Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Open letter to our PM: why resorting to racism and Islamophobia to win next election?

Dear Hon Kevin Rudd, our PM
Yes, we have noticed that the election is approaching fast. And we have noticed that you have panicked and so resorted to the easiest way to stick to power: play on fear from unknown “terrorism”.

You have not provided us with any shred of evidence that a terrorist attack is imminent. All what you have told us is that there were many Muslims who were convicted of “terrorism-related” crimes. Many credible human rights watchdogs have deep concerns about the transparency and fairness of these trials and believe that the convictions were due to the media circus and public frenzy your government and previous government have produced.

Mr Rudd
We are very ashamed of you, your attorney general and minster for foreign affairs. You have put your interests to win election ahead of Australia’s interests to enjoy good relationships with 10 countries around the world. And we did not recover yet from the shameful wide coverage worldwide about Australian racist attacks on Indian students.

Mr Rudd
You have quoted anonymous security agencies to spread fear and frenzy in the society. The same happened under your predecessor, when he quoted the same agencies to spread lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Then we have learnt that these reports and information were manufactured to give your government good excuses to invade sovereign nation and destroy it totally.

That was not the only time the security agencies, especially ASIO and Federal Police, had made such wrong moves to serve incumbent government. They did it in the case of Dr Mohamed Haneef.

After that, how can we trust you or your security agencies, who only depend on secret reports and investigations that not available to public?

What has made our trust very weak in you and your security agencies is the hypocrisy in dealing with similar matters in different ways. We assumed that the security agencies are on high alert since 11 September 2001. This has resulted in discovering “terrorist” thoughts and dreams communicated between angry persons of policy of aggression conducted by your predecessor against all Muslim nations. But at the same time, these agencies are standing impotent to finalise security checks of refugees or new migrants. Otherwise, how on earth it took the security agencies more than 4 years to reach conclusion that Mrs Lina Hamdan is not a terrorist and does not having terrorist thoughts and dreams? I can give you hundreds (if not thousands) of similar cases where your security agencies had failed to finalise Form 80 (security check on terrorism-related issues) in less than 2 years.

Mr Rudd
You have failed us. You have failed multiculturalism. You have failed Muslim communities. You have betrayed your voters who voted for your government seeking change. The only change you have introduced is that you can change your colour more easily than your predecessor.
What makes things worse is that you have failed the same communities that have trusted you and voted for your party, historically. We can understand that John Howard did not care about the feelings and interests of new migrants or Muslims, as they are not traditional voters of the Liberals. But for you to play race and Islamophobia cards, it is deeply offensive and disappointing.

We have been betrayed also by the other party who usually gets a lot of our votes. We are watching with deep concern and disappointment the complete silence of the Greens on this particular issue. The Greens also had got a lot of Muslim and pro-multicultural votes.

We could not believe that the regressive racist Liberal party politicians will stand up to expose these lies and deceptive claims. We thought that the ones who claim to be progressive should have stood up and questioned your motives in launching these lies.

Mr Rudd
Your move today has spread fear, uncertainty and social division. Instead of working to breakdown the many barriers and obstacles built during your predecessor, you have built some more.

Mr Rudd
We cannot believe that for you to cover up some of your bungles during wasting our common wealth, you chose to make more destructive moves. It was enough that you have wasted around $2 billions in dodgy insulation program. You should not have created more division and fear that will need another couple of billions of dollars to face its impact.

Mr Rudd
We are ashamed of you, your government and your Labor party. And we are waiting for the election to let you know about our feelings.

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