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Wikileaks “party”: Unique One-man "party" operated through Facebook page

Australia can enter Guinness World record for different things. One of these things could be the introduction of the most unique “political party” in the world.

The Wikileaks “party” was established around one year ago. For the whole period, the party never functioned as any other parties (in Australia or in any country around the globe, including dictatorships).

Let us mention the unique nature of this “party”.

The Wikileaks “party has no policies, no offices, no party meetings, no spokespersons, never issued media releases, elected no official leader, elected no official management committee member, never debated position on any political issue, never discussed initiative or political move, never initiated rally or protest, has no active membership, issued no financial statement, published no one phone contact details of a leader or a spokesperson and has no known source of funding.

So how do you know about the existence of this “party”?

If it is not for its Fascebook page, you wi…