Thursday, December 15, 2005

Who is responsible for Cornulla’s day of Shame?

Many “Australians” expressed their shock at what they saw on Cornulla beach on last Sunday. Did I feel the same?
Not really. I was expecting such civil unrest for quite a long time. I did write several articles and thoughts warning of such things.

Why did I expect these actions?

Let me examine the issue closely.

Do you remember Ruddock in early 2000?
I do.

“Illegal immigrants”, “Que jumpers” and “terrorists in detention centers”. Then he distributed photos of Iraqi women in headscarves jumping from boats. Then immediately distributed photos of Afghani men praying on the ground of detention centers or immediately after jumping from the boats. Then do you remember kids overboard lies?

So, is Ruddock the only one to be blamed?

“Lebanese Muslim gangs in 2001” and then the “gang rape” cases where kids where sentenced to 55 years in jail and all the publicity which mass criminalized the whole Muslims in Australia and the world!

Bob Carr was inspired by the Howard success in 2001 election on the back of Anti-Muslim sentiments (not Racist as Islam is a religion and not race). He immediately jumped to play the same card to attract the conservative voters. He did succeed.

And then the Anti-Terror laws in 2002 and 2003, which were preceded by arrests of the Muslim Rambo (Zac Mallah), who was alleged to intend to destroy the ASIO building and many shopping centers (who was cleared later on from any terrorist-linked charges).
This is when the Cornulla sham started. In the mind of every Australian, the Muslims were not more than criminals full of hate of “our way of liberal life” and hating “our wonderful democracy”.

But they did not tell us which democracy!

The democracy which started by ethnic cleansing of Aboriginal people and which was followed by targeting every newly arrived NES community, starting from the Chinese and ending with Muslims.

The Cornulla sham was peaked when Howard’s government arrested licenced cleaners and painters because they “stockpiled” their work gear of washing powders and acetone. This move was accompanied by a media circus to make the message of hate spread as far as possible.

This government was busy following stockpiling the “weapons of mass destruction” (washing powders), while ignoring the white supremacist’s stockpiling of real weapons of mass destruction in the Australian outback of Queensland.

The result was very clear to every clever person. We were warning that the agenda of such Neo-Nazi government would destroy the fine fabric of the Australian society by spreading the hatred and extremism.

Do we remember the election leaflets of “Australia first” party, which was asking to close all places of evil including “whorehouses and mosques”. Then the repeat attacks on Muslims by politicians like Pauline Hanson, Fred Nile, David Oldfield and recently Bronwyn Bishop.

So most of the elections during the last few years were fought on Anti-Muslim sentiments, not more not less. The politicians wanted to hide their failures to deliver their electoral promises by appearing tough on Muslims.

So the widespread discrimination against Muslims was obvious after all these efforts, which was started by this Neo-Nazi government. Now the discrimination against Muslims is implemented / widespread in all aspects of life in Australia. Workplaces (where we see many unfair dismissals of Muslims), streets and neighborhoods (where Muslims were attacked and spat in their faces) and actually every life aspect started to be a daily worry for Muslims (or someone who looks like Muslims).

Then came the shameful dealing with this crisis by politicians of both major parties.

Do we need to remember that France wide-spread civil unrest happened actually after the Interior Affairs minister’s inflammatory comments about the issue?

The same happened here. All politicians from major parties considered what happened as war on “our democracy” and should be quelled by any means (including turning the state into police state with super-extra power to security agencies (they already have extra power after the passing of latest Anti-Terror legislation)). They did not talk about social injustices, discrimination and targeting Muslims as the real root of the crisis.

Do we need to go through what France went through to realize that the issue is bigger than “thugs war” on our “democracy”?!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

How to get Howard’s attention to Van’s case?

Do you want to involve John Howard in saving Van Nguyen’s life?
Following is 10 simple steps to achieve this:

1- Change his name from Van Nguyen to James Fraser
2- Declare that this women (his mother) is not the biological mother, and try to find him very white mother.
3- Try to find him white green-eyed sisters and brothers and very white schoolmates.
4- Replace all his photos by new photos with thick black glasses (so that we cannot see the features of his face, especially his eyes)
5- Declare that all photos circulated are not his own, and start circulating new photos, as above.
6- Circulate new media releases where Van is making racist comments about Asians and Muslims.
7- Circulate evidences from electoral commission that Van was voting for Liberal party since he turned 18.
8- Circulate media release of how Van was tough and racist with the Singaporean judges, members of security agencies and public.
9- Refer to Van as monarchist anti-republican who supports the government stance on refugees, border protection, industrial reforms and against Kyoto protocol.
10-Refer to Van as pro Iraq war and that he would be happy to go and fight the “bastards” there.

