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2016 Federal election results: how our campaign impacted the voting!!

Our participation in this federal election was felt at all levels. We achieved this by spending only $500 budget which we used mainly for limited Facebook promotions. I will discuss in a separate article how we were able to be so effective with a small budget whilst enduring very high hostilities from all political parties.

With our campaign slogan “Vote For None”, we asked residents not to vote for any party.

Our campaign, based mainly in NSW, was through our social media pages and accounts. We achieved the following results:

NSW recorded the highest informal vote nationally. Further, the informal votes in NSW were double than all the other states and territories, for the exception of NT. All states recorded between 2.5% - 3.2%, except NSW which recorded more than 6%.
We focused our campaign in South-Western seats where Labor had allied with Wahhabi extremists in a bid to win Muslim votes. In these seats, the informal votes were double or triple than other seats in the state. The ave…