Saturday, November 13, 2010

Open letter to Julia Gillard, PM: Time to wake up before you lose next election!

Dear Hon Julia Gillard, our PM
We have watched you for the past few months. And we were disappointed by your government’s performance. We are not few. At the last election, millions of us have expressed such disappointment at your government’s performance.

In this letter, we would like to express to you why we are disappointed and will try to give you some ideas about what we expect from your government.

We have noticed that many in your party are talking now, rightly, how to stop the rise of the Greens vote. Your government’s inaction on many vital issues has left many voters with no option but to vote for the Greens. Such move that is not based on any concrete achievements of the Greens. They just believed that they do not have any other options. But in doing assessments of the reasons behind the mass voters’ change of voting pattern, your party’s strategists and MPs are reaching wrong conclusions

Let me tell you with high confidence that the voters, especially in the high multicultural suburbs like suburbs of Melbourne seat, did not change their vote from Labor to the Greens because of:
1- Carbon Tax
2- Gay marriage
3- Euthanasia.
4- Legalising drugs and promoting prostitution.

We, and any neutral political analyst, deeply believe that even if Labor changes its position on these above mentioned issues, it (Labor) will not win back many of its traditional voters departing it to either the Greens or informal voting.

On the contrary. By changing Labor stance on the above mentioned issues, you risk losing more voters.

As someone who is from marginalised community and lives in marginalised suburbs, I want to mention to you some issues that we need your government to act on:
1- Attacks on Multiculturalism, growing racism and all kinds of discrimination, including Islamophobia.
2- Housing crisis
3- Crisis in health system.
4- Crisis in welfare system.
5- Deteriorating life style.

Let me assure you that most of us in the poor high multicultural suburbs did not form yet an opinion on Carbon Tax (and we believe that the majority of Australians did not form any concrete opinion on this issue).

We also in the suburbs have too many problems and we are occupying with too many daily crises that gay marriage does not concern us. It does not come on the priority list, even for homosexuals living in these suburbs.

The same with euthanasia.

So, if you think that you can compete with the Greens on these issues by following their suites to win back the hundreds of thousands of dissatisfied voters, we can safely tell you that you will lose more.

Your party problems are coming from your bid to compete with other parties, to stop bleeding of your voting pools. And you are miserably failing.

Australians need a government that lead, not being led. What makes things worse is that your government is trying to follow (or even compete with) morons that have no ideology or concrete agendas.

While the Liberals have concrete destructive agendas and ideologies, the Greens have no such things, except for destructive agendas to destroy family and moral values. But they were successful in extracting many of your traditional voters, because you seemed to lose your path.

So far, your strategists’ assessment and soul searching resulted in wrong conclusions.

By their bid to avoid taking actions to quell racism and Islamophobia, and instead engage in debate over gay marriage, you send more disappointing signals to your traditional voters.

By ignoring taking actions to generate affordable housing, and instead talk about Carbon Tax, you again send wrong message and risk losing more votes.

By caving in to racists and ignore the suffering of poor and marginalised people at the hands of your departments (Centrelink, Immigration and Citizenship….) and instead talk about allowing conscious vote on euthanasia, you only send wrong signal about your lack of commitments to marginalised people.

Your bid to compete with the Greens on only these issues is something both naïve and hopeless.

Remember that the Greens have campaigned on these issues (promoting drugs and prostitution, gay marriage, euthanasia,…) for more than 4 decades, but won no more than 3% of Australians heart. It was only when they started to vend their lies and empty rhetoric about the issues your party was strong on (public services, workers rights, human rights, etc…) that they started to attract votes.

Hon Julia Gillard.
We expect you to take actions to end the racist debate about boat people. Such debate that aims to spread fear, racism and Islamophobia. And with the recent High Court ruling and increased community support for more humanitarian approach, you have golden opportunity to reform the policy on this issue.

We also expect that your government takes actions to stop deteriorating life style. This includes taking action to build more public houses and improve public health and education.

We also expect that your government (in cooperation with state government) would take actions to curb skyrocketing power bills.

And we can safely send you warning that if you do not take actions on these vital issues, you risk losing the government. And if you lose the government in such way with no legacy, you can expect staying in opposition for long time.

When we decided not to vote in the last election, we took this decision when we started to feel that there is no big difference between Labor and Liberals. While we understand that the Greens is no more than a machine to manufacture lies, deception and empty rhetoric, we notice that many in the society was fooled by the Greens empty rhetoric.

If we do not regain any confidence that your party is better than the opposition, you should expect that you will not get our vote in the next election. And our definition of “better” is different than the Greens definition. We more care about correcting injustices in the society, than taking action about dismantling family and moral values and vending lies and empty rhetoric on vital issues.

I am writing to you this letter because I cannot imagine Tony Abbot to be our next PM. But if Julia will be exact copy of Tony, who will care who will govern this country.

We hope that we will write to you next time praising your government for progressive steps to improve Australians life style. But if you insist on current policies and approaches, we assure you that you will fail to keep your job.

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