Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wikileaks “party”: Unique One-man "party" operated through Facebook page

Australia can enter Guinness World record for different things. One of these things could be the introduction of the most unique “political party” in the world.

The Wikileaks “party” was established around one year ago. For the whole period, the party never functioned as any other parties (in Australia or in any country around the globe, including dictatorships).

Let us mention the unique nature of this “party”.

The Wikileaks “party has no policies, no offices, no party meetings, no spokespersons, never issued media releases, elected no official leader, elected no official management committee member, never debated position on any political issue, never discussed initiative or political move, never initiated rally or protest, has no active membership, issued no financial statement, published no one phone contact details of a leader or a spokesperson and has no known source of funding.

So how do you know about the existence of this “party”?

If it is not for its Fascebook page, you will not feel that such “party” is still operating in Australia. But even the Facebook page does not represent the “party”.

All what is published on the Facebook page is either an article written by others or news item quoted from News agency. Nothing can tell you if this status reflects the “party’s” views or it is just for general knowledge and to know what is happening in the world. And this was made on purpose.

Journalists were contacting the only known “official” of the “party” (John Shipton) and asked him if the “party” supports what was published on the Facebook on certain issue. John would reply that it is just a quotation that does not represent the “party’s” view. The same with enquiries on the seam Facebook page. When reader/s asked if the article represent the “party’s” official position , tbhe reply will be so quick “No... it is just an article or news item to alert members or supporters of views of writer/s”...

But nobody so far knows what the official view of this “party is on any issue that matters.

Even on the issue of the crisis in Syria and despite the Wikileaks “party” participation in 2 visits to Syria, we heard nothing about their official stance on the crisis. The only official comments after the two visits were “we went to Syria to explore the truth of what is happening there”. But no official account of the truth they explored.

One time I was told by the owner of the “party” John Shipton that the party consists from three persons only: John Shipton, myself and Gail Malone. No more, no less.

Can you imagine!!!

Practically it was true. Since September 2013, only these three people were doing all the jobs inside the “party” and the only ones visible to public. From talking to community leaders, to putting stories in the media and answering the journalists it was only John (myself on few occasions when John did not want to be seen in public on the issue). The Facebook page and the blog were assigned to John’s much-trusted Gail Malone.

I should admit that occasionally it was necessary for John to assign some minor jobs to others loyal to him. Sometime, Matt was asked to pass to members emails that were written to him by the major players in the “party”. At some stage, former candidate will be asked to make comments.

Would not you recommend such farce to be mentioned in Guinness World Records under “political party of one person operating through Facebook page”???

Maybe the more correct question to be asked here is “do you think that this “organisation” could be considered “political party”?

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