within our public health system gets worse and reaches levels of danger.

The government is trying to convince us that they are doing something significant to address the issues which affects every Australian.
To this regard, our authorities are making it easier for registered nurses to migrate to Australia. Registered nurses migrating from other countries, have been treated less harshly than other professionals wishing to migrate here.

The government wants to convince us that these actions, superficial in my opinion, will address the chronic and serious shortage of registered nurses.