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My speech at Newtown-Marrickville peace group's forum about "scapegoating Muslims" - 28/9/05

First I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land.

What are we dealing with today? What are the real issues we should be alarmed about?
We are dealing today with draconian laws (as described by one of the premieres agreed on them Mr. Peter Bettie), that could transform Australia from a model of democracy into a police state, where innocent Australian could be detained for 2 weeks without charges, track devices could be used on them for no crime they committed.
In the last few years, this government detained many Muslim youth for charges of terrorism. To date, none was charged. So why there is need for new draconian laws?
We should remember that Australia, before this government, was immune from any violence in the world. Australians were not targeted during the last few decades. We should also remember that there were no information or signals lately that Australia will be a target of any violence. So why these laws.

The answer is very simple. John Howard was seeking to …

Multiculturalism in Australia - written on 18 July 05

I am sick to death of been inforced to answer stupid questions every time I meet new person, who will discover after hearing me speaking odd accent that I have beard and mostache and odd name.
I am sick to death of confirming that I am Muslim after such an event, which will lead to cycle of the person been "alarmed and alerted" after knowing this fact.
I am sick to death to explain all the time that though I am Muslim, but I do not go to mosque, do not fast Ramadan and do oppose women's genital mutilation.
I am sick to death to be "victim" of the same people who calim to be "clever, progressive and secular", but still asking me "Are you Muslim?"
I am sick to death of poeple pretending to "understand my feelings", then to hurt the same feelings that they understood!.
I am sick to death of all this and want all of you to know this, so that if I tell you at some stage that I do not believe "you" and ask you to stop bullshitting, …

Iran's President call to wipe out Israel from the map

With the intense debate about Iran's president's comments (which is again were taken out of context, as usual) none of the leaders of the “free nations” dared to remember the quotes from Israeli leaders over time, which called for destruction of Palestine and Palestinians, destruction of neighbouring countries and urging to disregard the international laws.May be Iran's president called for the urgency of destruction of "Israel" as disgrace phenomena in the contemporary history, but the Israeli leaders were carrying out their declared and undeclared objectives of destroying other states. In the process to achieve this, they totally disregarded more than 70 UN resolutions - what a wonderful "democracy". Yet “Israel” dared to call for expulsion of Iran.
Iran to date did not violate any of UN resolutions. It did not and does not occupy any other nation's land. It also does not, till now, possess any weapons of mass destruction.
We need here to remember t…

Protest as Gore speaks to Jews - Article in The Australian (8/11/05)

AL Gore's first visit to Australia for 2 1/2 years started in controversy last night when the former US vice-president addressed a fundraising event for the Jewish National Fund.More than 1000 members of Australia's Jewish community attended the dinner, held at Sydney's Randwick Racecourse.
But the former presidential candidate was greeted by a small group of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered at the front gate to the racecourse, waving flags and calling for the federal Government to strip the fund of its tax-deductible charity status.
The Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine said the funds raised at the event would be spent supporting the construction of new Jewish settlements in disputed territories.
Jamal Daoud, interim convenor of the coalition, called on the Howard Government to put a stop to the Jewish fund's use of its status as a tax-deductible charity to support construction activity in the arid Bnei Shimon region in North Negev.
"We are concerned th…