If the camp to save Van can do all these, I am pretty sure that Howard will not hesitate to send him personal letter that he will do his best to save his life. I am also sure that he (Howard) will ask CHOGM to discuss expelling Singapore from the commonwealth for human rights abuses. His parrots in foreign affairs department will be enthusiastic at that time to press charges against Singapore in the International Court of Justice for the treatment of drug traffickers.
And I am sure that Chris Ellison would sign for application for Van’s extradition to Australia.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Al Zarqawi and the Security Council

The information leaked from Geneva is that Kofi Annan is negotiating with Abu Musaab AlZarqawi to offer him permanent seat at the Security Council in return of stopping his war on the world.
The view of Mr. Annan is that if such man can strike in Fallujah, Mosil, Anbar, Najaf, Karballa and Basra simultaneously killing daily more than 100 people and injuring another score of hundreds, then he should be recognized as "super power".
If we add to all this that this man could strike not only in the war-torn country of Iraq, but also in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other countries in addition to his well-established connections in Afghanistan, England, Spain, USA, Indonesia, Malysia and the Australian suburb of Auburn, we can understand why Mr Annan is anxious to negotiate with this "emerging super power".
If the American administration wants to convince us (and apparently MrAnnan has been convinced) that this man is responsible for suchsophisticated attacks on this large scale (including many countries in many continents), it should be convinced by the logic of Mr. Annan to grant him a permanent seat.
At the end of the day, granting him a permanent seat will convince him to reduce the level of violence and start acting as a "responsible superpower" (like his US counterpart!) with the right of veto if he does not like others' actions or logic.
I can see another benefit of such a move of even using his "military forces" for peace-keeping missions around the world in war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine...With such highly trained forces, we should fix most of the hot-spots around the world in record time.
If a dead man could do all this, he is definitely deserving more than a permanent seat at the paralysed council (UN security council). Imagine what he could do if he is alive!
Please have mercy on our intelligence!
When will the axes of evil (Bush-Blair-Howard) recognize that it is not this man (who, by all evidences of respectable sources, died at least 5 years ago) who is responsible for the resistance in Iraq? When will they recognize that those responsible for this heroic resistance is all freedom-loving forces who know that the victory of these axes of evil in Iraq would mean spreading the ashes of war into other countries and regions?
Please note that I am writing this article before the new anti-terror laws will pass the senate, so that I may escape charges of sedition!!
Long live the Howard democracy

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My racist Parrot

My beloved cockatoo bird took advantage of my busy day and opened the cage door and ran-away.

I definitely did not expect him to escape; otherwise I would not put him on the balcony and turn my back on him.

I thought that my good treatment of him, giving him a big cage, a lot of food and talking to him constantly would make him more friendly and recognize my love and respect.

So what went wrong?

I start now to remember how he was getting angry anytime I spoke with him in Arabic. He would get upset, shout and try to bite. Then he would turn his back on me and start to shout out what sounded like “piss-off!”

I started to remember also how he was getting angry when my friends tried to speak with him in Arabic.

This was not his attitude when my Anglo friends tried to approach him and talk to him in English. He would be very happy, singing, talking and jumping around. He even tried to talk to them.

I also noticed how he was unhappy when I was giving him home-made Arabic food I cooked. He would throw this all over the place.
Then it would take me hours to clean his mess. This is not the same when I was giving him muffins or Aussie pies. He would catch them in his hand and eat them in slowly and in a very respectful manner.

Then I remember now how he was reacted when I was forced him to listen to Arabic songs. He would lose his mind, shake his head violently, try to close his ears with his toes and start shouting very loud to tell me to stop “the rubbish”.

My friend Ian asked me when he visited me: which language do you talk to him in (apparently noticing that he was happy when we were talking in English at that time). I said Arabic. He shook his head. I tried to prove to him that, and started to talk to the bird. His reaction was very violent.

Ian said (trying to avoid my embarrassment): it seems that he is confused about his identity!

Well, now after he escaped from my place, he still flying near my window and shouting very loud (only after midnight!). He will continue to shout until early hours of dawn. He is, seemingly, trying to take revenge for forcing him in my place and exposing him to our culture.

I start to think that my bird is Liberal. But not only liberals are racists in the society!

So, did racism reach even the animals?

I wonder if my bird knew that I am Muslim!! I wonder too, if this was one of the reasons why he escaped!!

May be he was very lucky to escape before the arrival of new Anti-Terror Laws and before the arrivals of ASIO and Federal police men in their helicopters.

