Sunday, June 10, 2012

Open letter to my Socialist friend: This is why I support President Assad!!

I should mention here that when the crisis erupted in Syria more than a year ago, I was not supporting President Assad. At that time, I declared that I oppose violence in Syria, oppose Western bid to destabilize regime against its people’s wish and oppose the plan for New Middle East, which includes destabilising Syria and divide it. But now, I am supporting President Assad and I will tell you why I changed my mind.

I have noticed that the majority of “Left” groups in Australia have very unique understanding of “Left and Right”, “progressive and regressive” …. I have noticed that it is in fact a “taboo” left, or maybe more accurate “left of slogans and dreams”… at some stage I called it “Left-Over”.

I understood from my conversation with you and with many of your colleagues Socialists and Greens that you support “Syrian revolution” because they declare that they are “revolutionarists”, take arms in their hands and revolt against the regime. For you it is not important to explore “revolution” against what, what is the “revolution” plan and objectives and what revolutionary means and methods they use.

I have noticed too that you did not ask important questions like: who is aiding this “revolution”, what is the cost for this aid and what are the possible consequencies for such “revolution”.

I have noticed that you and your Socialist and Greens “progressive” friends are vending your support for this “revolution” from the comfort of your homes in Newtown or Eastern Suburbs. Whatever happens in Syria (and in the Middle East) will not affect your life. So you can spare to support this terrorism that aims to bring dark-ages regimes to control the area, as you will not experience any of its devastating results.

I know that if the New Middle East plan succeeds and Arab Taliban (that you have supported in Libya and currently support in Syria) controls the area (from Morocco to Arab Gulf) all what you will do to counter act the consequence of this support is to issue media release condemning the persecution of women, secular men, religious and ethnic minorities and progressive forces. Your home in Newtown will have enough food, electricity, internet access and spare time to condemn killing of minorities, women and progressive people.

I have noticed that during Taliban control of Afghanistan, you (and your friends in Socialist groups and Greens party) were sleeping nice, eating well, have shower every day, watch TV and then walk in the street protesting the oppression of Afghanis. At the end of the protest, you would walk to the nearest pub, have several schooners of beer and then declare that you done all what you could to condemn the repression.

At the same time, I was living in Jordan. I witnessed several attacks from “Afghani Arabs” who were declaring that secularism is against religion. Cinemas were torched because they are against their interpretation of religion. Walking with non-veiled sister was scary experience that could bring devastating consequences. Talking politics was highly dangerous practice that we all avoided in public places or with strange people.

You were enjoying your time in the pub, university or at Mardi Gras. We were hiding in our homes avoiding deadly confrontation with these extremists. Can you see the difference!!!

I understand that someone who did not left the comfort of his home in Newtown would not understand why Syrians are praying day and night for this terror campaign to end soon with big failure.

But I wonder about one fact: did you notice very strangely the USA and NATO strong support for this “revolution”??? Did you and your friends Socialists and Greens notice that Israel supports the “revolution” and give the “revolutionarists” the maximum support?? Was this the first time for USA, NATO and Israel to support a “revolution”? Unless it is in fact not a revolution but a Western conspiracy!!!

I know that your “taboo” thinking is making it very hard for you to see beyond slogans. “Revolution”, “social justice”, “freedom”…. are slogans that fell on your mind with heavy impact. But the devastating consequencies will fell on us, our families and our future generations.

Now you may think that I am selling you big rhetoric and exaggeration of facts… To give you the right picture, I can volunteer to tour with you the streets of Qandahar. No, I will not volunteer to go with you to Qandahar of Afghanistan. I will take you to Australian Qandahar. I mean here Lakemba, maybe Punchbowl or Auburn too.

There I will take you to Ali Ibrahim to tell you why he was shot in front of his home by heavy bearded, totally closed-minded extremists that you support to rule the whole Middle East. I may take you to visit my friend, Talat, to show you the written and verbal threats to kill him. I may take you also to hear form Isa why he assaulted me and my friend, Omar, because he did not agree with our analysis of what is happening in Syria. Maybe I need to take you too to hear from our friend from the local police station about the accounts of extreme tension they became aware of in the streets of Lakemba and Auburn.

