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Open letter to our PM: why resorting to racism and Islamophobia to win next election?

Dear Hon Kevin Rudd, our PM
Yes, we have noticed that the election is approaching fast. And we have noticed that you have panicked and so resorted to the easiest way to stick to power: play on fear from unknown “terrorism”.

You have not provided us with any shred of evidence that a terrorist attack is imminent. All what you have told us is that there were many Muslims who were convicted of “terrorism-related” crimes. Many credible human rights watchdogs have deep concerns about the transparency and fairness of these trials and believe that the convictions were due to the media circus and public frenzy your government and previous government have produced.

Mr Rudd
We are very ashamed of you, your attorney general and minster for foreign affairs. You have put your interests to win election ahead of Australia’s interests to enjoy good relationships with 10 countries around the world. And we did not recover yet from the shameful wide coverage worldwide about Australian racist attacks on India…