I must say that since last week, I cannot hear him from my window!!!

Did ASIO take him for interrogation, especially as he lived in my place for some time and he could recall some “suspicious” conversations!!

I would be lucky if, because of his racism, he cannot recall any of our conversation.

What chance do we have in this country if even the animals became racists!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Where to escape?

I was thinking that if things got worse in Australia, racism grew further, martial laws were imposed, violence against us escalated and life became daily suffering, I thought always that I still had safe country to go to.
Jordan was my country of living from the time I was 5 until I migrated to Australia. Jordan was neither democratic nor easy to live in, but was at least safe.
Except for the major massacres against Palestinian refugees in September 1970, Jordan was pretty calm and safe. Even during the cold war era, where almost all neighbouring countries suffered major unrest, military coups and revolutions, acts of violence and civil wars, Jordan was the most stable state there.
It was not until the Bush declaration of "war on terrorism" (which terrorism?) that anyone could imagine that such acts on this large scale could happen in Jordan.
The Jordanian government was highly cooperative with Bush's crusade"war on the world" for the last few years. But this war was notaccompanied by a war on poverty, unemployment and growing corruption.
So we saw the skyrocketing increase of poor people, unemployed and thedecrease of spending on social services. We also saw growing foreigndebts, and privitasation of almost all government-owned properties.
This was accompanied by a crack down on democracy, human rights andfree-speech (which was limited anyway before).
This was accompanied by the Jordanian government's complete silence on Israeli crimes against the Palestinians (we should remember that 60% of Jordanians are from Palestinian background). On the contrary, the Jordan government restored its normal diplomatic relations with Israel, indefiance of the Jordanians overwhelming majority's feeling of disgustfrom Israel's crimes.
This was accompanied by intensifying the policiesof Jordanisation of Jordan by getting rid of all Palestinian high-profile public officials and employees. This policy resulted in dividing Jordanian citizenship into 2: first class Jordanians and second class Palestinian Jordanians (as they call us).
But for the last few years, I saw racism grow strongly in Australia. And now I am sure too those Anti-Terrorism laws amendments will pass, which will result in more restriction to free speech and enforcement of martial laws. I am sure also that violence will increase against us.
But what to do?
The only other country I can live in was bombed today. Latest reports are of perhaps 60 people killed, 200 injured and civil unrest is growing there.
I am left with no other alternative but to resist. John Howard and his parrots (before he had one parrot namely Ruddock, but now has many including Iemma, Bracks, Keelty, Maroony...) know that they left us (since their alleged "war on terrorism" which included invading Iraq) with no alternative but to resist.
This time we are facing one question: to be or not to be.

Plot unfoiled

First I would like to congratulate John Howard for the successful media circus yesterday. The farce was played very well, and the message got through to the Australian people. The talent of Howard in deceiving the masses cannot be denied by anyone in this continent.

After last night’s circus, I remembered straight away the similar circus performed by the same actors (Howard, Ruddock, Costello) before the last election by arresting innocent men (Zac Mallah, Bilal Khazal, Izhar Alhaq…) for similar claims of belonging to terrorist organizations and planning terrorist acts. Until now none of them was charged. On the contrary, many of them were cleared of such charges.

Then I remembered Tampa, the kids overboard farce, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction lies, and before that the lies of illegal migrants and queue jumpers.

I must admit here again that the talents of the Howard-Ruddock twin team of lying and deceiving people should be recognized.

What amazed me is the fact that these lies are very obvious, but the Australians still swallowed them easily!! What a joke? How could they do this!

After yesterday’s circus, some information started to emerge. We know now that the “chemical weapons of mass destruction” are not more than house-holds washing powders. We also know now that many of the “alleged terrorists” are not more than licenced cleaners whose charges are not more than “stockpiling large amount of washing powder”. The other people’s charges are their expressing a wish to die as “martyrs”, a wish that is in mind of almost every committed Muslim.

Well, congratulations to the work of the twin “axes of evil” in our society for their quick acts of persuasion. I am sure after yesterday’s circus that their amendments of Ant-Terror Laws (which were described by every expert in human rights as draconian and a gross abuse of basic human rights) will be passed easily. Also, I am pretty sure that their Industrial Relations vandalism will be passed too under the cover of fear and “foiling major terrorist acts”, after terrorizing both the opposition and the society as whole.

I must congratulate too both Morris Iemma and Steve Bracks, who reached the verdict of “guilty” for all arrested people, in defiance of any natural justice. I should congratulate them as they really bailed Howard out of any tough questioning of his “outrageous inhuman” act of terrorizing the whole community.

