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My letter to Jason Clare on the election eve

Dear Jason Clare, MP for Blaxland

I recently received a lot of letters from your office. Some of these letters are electoral promotion materials.

I find it utterly disgraceful that you are asking me and local residents to support and elect you on the bases of your relations with extremists. You have quoted in one promotional leaflet that you enjoy the support of known extremists: Samier Danden(of the extremist organisaiton Lebanese Muslim Association), Ashraf Rifi (the Godfather of terrorists in Lebanon), Muslim Women Association and other extreme individuals and organisations.

What a farce and how arrogant of you sending me 6 letters in two weeks period during election campaign when in the past you never bothered replying to my letters and phone calls seeking help.

Many families including mine needed your help during a period of terror and intimidation campaign perpetrated by extremists. Some of these families lost everything and endured extortions, intimidations, Molotov bombs, ve…