Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Greens recent scandal: the end of the Greens?

Despite being very busy with my university exams, I just couldn’t resist writing about the latest and possibly the biggest scandal within The Greens party. A scandal that just saw two of their leaders kiss goodbye to their political life.

The media covered this news extensively, however one important question has not been raised so far and that is “why now?” I mean, why only now this issue has been brought to light?

Less than two weeks ago, the party senators voted unanimously against Lee Rhiannon’s actions to destabilise the “party room”. These senators voted to exclude Rhiannon from all “controversial” decisions.

Rhiannon had always counted on Waters and Ludlam’s support but was left extremely disappointed when only Adam Bandt sided with her.
Of course Bandt’s ambition is ultimately to become the leader of The Greens should Di Natale’s leadership be destabilised, so we can explain his support for Rhiannon.

Then comes the scandal.

Ludlam was in parliament for 9 years. No one noticed he was a dual citizen, not even after a few “concerned” citizens demanded publicly with a petition that the electoral commission check his citizenship status. Why after 9 years this story comes out?

The official story was that he attended an international conference where there were many questions about his citizenship. Another Greens senator resigned over a citizenship then it all becomes very clear. Someone is digging dirt on a certain group of Federal politicians.

The latest move to try and “restrain” Rhiannon has proved lethal.
At 66 Rhiannon still insists to become the head of the empire she had once built. She will never give up trying even if to do so would mean destroying the party altogether.

The whole saga reminds me of what happened with the Democrats. The disintegration of the party started the same way: a vicious public fight over leadership. Suddenly there were leaks on Natasha Stott Despoja ‘s attending meetings after long nights out, personal life of colleagues culminating with public infighting over the leadership.

Exactly 7 years ago I predicted that Rhiannon would destroy the party.

Today my predictions are starting to come true.

Good on you Rhiannon and good luck in destroying The Greens.

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