I should congratulate the heroes of the “politisied” security agencies for their “patriotic” remarks and statements, which violated all principles of neutrality and “division of powers”. We all remember how these security agencies were politicised after Tampa, kids overboard, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the cover-up of the Abu Ghraeb scandal.

Thanks for all these heroes to stop cleaners from doing their jobs, and instead try to clean the mess of this government. Thanks for all these heroes to turn their jobs from protecting members of the community into participating in terrorizing them.

The whole Muslim community will be subject now to high prejudice, discrimination, violence and mass criminalisation after these heroic actions. These effects which will need generations of good work to be repaired.

The government now and their “highly politicised” security agencies should let us know the quantity of washing powder, softener, soap and other house-hold chemicals we are allowed to have at our homes!!!

Maybe we should call for a joint summit of government departments, security agencies and companies producing these “chemicals of mass destruction” to enforce compulsory labeling of “allowed” quantities for each house-hold resident.

Strange democracy we are having at the moment!

Could we call it democracy at all?!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My speech at Newtown-Marrickville peace group's forum about "scapegoating Muslims" - 28/9/05

First I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land.

What are we dealing with today? What are the real issues we should be alarmed about?
We are dealing today with draconian laws (as described by one of the premieres agreed on them Mr. Peter Bettie), that could transform Australia from a model of democracy into a police state, where innocent Australian could be detained for 2 weeks without charges, track devices could be used on them for no crime they committed.
In the last few years, this government detained many Muslim youth for charges of terrorism. To date, none was charged. So why there is need for new draconian laws?
We should remember that Australia, before this government, was immune from any violence in the world. Australians were not targeted during the last few decades. We should also remember that there were no information or signals lately that Australia will be a target of any violence. So why these laws.

The answer is very simple. John Howard was seeking to raise the fear in the society from the first year in power, to divert the attention of Australians from his real agenda of economical, social and environmental vandalism.

These laws (alongside the other laws introduced before under ASIO Laws and antiterrorism laws) are mounting to the level of collective punishment (which is prohibited under international law). When we where screaming our head that detaining innocent people for long time was inhumane and illegal, Howard’s government was claiming that this is necessary to protect Australian borders, Australia interests and Australian life style from people smugglers and economic migrants. What we discovered now that there were hundreds of Australians detained, deported and treated badly, in addition to thousands of genuine refugees who lost their life, suffered mental illness because of this collective punishment.
Now it is the turn for Muslim Australians to be collectively punished to enable Howard to cover up the lies for attacking Iraq, the lies for detaining Australians and genuine refugees (including women and kids), to be able to get away with his economical and social disastrous vandalism in the society of selling Telstra, cutting spending on universities and schools, cutting spending on hospitals, shortage of workforce and all his disastrous policies.

Then there is very important issue of what is terrorism? There is no national definition for terrorism. There is also no internationally agreed on definition of terrorism. For Howard’ government attacking Iraq and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people is not an act of terrorism, but a liberation act. While attacking occupying forces by Iraqi fighters is an act of terror! The lack of this definition means basically that these laws will be abused severely by this government as how to classify terrorist and non-terrorist.

Then there are elements in these laws that is very clearly flawed and subject to abuse. Under these laws people who forget their bags at the train station or at Airport will be punished and charged. Bad memory will become a crime under these laws, instead of been a sign of senility.
Also, supporting freedom fighters against super power aggression will become crime too, on the ground of supporting enemy. But who decided that Australia should have this enemy. Howard went to Iraq against the international laws and against the will of millions of Australians who demonstrated against this. And now we have Iraqi people as enemy, and if you support them you will be charged. A very interesting logic.

The whole idea behind these laws is to raise the fear in the society. This fear is already there. I am aware of tens of people who had night visits by ASIO officers, their homes searched, their kids terrorized in the name of unknown enemy called “terrorism”. These people ran away from their countries to avoid such treatment and fear. They are now comparing these practices to the practices of the dictatorship regimes they fled from.

I must mention here that I believe that killing any innocent human being is a crime and an act of terrorism. But I also believe that we have in our judicial system enough laws and jurisdiction to deal with such crimes without turning Australia into Police state or a dictatorship. An action of criticizing the government of the day for sending troops to invade another country and kill foreign citizens will become a crime and a terrorist act.
Would I be arrested now, as I am supporting the freedom fighters in Palestine, Iraq and in any other area where its people is under occupation?

Not only this. The reputation of Australia as democratic tolerant society is perished.
I encouraged my brother, who is highly qualified and experienced engineer, to migrate to Australia, as Australia now is facing of very bad shortage of workforce. He refused because he is watching the how Australia is treating its Muslim community. It is very clear that after 8 years of Howard, there is nothing left from democratic tolerant multicultural image of Australia.

