Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Greens motion on Bahrain: Greens play sectarian bloody politics now....

The Greens have done it again, after again and again. The same tactics, the same timing for the same reasons.

Just before 4 months of NSW Local governments’ election, the Greens are waging huge deception campaign, this time using the Bahraini and Syrian blood.

Last year, before 4 months of NSW state election, the Greens waged huge deception campaign, that time on Palestinian blood. Do you remember when the Greens initiated motion in Marrickville council to boycott Israeli companies??? Then and immediately after the election, the same Greens councillors that initiated the motion sat down in the council chamber and voted against the same motion they initiated few months ago. The Palestinian blood was already sucked by the Greens in the NSW 2011 election campaign, and it was the time to move on....

Now it is the turn of Bahraini and Syrian blood.

First, the Greens moved a motion to condemn Syrian president, demand his resignation, trial in Hague, close Syrian embassy in Canberra and call on NATO to destroy the country. The motion was designed to win support of Muslim Sunni voters, including the very conservative extreme elements that usually do not vote for any political party.

But the Greens were not ready to lose the Shiia voters usually vote for the Greens in the last few elections because they swallowed the party’s huge deception campaigns about opposing Israeli occupation. So the Greens election machine came up with this idea: why not deceiving the Shiia voters the same way we deceived the Sunnis!!!

The Greens put the motion in NSW Legislative Council to “condemn the acts of the Government of Bahrain which stifle its people’s right to freely protest…”. Only to condemn Bahraini government, and not the king…. And only in NSW parliament…. Not in Federal parliament where foreign policy is made and updated…

The tactics is very simple.

The Greens want to deceive Sunni Muslims in NSW to vote for the party. But they do not want to upset the Shiia, who largely support the Syrian president and oppose any military action on Syria. So the Greens decided to create huge campaign to confuse Shiia Muslims and deceive them to prompt them to vote for the Greens, despite the Greens stance to encourage foreign military intervention in Syria to topple President Bashar Al Assad, in addition to the Greens support of sanctions on Iran.

Dirty tactics that play with people blood.

And the Greens have no intention to stop such bloody tactics, politics and campaigns.

To prove that the Greens motion on Bahrain was no more than a cheap bloody tactic to deceive mainly Shiia voters, let us ask few questions here:
1- Why did the Greens choose only NSW parliament to move this motion? Taking into account that the Greens have politicians in Federal parliament and parliaments of WA, Victoria, Tasmania, SA and ACT parliaments. Was this related to the fact that NSW will have election in September???!!
2- Why did the Greens move only this month on Bahraini issue and moved this motion, despite the fact that the revolution in Bahrain started February last year? Was this also related to the timing of NSW local government election?
3- Why the Greens put such a weak motion that only condemns the Bahraini government, with no demand to cut ties or sack the king and his government? Is this because the Greens do not want to upset USA, Saudi Arabia and its powerful lobby in Australia and extreme elements of Sunni communities?

The Greens motive behind this motion is very simple and very clear. The Greens want to deceive the Shiia Muslim voters.

The Shiia Muslim voters and all voters who oppose imperialist wars and American hegemonic bids to crush any opponent to its bloody politics should have been angry from the Greens stances on these issues.

The Greens support for NATO intervention in Syria and support for sanctions on Iran are something that could not be tolerated by any progressive voter. The Greens support for NATO intervention in both Syria and Iran exposes the real face of the Greens. The Greens is not a political party as such that have ambition to achieve socio-economic progressive reforms in the society (as they allege). The Greens is no more than an election machine to achieve better voting result for the sake of accumulating power only.

And this election machine has no morals or standards to adhere to. Now the Greens election machine decided to play on sectarian division in the society, after they played on suffering and blood of many people, including Palestinian and Lebanese blood and suffering.

The Greens should be urged thousand times before next election: please stop your Dracula-like bloody politics of sucking blood of fallen innocent people into your election machine….

On this instance we want to stress that we would not be very upset form the Greens if they have consistency in their politics. But we cannot understand how party supports peace, but urges NATO to destroy countries… How party supports multiculturalism, but does not tolerate any Non-English speaking elements in its hierarchy…. How party supports independence of nations, but at the same time supports listing of national resistance forces on terrorist lists (Greens supported listing of Hezbollah as terrorist organization).

And the Greens party is still claim to be “Left”…. Do not these actions qualify the Greens to be “Left-Over” instead…?

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