Thursday, December 15, 2005

Who is responsible for Cornulla’s day of Shame?

Many “Australians” expressed their shock at what they saw on Cornulla beach on last Sunday. Did I feel the same?
Not really. I was expecting such civil unrest for quite a long time. I did write several articles and thoughts warning of such things.

Why did I expect these actions?

Let me examine the issue closely.

Do you remember Ruddock in early 2000?
I do.

“Illegal immigrants”, “Que jumpers” and “terrorists in detention centers”. Then he distributed photos of Iraqi women in headscarves jumping from boats. Then immediately distributed photos of Afghani men praying on the ground of detention centers or immediately after jumping from the boats. Then do you remember kids overboard lies?

So, is Ruddock the only one to be blamed?

“Lebanese Muslim gangs in 2001” and then the “gang rape” cases where kids where sentenced to 55 years in jail and all the publicity which mass criminalized the whole Muslims in Australia and the world!

Bob Carr was inspired by the Howard success in 2001 election on the back of Anti-Muslim sentiments (not Racist as Islam is a religion and not race). He immediately jumped to play the same card to attract the conservative voters. He did succeed.

And then the Anti-Terror laws in 2002 and 2003, which were preceded by arrests of the Muslim Rambo (Zac Mallah), who was alleged to intend to destroy the ASIO building and many shopping centers (who was cleared later on from any terrorist-linked charges).
This is when the Cornulla sham started. In the mind of every Australian, the Muslims were not more than criminals full of hate of “our way of liberal life” and hating “our wonderful democracy”.

But they did not tell us which democracy!

The democracy which started by ethnic cleansing of Aboriginal people and which was followed by targeting every newly arrived NES community, starting from the Chinese and ending with Muslims.

The Cornulla sham was peaked when Howard’s government arrested licenced cleaners and painters because they “stockpiled” their work gear of washing powders and acetone. This move was accompanied by a media circus to make the message of hate spread as far as possible.

This government was busy following stockpiling the “weapons of mass destruction” (washing powders), while ignoring the white supremacist’s stockpiling of real weapons of mass destruction in the Australian outback of Queensland.

The result was very clear to every clever person. We were warning that the agenda of such Neo-Nazi government would destroy the fine fabric of the Australian society by spreading the hatred and extremism.

Do we remember the election leaflets of “Australia first” party, which was asking to close all places of evil including “whorehouses and mosques”. Then the repeat attacks on Muslims by politicians like Pauline Hanson, Fred Nile, David Oldfield and recently Bronwyn Bishop.

So most of the elections during the last few years were fought on Anti-Muslim sentiments, not more not less. The politicians wanted to hide their failures to deliver their electoral promises by appearing tough on Muslims.

So the widespread discrimination against Muslims was obvious after all these efforts, which was started by this Neo-Nazi government. Now the discrimination against Muslims is implemented / widespread in all aspects of life in Australia. Workplaces (where we see many unfair dismissals of Muslims), streets and neighborhoods (where Muslims were attacked and spat in their faces) and actually every life aspect started to be a daily worry for Muslims (or someone who looks like Muslims).

Then came the shameful dealing with this crisis by politicians of both major parties.

Do we need to remember that France wide-spread civil unrest happened actually after the Interior Affairs minister’s inflammatory comments about the issue?

The same happened here. All politicians from major parties considered what happened as war on “our democracy” and should be quelled by any means (including turning the state into police state with super-extra power to security agencies (they already have extra power after the passing of latest Anti-Terror legislation)). They did not talk about social injustices, discrimination and targeting Muslims as the real root of the crisis.

Do we need to go through what France went through to realize that the issue is bigger than “thugs war” on our “democracy”?!!

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