Thursday, March 31, 2011

After selling community’s dignity: Muslim community demand rid of corrupt “leadership”

The elections usually are the best time to hold politicians and political parties accountable for their actions or lack of action. And usually lobby groups take the chance of elections to demand actions on issues they believe need attention or changes.

But the actions of some of the Muslim community “leaders”, especially the turbaned religious figures, defy all these trends and norms.

When the Liberal party started promoting racism and Islamophobia, we thought that Muslim community “leadership” will demand strong actions to discipline this out-of-control racist party. We thought that the Muslim community “leaders” will declare open war on this party by all means.

And with the latest Liberal party slurs against Muslim community by demanding banning Muslim migration for ten years. And with the latest media leak about the Liberal party strategic plan to mount attacks on Muslims in Australia in their bid to win the next election. We expected that the Muslim “leadership” will cut all ties with this extreme party.

But we were devastated and shocked to see that few Muslim “leaders” and organisations are advocating Muslims in NSW to vote for the Liberals.

Strategically, this exposes the naked truth that the Muslim community has no leadership. Or maybe the community has either naïve leadership. Or maybe corrupted one that is ready to sell the rights and dignity of the community in return for promises to increase funding.

The conduct of Muslim “leaders”, especially the religious figures, in the last few days of the campaign and on the day of election was in fact a moral shamble. The acts of these religious figures and “leaders” sent simple message that we deserve what we got.

Now after the election is over, every community member has many questions to ask these “leaders”:
1- What are the benefits to community of voting to the Liberals, except making the community a laughable matter in Australian politics?
2- What were the secret deals struck between Liberal party and Muslim “leadership”?
3- How can we stop any future attacks on the Muslims after Muslims sided with the party that created Islamophobia in the country?

We here warn that if the community does not act to correct this moral shamble, Islamophibia will be constant main political agenda in all future elections. We would expect to face waves and waves of Islamophobic attacks, both verbally and physically.

We believe that it is the time for the Muslims in this country to demand rid of the corrupted illegitimate and undemocratic “leadership”. The leadership that sold our dignity and interests for unknown-to-us price. We believe that this community deserves better. And we are taking steps to rid of current one.

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