Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How celebrating extremists’ “achievements” could help de-radicalisation?!!

While the security agencies are struggling to contain the wave of radicals’ attacks and foiling potential terrorist actions, the performance of our politicians and journalists are not helping in any of these efforts. On the contrary. Our politicians, who are busy calculating measures to win in the next election, are sending the wrong message in all directions. The media also has different agendas altogether.

Following the latest terrorist attack on Parramatta police headquarter, which left one innocent man dead, the media reporting has been appalling.

All our media was busy reporting the incident as if it was a normal crime in the suburbs. No consideration was given to investigate deeply the seriously concerning aspects of this horrendous crimes.

Our media did not investigate seriously:
- How many Farhad Jabar do we have in our schools?
- The extent of extremism in our school and the negative effect on other students (especially the students who are the natural target of Wahhabi extremist student networks).
- What steps should be taken to neutralise students like Farhad Jabar.

The response to the terrorist attack was very deeply disappointing and served no noble target.

Our authorities were trying to soften their rhetoric on extremists and their supporters. Our PM even went to conduct many consultations with the “leaders” who were openly behind radicalisation of our youth for the last decade.

The media did a terrible job. Not one media outlet met with real experts on the issue. No media met with any community active member who campaigned in the last few years against extremism and documented all the efforts which lead to terrorist attacks. No media met with community leaders who were victim of extremist attacks to talk about the real radicalisation in our schools. The media opened its doors for the extremists to claim that there is no radicalisation and Muslim extremists are victims of media and political campaigns of Islamophobia.

Let me talk about the ABC, as a very clear example. On the Q&A program last Monday dedicated to extremism in our society. The program was so misleading that by the end it would actually have you believing that there is no extremism and no radicalisation anywhere.

According to Wesam Sharkawi and Greens Adam Bandt, the terrorists fighting in Syria are warriors and radicalisation is all down to marginalised youth in housing commission.

If I didn’t know better I also would have believed this.

But because I have witnessed first-hand the many vicious attacks perpetrated by extremists on Muslims who speak against them, I don’t fall for this act.

Too many are the accounts that have been bought to my attention from friends in the community. A few examples:

A friend’s son who attends Birrong High was bullied badly because he was a Shia Muslim. Another friend has a daughter who also is Shia was told by the religious teacher that Shia are not Muslims.
A terrorist who has recently returned from Syria has caused great fear for everyone living in that street. And these are just some example.

The major question we asked ABC was, why and on behalf of who they chose Wesam Sharkawi and Adam Bandt to talk about this important issue? What are their qualifications to speak on behalf of 600,000 Muslims?

Adam Bandt is a politician of a party that considers ISIS as freedom fighters. One of its senators asked media and authorities to stop calling ISIS members as “terrorists”. Adam Bandt is a member of political party that is struggling to keep its popularity on all issues, so they resorted to ally with extremists.

Wesam Sharkawi is a well-known person in Western Sydney who supports extremists. His work as a “teacher” does not give him any qualification to speak on this sensitive issue. His fellow religion teacher Mustapha Al Majzoub, was killed in Syria mid 2012 after he joined the terrorist group Jabhat Al Nusra. At that time the media, especially the ABC, was describing Mustapha Al Majzoub as a champion humanitarian hero. At the same time I was providing the media and the authorities with documents and testimonials to prove that he was a terrorist, the media chose to ignore the facts.

After 3 years, it seems that our authorities and media have learnt nothing. But this time, things are more serious and dangerous.

After 4 years of extensive radicalisation efforts at all levels, our society is saturated with extremists who easily can become suicide bombs in the heart of our suburbs. And the media and authorities response could make these ticking bombs imminent and very close to happen.

The ABC disregards the majority of Australians, especially Muslims. The ABC has no respect and does not live up to their obligations to tax-payers who pay the wages of their journalists and workers.

We need to take action now!

We will help any campaign to discredit this network. And we will help any campaign to ease the government efforts to privatise it. And we will help any campaign to expose the truth about this pro-extremists network.

