Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bob Brown met Pauline Hanson for coordination as early as 2001: Wiikilinks revealed

The Satirical News

The political analysts had discovered the secrets behind the Pauline Hanson One Nation party’s decision to preference the Greens ahead of all political parties in the 2001 Federal election.

In a document leaked recently to the Wiikilinks site, it was revealed that the leader of the Greens, Sen. Bob Brown, and few advisors have met Ms Hanson and her advisor as early as July 2001. In the meeting, Mr Brown had told Ms Hanson that the Greens are the closest political party to her xenophobic One Nation party.

In the document, which was in fact the minutes of that meeting held in a secret location away from journalists’ eyes, Mr Brown has given Ms Hanson a picture of the politicians and hierarchy of his party. He pointed to her and her advisor that there is no trace to any Non-Anglo politician amongst his party’s politicians and officials.

“It is very clear proof that we share the same ideas and objectives” said Mr Brown according to the minutes. “You are vocally racist, but we are practically the most racist”.

But Ms Hanson demanded something in return for her party’s preference to the Greens. The Greens leader promised to compensate her for this deal later on.

“In this election, we cannot swap preferences with One Nation. This will be detrimental to us. But I promise you to give you a chance to return to politics later on” Sen. Brown promised Ms Hanson, according to document dated 15 July 2001.

The 2001 Federal election saw Greens candidate Ms Kerry Nettle elected to senate, against all odds, Ms Nettle was elected on the 8% preference she got from One Nation xenophobic party. At that election, Ms Hanson was boycotted by all political parties, including racist Liberal party, as she campaigned on openly extreme racist platform.

The leaked document is having more weight recently after the Greens decided not to preference Labor ahead of Liberals or One Nation founder. This odd decision threw life line to Mr Hanson’s bid to re-enter Australian politics through NSW state election.

According to many political analysts, the content of the document finds some interpretation in the Greens surprising decision not to swab preferences with Labor to guarantee that the last legislative council seat does not go to One Nation’s founder.

Ms Hanson was not contactable to comment on the content of the document. The Greens leader denied the content and said that the document and the Wiikilinks site is a hoax created by Labor party to undermine the Greens credibility. The Greens leader did not have convincing explanation why his party has no trace of Non-Anglo officials or politicians.

Ms Hanson is very close to win the 21st LC seat. The Greens will be responsible for the come-back of One Nation founder to politics. All analysists expects that racism and Islamopobia will be the constant issue in NSW politics for the next 4 years. The Greens is responsible for these huge political setbacks.

Other political analysts are expressing their surprise that the Greens is very principled in keeping its deals with xenophobic forces, but highly unprincipled with progressive voters.

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Open Letter to Bob Brown: enough lies and deception, please!

Dear Hon Bob Brown, The Greens leader
This letter is designed to ask you to stop lying and making deceptive claims. We have listened to you for long time, and we believe that the time has come to ask you to stop and to get more serious. Please respect our intelligence.

The latest very public lies and deceptive ideas you tried to sell was that the Greens voters support everything your party says, does or fights for. This is the cheapest lie we have ever heard.

You are clever enough to differentiate between party members, faithful voters and incidental voters. You should know very well that even party members do not share the same ideas or believe in the same philosophy (if your party has any philosophy to follow, anyway).

You have vented the cheapest lie ever when you claimed that the 1.5 million voters who voted for the Greens in the last Federal election support your party’s family-destructive agenda. You suggested that all these voters support your policy to promote prostitution, drug abuse, abortion and same-sex marriage. Well you are lying.

Let me tell you that even your party members do not support these destructive policies. Recently, your party candidate for the NSW seat of Auburn indicated very clearly at a public gathering that he does not support your party’s policies on euthanasia, drug abuse and prostitution. This is a party member and frontline activist. I know very well that even some historical figures in the Greens do not support many of these destructive policies. Ian Cohen expressed on different occasions that he does not support the policy on promoting drug abuse and other policies that seek to destroy families.

Let me tell you that most of voters who voted for the Greens in the last Federal election did not even know your party’s policies to destroy families and moral values. They have voted for your party on your party’s stance on totally different issues. Most of them have swallowed your party’s deceptive claims to support refugees’ rights or that your party is opposing Israeli crimes against its neighbours.

For the last few days you have branded the words of our PM, Julia Gillard, with wide range of outrageous descriptions for daring to criticise your party’s policies to destroy families and moral values. You claimed that her comments are “insulting” to the 1.5 million voters who voted for the Greens. You have assumed that all these voters agree with your party’s Anti-moral stance.

You know very well that the 1.5 million voters voted for your party mainly for two reasons. Firstly, they were deceived by your party’s election machine to buy their claims of fighting for refugees’ rights and for other social justice issues in the society, including defending public assets and improving public services. The other reason was that they were deeply disappointed form the Labor for the way the leader was dumped and the inaction on refugees’ rights issue. So nothing was on the anti-family policies that you are defending today.

Well, let me tell you that your outrageously deceptive claims are the one which are very insulting to these 1.5 million voters. They are also insulting to all of us. What you tried to do is no more than undemocratically trying to shut any criticism of your party’s destructive agendas.

In this letter, I would like (as an Australian citizen) to ask you to stop your campaign of lying and making deceptive claims.

So please respect our intelligence and stop insulting it.


Jamal Daoud
Auburn - NSW

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