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My speech at Interantional Refugee Day rally - 25 June 2006

Hello everyone

I would like first to acknowledge the historical custodian of the land

Thanks for coming today to mark the celebration of the International Refugees Day.

In the last few weeks the government tried to celebrate this occasion its own way. They tried to introduce new legislation that was regarded by everyone dealing with refugees as a total departure from Australian obligation to the Geneva Convention to protect the Refugees, 1951, and other related conventions and agreements.

The Australian government is moving now to convince its backbenchers that excising the whole mainland from the migration zone, re-introduction of the policy of detaining families and kids, detaining people outside Australia for indefinite time and depriving refugees and asylum seekers of any access to their legal rights - should be acceptable practices.

All these violations to international conventions and agreements are just to appease Indonesia and guarantee its cooperation in implementing the so c…