We are currently discussing if we should refuse to participate in any program produced by this network.

In conclusion, as a Muslim, Wesam Sharkawi and his so called “Mufti” do not represent me. As a Muslim I do not blame the marginalisation of youth for extremism, radicalisation and terrorism in our society. This is nonsense!
I admit that we, as Muslims, have serious problems that we need to address as we have a large numbers of extremists who are ready to kill themselves and others.

We urgently need help from the Australian authorities to neutralise these highly dangerous elements.

Not in our name...

Letter to ABC: inviting extremists on your program will not help de-radicalisation efforts

Last time, you invited convicted terrorist to confront whole Australia with his deep radical views and allowed him to attack government's actions on extremism/potential terrorism. Your program has apologized to Australians on this gross mistake.

But tomorrow you will repeat the same mistake, or worse. On extremism, you have invited an extremist sheikh. For the last 4 years, you never presented Australians with real anti-extremist Muslim active member or leader. Though we have deep reservation on classification of "leadership", but according to current ad hoc classification, you failed miserably.

For 4 years since radicalization started to be very evident dangerous part of Australians lives since the shooting of Ali Ibrahim and the subsequent violent attacks, we note that you never invited secular sunnis who stood against Syrian 'revolution'. You also never invited Shia community leaders to represent Muslim communities on their views on the issues. You never came near inviting Alawi leaders too. It seems that your program had adopted Wahhabi extreme ideology on considering all these not to be Muslims.

The irony here is that few days ago I met 2 of your ABC colleagues who sought our help on relevant issue. One of the journalists told me how she is investigating the extreme actions of ......( one of the sheikhs you regularly invite on your programs). We were planning how to collect more documents to expose him. and now you are presenting him to Australians as representative of Muslims and part of the solution of extremism among Muslims.

I am sorry to tell you that your program and your network had became matter of national disgrace and embarrassment. I would like to communicate to you that subsequent to this, we will boycott dealing with your network at all levels......

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Request for urgent meeting with our PM on radicalisation and extremism

Dear Hon Malcolm Turnbull, PM of Australia

On behalf of a growing number of concerned Australian Muslims, I have decided to write and reach you so you can hear a different voice from the Muslim community. The Australian Muslims (including myself) have had enough.

For the last few years, your predecessors were listening only to certain sections of the Muslim community. In the last 5 years the only loud and dominant voices were from the extreme and conservative section of the community. Further, it seemed that the only debates and discussions about radicalisation were made with the very people who were actually involved in supporting extremism.

Following the terrorist attack last week on Parramatta Police headquarter, we were deeply disappointed that you had sought advice from the same extreme and conservative Muslim voices. We are not aware that you have included in the phone hook-up any real anti-extremism leader. In this, you continue to send the wrong message in all directions.

Sadly, the authorities consulted and sought advice on how to fight radicalisation from individuals who were in actual fact part of the problem. The very people the government is consulting are self-appointed community leaders and are only supported by a very small minority. Unfortunately most times this small minority is the root of the problem.
The only way these self-appointed community leaders could have a positive impact, would be for them to admit their past errors in judgement.

Unfortunately this is not the case.

Many of the individuals involved in your phone hook-up last weekend have never left the path of supporting extremism. Yes, they are speaking against ISIS, but only after heavy media coverage on the subject. The names leaked are still very much involved in supporting radical version of Islam and are linked to groups that call for Jihad.

We ask you not to just hear the voice of these “self-proclaimed” community leaders but to hear from the voice of other Muslim representations. I understand that it is easy to take the word from ones who are well resources and are very vocal with their demands. If authorities continue to choose these members you will only have the voice of extremists and radicals.

This is why we are seeking a meeting so that we can present you with some ideas and let you know what is really happening in our communities. We would also like to bring to your attention our deep concerns from a particular section of our community which was subjected to vicious campaigns of bullying and physical attacks in the last 5 years. The voices of these members of the community have never been heard and have never been taken seriously.

