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When I’m the only one watched by ASIO in this country

On the 4th of December 2015 I received on Facebook messenger an invitation to attend a conference in Lebanon. The organisation was to arrange everything including airline tickets, accommodation, internal transport and food. All I needed to do was send my passport and that’s exactly what I did.

The only communication I had via Facebook messenger were two messages, the invitation and me sending the copy of my passport.

The organisers contacted me regarding the return flights from Sydney to Beirut via WhatsApp. The conference was due to start on 7th December which meant I didn’t have much time to organise my trip.

On the 4th of December the organisers booked my flight to leave Sydney on 6th December. I had only about 36 hrs to pack and leave. Even my wife only found out I was leaving when the booking was confirmed.

My solicitor obtained the attached document from the Lebanese authorities where it states I was banned from entry to Lebanon on 4th December 2015. The same day I received the…