I know very well that ABC, SBS and Greens media releases did not report all these to you. But I deeply believe that it is your obligation to seek knowledge and equip yourself with information. Information from different sources not only ABC, SBS or Christine Milne.

I know that you are busy dreaming of making “revolutions” by walking in the streets shouting in support of “revolutions” in Libya, Syria and Egypt. I am sure that you do not know that these “revolutions” did not bring anything positive to the lives of people of these countries. They only brought to them instability, sectarian and ethnic division and hate, civil war and insecurity. And the only winner is USA, imperialism, NATO and Israel.

I know that beyond your dreams, protests and schooners in the pub, you are very sure that you and your family will not lose anything if the “revolution” of Syria succeed or fail.

If it will succeed, you will be back to streets to demand freedom for minorities, secular forces, women and gays. If it will fail, you will protest demanding ending the repression of Assad “regime”… Nothing more, nothing less.

But for me, it is very different story.

If Arab Taliban succeed to control Syria and other Middle East countries, my family will be in immediate danger there. My family currently enjoys some freedom in their life. At least they now enjoy some freedom in the way they dress, freedom to study and work and freedom to choose way of life. If the Arabic Taliban controls the Middle East, the oppression will be maximized and they would not be free to choose anything in their lives, not even the way they would die.

I know that your media release then to condemn their oppressor will not help them at all. The media releases issued by you, your organization, the Greens or even by our government did not help us when “Arab Afghanis” were torching cinemas, attacking non-veiled women and trying to shut public life.

I support President Assad because I do not want to lose one of my family members in the civil war that will break. Such civil war that is designed to protect Israel and prevent us from returning to our homeland, Palestine.

I know that you will accuse me of exaggerating things. Before you do so, please stop watching ABC & SBS and travel to Libya. Then you will know who is hiding information from you: myself or ABC!!!


rayberau said...

Thank you Jamal. Jamal Daoud has penned an important wakeup letter that I have posted at my blog

Ray Bergmann, Brisbane, Australia

sharpfang said...

Great piece of work Jamal - and desperately needed.
I am endlessly arguing with these pseudo-Left and Greens - who want the satisfaction of 'protest' and the security of siding with the Big-guns:- the US, NATO, ICC, Amnesty - all tools of the US Evil Empire, which seeks hegemony over the whole ME via its army of 'terrorists'.

Sharing this exceelent contribution - and thank you.
All the best.

TheatrePolitics said...

Why on earth would the Western world want to encourage Islamic extremists to take control of Syria? It makes no sense. There is however a real need to stop this out of control violence from all players here. Opposition to Assad is split between multiple disparate groups - not just religious extremists. Chaos. Easy to praise Assad for a relatively civil society prior to this war but it was not a democracy. Assad 'inherited' power from his father like he was born a King. Ignoring the need to reform this system of dictatorship is willful blindness and returning to Assad rule is no longer an option.

Unknown said...

I want to ask if TheatrePolitics travelled to Syria prior to the hostilities. In Syria all Syrians no matter what sect they were enjoyed free education, free medical, the Government even provided bread at very low prices so no one went to sleep hungry and people use to throw the bread on the streets because they were able to afford fresh bread daily, clean roads free speech no one in Syria cared what religion or sect you were until the mind games started. There was always more freedom in Syria than what people have in Saudi Arabia or Jordan or any of the Middle East countries that are allies of United States but the difference is Assad is the Not allowing Zionist Israel to take over Syria and Lebanon. Assad is the most democratic leader in the Middle East so I don't think it was human rights USA and partners are after they don't care who dies in the Middle East as long as their interests and their pockets are filled. They have the Syrians fighting each other and all Arab countries attacking each other while Israel and its Allies are stealing Gas, Oil and so on from Middle East. the strategy has always been divide and conquer and that's is what is happening I just wander when people will wake up and see the evil that is happening around the world and when you look USA has a hand in all of it.

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