To this regard, as you would be already aware, since the beginning of the notorious Syrian “revolution”, a large section of anti-extremists (mainly secular Sunnis, Shias, Alawis..) were subjected to vicious campaigns of violence and attacks. These included shootings, burning homes and businesses, physical and verbal attacks, calls to boycott business and attacks and bullying of students at schools. The stories of the victims of these abuses were never heard.

As proud Australian Muslims and concerned citizens, we are seeking to meet with you. We have been involved in anti-sectarian campaigns and inter-faith activities for a long time. We believe that we can help find a solution to the high radicalisation which threatens our society.
We are well aware that the issue of high radicalisation and extremism are causing deep concerns in our community and the fight against this will be high on the agenda of the next election. We, as anti-extremism activist intend to make this an important issue on the agenda of all political parties. We are very interested to hear your government commitments on this particular issue.


Jamal Daoud

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Will Parramatta terrorist attack be the last wake-up call for our authorities?

After the last December’s terrorist attack, I warned that authorities’ lack of detailed and comprehensive plan to tackle radicalisation will lead to other terrorist activities. Last night’s terrorist attack is just the tip of the iceberg and if the authorities don’t wake up this time we could be heading to bigger attacks in the near future.

In the last year, we heard a lot of noise, but saw no action. Authorities made a few arrests; many of the arrested walked free thanks to the leniency of magistrates who perhaps feared of being accused of Islamophobia. Or perhaps were under the misconception that the authorities made up stories about imaginary radicalisation. Whatever the reason for this leniency, the results are quiet clear with this last attack.

The tragic terrorist attack occurred last night, should finally induce our authorities into seriously implementing an aggressive and comprehensive de-radicalisation plan..

After the terrorist attack last night, we need to ask authorities: what did you achieve in the last 12 months of consultations and tough talks on radicals?

The plain answer would be: not much.

The government recently announced that the Australian participation in terrorist groups activities in Syria and Iraq was doubled in the last 12 months. The numbers of radicals in Australia are increasing on a daily basis. Not one extremist centre has been closed down or targeted by security agencies. No “big-fish” was caught and convicted. No ease of funding from extremists in Saudi Arabia and other gulf states.

So far our authorities have been tip toeing around extremist leaders for fear of being seen as targeting a minority. We have witnessed leaders of extreme Islamic centres attacking our authorities crying out that their freedoms were unjustly targeted.

We even witnessed government funding for some extremist groups in the name of fighting radicalisation. We witnessed extremists awarded medals and other awards. But we never witnessed a hard crack down on real extremists.

The results are speaking for themselves. When Russian army started a serious campaign to liquidate terrorists in Syria and Iraq, we witnessed our authorities siding with terrorists in the name of “we should not save Syrian regime from collapse”. Such move has sent the wrong message in all directions.

Now, and before it is too late, authorities need to start a serious crack down.

Our authorities need to investigate all extremists, even if they are “high-profile” ones who have some followers. Some organisations need to be raided and investigated. Old files on extremists should be opened to be used to close mosques and religious centres of hate. All these mosques and centres had advocated their followers to fight in Syria and to hate Shia and Alawi at some stage in the last decade.

I want to warn that failure of the authorities to use the sad tragic terrorist attack yesterday as starting point to seriously crack down on real perpetrators, would be fatal mistake or an opportunity lost.

The lone wolf who killed an innocent person yesterday before being killed is not the real perpetrator. We believe that the propaganda machine behind his brainwashing and radicalisation is the real perpetrators who need to be brought to justice. Targeting a few simple brainwashed youths by sending them to jail or killing them will not solve the problem. Authorities need to break the network of brainwashing, recruitment and funding.

Authorities need to put a stop to all funding from Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries. The majority of the brainwashing occurs in mosques, religious centres and Islamic schools which are built and funded by Saudi money.
This needs to be regulated and stopped if we really want to stop radicalisation in this country.

Locking up or even killing vulnerable young people, who are victims themselves by brainwashing, will not resolve nor will stop future attacks.

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