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Pictures of Khaled Sharrouf’s son: why the big fuss?!!!

Australian terrorist has allowed his son to hold cut head of Syrian soldier. Then he posted these pictures on Twitter. The whole world started to talk about such horrific scenes. I can understand why. But one with deep knowledge of the Syrian crisis would ask: why the big fuss in this case particularly?

For the last three years, we saw worse scenes than this. Did we forget the video of Syrian “revolutionists” allowing small kid to use knife to cut the head of Syrian soldier? (See the photage on, posted Dec 2012). Should I attach here more links of crimes committed by kids recruited by takfiris/revolutionists in Syria?

So what is the difference? Why the whole world is talking about this crime only?

I note that the only difference is that the kid this time is Australian. He was born and raised in Australia. He went to Australian school. He was taught “Australian civilised way of thinking”. He was our neighbour. He was shopping in our Woolwort…