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جمهور المقاومة والممانعة: ما هكذا تورد الابل...!!!

لم تجف دموع الامهات الثكالى, امهات شهداء المقاومة الاسلامية اللبنانية وشهداء الجيش العربي السوري بعد.

لم تلتئم جراحات وعذابات الجرحى والمقعدين واهالي المخطوفين والمغيبين في سجون الاحتلال او معتقلات الجماعات التكفيرية والارهابية بعد.

ولم تنس الجاليات الوطنية المعارضة لمؤامرة الربيع العربي الكم الهائل من الشتائم, والكثير منها طائفي محض, والاعتداءات على ابنائها بعد.

لنفاجئ بفضيحة مدوية لا ندري ان كانت ناتجه عن حسن نية او جهل بالحقائق او استهتار بالشعور العام لكل جمهور الشرعية في سوريا وداعميها الاقليميين والدوليين.

صورة على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي ادخلت الغصة الى قلبي وقلب كل شريف حمل او ما زال يحمل روحه على كفه مصارعا مؤامرة كونية حشد لها الغالي والنفيس.

الصورة برغم سوداويتها الا انها كانت واضحه:
جمهور جله من داعمي المقاومة وداعمي الشرعية في سوريا يستقبلون بالتصفيق احد اهم الشخصيات المعادية للمقاومة والمعادية للشرعية في سوريا ورئيسها المقاوم.
جمهور دعى من شتم الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد ووالده وعائلته باقذع الشتائم خلال السنوات الاربع الماضية, ليحاضر فيهم عن التطرف والمواطنة الحسنه.

Comments on the Australian government announcement of policy on Syrian crisis

Following the Australian government announcement of policy on Syrian crisis, we would like to mention:
- Australia has committed itself to a very dangerous mission. The Australian participation in bombing of targets inside Syria could be very dangerous manoeuvre for Australia and the region. The region is already a jungle of foreign armies ready to attack each other. We are aware that thousands of Chinese, Russian and Iranian military enforcement has arrived in Syria and in the Mediterranean off the Syrian coast. Any mistake on Australians’ side of bombing of Syrian military or their allies could inflame the whole region. Australian jets could be met with hostile retaliation from both sides. We all remember the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive when his jet was shot down by terrorists.
- The only guarantee that this could be avoided is by acknowledging the only legitimate force on the ground, the Syrian army, the only force fighting terrorists. Without coordination with the Syrian…

Media bias on Syria: Jamal Rifi’s case as a clear example

I was one of the people who thought that the recent change in rhetoric by authorities and media on the Syrian crisis, would bring a whole new breakthrough with the dealing of this crisis.

From the beginning of 2011 until late 2014, the authorities and media insisted that what was happening in Syria was a revolution. They also insisted the revolution was a peaceful one. The high death toll, which reached more than 200,000 was due to the Syrian army killing the peaceful protestors.

In mid 2014, we started to hear a bit about “terrorism” in Syria. We also started to hear about Australian terrorists taking part in the conflict. We also suddenly discovered that the Australians who died there were in fact terrorists, and not aid workers. But the coverage of such episodes are still today shallow and naive.

The media until now did not go deep to investigate the reality of what happened in Syria. Though admitting that we have the highest radicalisation in modern Australian history, they stil…

The reality behind sudden Syrian refugees crisis to Europe

After more than 4.5 years of Syrian crisis, sudden sharp surge of Syrian asylum seekers to Europe should raise many questions that need urgent answers.

During the years of the crisis, which at many point witnessed very intense fighting, threats to Damascus which was totally surrounded by terrorists, critical shortage of basic vital materials and repeated attacks on gas supplies that plunged major cities in total darkness for weeks, the asylum seeking to Europe was minimal. Millions of refugees sought temporary asylum in neighbouring countries (mainly Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan). But never went further into Europe.

So why did the numbers of those who are seeking asylum in Europe witness skyrocketing increase in the last few days?

The other question that needs urgent answer is: what is the reason behind the sudden change of heart by conservative (and racist) leaders like Merkel, who vow to accept millions of Syrian refugees in the next few months?

We all remember the chaotic scenes of …