Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Australian political parties: where is our voice!

I would like today to shout very loud: enough is enough.
I would like to whisper in the ears of our politicians: no one of you is representing me.
And no one of you represents my fellow new migrants from non-English speaking countries. And no one of you represents our indigenous people.
And no one of you is representing our citizens with disabilities, with physical ones at least.

And shame on you and your parties.
You should be ashamed of yourselves very deeply, especially the ones amongst you who arrogantly claim to be “progressive”.

For us, progressive means to allow us to voice our concerns, our opinions on problems WE face and come up with solutions we think they suit us.

But instead, you have appointed yourselves as guardians on us.
We know that guardians usually appointed when person do not has capabilities to make sound judgment. And usually person cannot make sound judgment for one of the following reasons:
1- Person is not mature enough.
2- Person suffers from symptom not allowing normal development of brain.
3- Person suffers from deep mental problems.

We do not know where you classify us (all members of marginalized groups).

I have strong feeling (from previous close experience with many of you, especially the ones who claim to be progressive) that you think we are not mature enough. This immaturity is coming because we do not have blonde hair, blue eyes and clear Australian accent.

You think that we, as previous citizens of dictatorships, cannot understand your democracy. And because of this we cannot understand your political system.
And because of that, we do not deserve to even be heard, given chance to show our performance or even to give you some ideas about how do we feel.

You think that if we step into politics, we would be stepping into unknown to us territory (because of our retarded undemocratic mind).

You think that because we do not speak clear Australian language, we are immature and cannot understand democracy designed by you.

Our White Anglo Saxon politicians: did you ask yourself what do we think about your enforced-on-us guardianship?

Did you ask yourself how do we feel about your insistence that you understand OUR problems more than we do?

Did you ask yourself if we want you to teach us how to suffer, how to struggle, how to resist and how to overcome?

Did you ask yourself how do we feel about your solutions to our problems, or at least to problems that mainly concern us, our suffering and obstacles put by you to prevent us from getting our rights in full?

Well, our fellow “progressive” White Anglo-Saxon politicians: as you do not care about our feeling, we need to ignore your idea about how we should feel about you and your progressiveness (if it would be qualified to progressiveness).

You need to ask yourself: do we understand why you oppress us, abuse our feelings, disregard our outcries and insist to treat us as inferior species?

Yes, we deeply understand.

You are not only closed-minded racist politicians. But you are so concerned that you will lose your tight grip on power. Such grip that lasted for more than 2 centuries, since your ancestors invaded this country.

Yes, you are so vulnerable and insecure.

And I will add to your vulnerability and insecurity: we are coming. And we are growing in numbers. And we are shaking ground under your feet. And we are taking away, step by step, the power that you have accumulated.

And we are not worried. We will defeat your racism. We will defeat your discrimination. We will defeat your repeated vicious attacks on us and on our cultures. We will defeat your control on our lives. And we will win.

We thought that you as “progressive” forces, you will make this transition more peaceful, less painful and have less devastating consequencies.

We thought that you as “progressive” politicians will join us hand in hand in our fight to get our voice in the decision making bodies heard.

We thought that your “progressiveness” would mean to step back and push us into front line to resume the fight for OUR rights.

But we are discovering that all talks about your “progressiveness” are no more than cheap deceptions and lies.

You claimed to be “progressive” only to deceive us so that we vote for you. Then you will find suitable-for-you solutions to our problems and suffering.

You claimed to be “progressive” just to enter the election auction with higher bets by claiming moral ground over your rival political parties.

And at the end, your solution for our suffering and problems was very easy: keep shutting your mouths, as we are talking on your behalf.

And you know very well that our sufferings are vital for you to continue abusing them and keep the power in your hands.

Well, our fellow White Anglo Saxon politicians (both progressive and regressive): you do not represent us. You do not speak for us. You do not understand us.

So, please climb down our backs.

And please try to learn: learn from us something different. Please try to learn to give us some space. Please try to learn to respect our difference. Difference in understanding. And differences in needs. And difference in thinking.

You need to understand one thing: our time is coming.
But please do not make it more painful. Move on and vacate space for us.

We need our voice, and we will get it: sooner or later.

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