The alarming issue here is the double standard the Labor party is dealing with this issue. While Kim Beazly expressed his views that such measures will not deter “terrorists”, the Labor premiers supported such measures. No one premiere asked John Howard to address the causes of violence in the world. None asked him why Australia became a target only after his extremist government came to power and urged him to look for another measures to bring back the image of Australia as multicultural tolerant democracy.

The deportation of American peace activist 2 weeks ago sent a very clear signal, that may be the Muslims are the target of these measures now, but definitely all Australians could be target at some point, when the government will need to create new enemy.
The protection border laws proved this earlier, when Australians, non-Muslims, where targeted, deported and detained.

I believe that these laws will not stop violence or terrorism, but will further the marginalisation of Muslims in their ghettos, a marginalisation that will benefit only the extremists on both sides.

The only way to stop this is for Australian like you and me to resist.
Thank you for listening.

Multiculturalism in Australia - written on 18 July 05

I am sick to death of been inforced to answer stupid questions every time I meet new person, who will discover after hearing me speaking odd accent that I have beard and mostache and odd name.
I am sick to death of confirming that I am Muslim after such an event, which will lead to cycle of the person been "alarmed and alerted" after knowing this fact.
I am sick to death to explain all the time that though I am Muslim, but I do not go to mosque, do not fast Ramadan and do oppose women's genital mutilation.
I am sick to death to be "victim" of the same people who calim to be "clever, progressive and secular", but still asking me "Are you Muslim?"
I am sick to death of poeple pretending to "understand my feelings", then to hurt the same feelings that they understood!.
I am sick to death of all this and want all of you to know this, so that if I tell you at some stage that I do not believe "you" and ask you to stop bullshitting, to understand why.
I want to tell you this so that next time I ask you to go out for coffee with me, please ignore me.
When I ask you if you understand, tell me the truth.
When you ask me to explain, expect me to explode.
When you start bullshitting, expect me to leave.
When you expect me to understand, remember that anyway you don't.
So, please ignore me from now.

Iran's President call to wipe out Israel from the map

With the intense debate about Iran's president's comments (which is again were taken out of context, as usual) none of the leaders of the “free nations” dared to remember the quotes from Israeli leaders over time, which called for destruction of Palestine and Palestinians, destruction of neighbouring countries and urging to disregard the international laws.May be Iran's president called for the urgency of destruction of "Israel" as disgrace phenomena in the contemporary history, but the Israeli leaders were carrying out their declared and undeclared objectives of destroying other states. In the process to achieve this, they totally disregarded more than 70 UN resolutions - what a wonderful "democracy". Yet “Israel” dared to call for expulsion of Iran.
Iran to date did not violate any of UN resolutions. It did not and does not occupy any other nation's land. It also does not, till now, possess any weapons of mass destruction.
We need here to remember that Israel is possessing 300 - 400 nuclear heads (according to Vanunu) and tons of stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons.
What a hypocrisy!!

Protest as Gore speaks to Jews - Article in The Australian (8/11/05)

AL Gore's first visit to Australia for 2 1/2 years started in controversy last night when the former US vice-president addressed a fundraising event for the Jewish National Fund.More than 1000 members of Australia's Jewish community attended the dinner, held at Sydney's Randwick Racecourse.
But the former presidential candidate was greeted by a small group of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered at the front gate to the racecourse, waving flags and calling for the federal Government to strip the fund of its tax-deductible charity status.
The Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine said the funds raised at the event would be spent supporting the construction of new Jewish settlements in disputed territories.
Jamal Daoud, interim convenor of the coalition, called on the Howard Government to put a stop to the Jewish fund's use of its status as a tax-deductible charity to support construction activity in the arid Bnei Shimon region in North Negev.
"We are concerned that tax-deductible money is going to finance illegal settlements in North Negev," Mr Daoud said.
"We want to send a clear message to the Australian Government that this is unacceptable."
Glen Barclay, an expert on Middle East politics at the Australian National University, said Mr Gore would have no choice but to accept such a speaking engagement with a Jewish organisation such as the JNF, especially if he still aspired to the White House.
"It would be political suicide for him to reject it," Dr Barclay said.
"Whether he has political or academic ambitions, he doesn't want to be the target of denunciation by the Jewish lobby."
The fund raised at least $66,000, selling tickets for $66 a person for the event, which was billed as "your once only chance to hear this firm friend of Israel".
The dinner was closed to the media at Mr Gore's request.
Police and private security officers guarded every entrance and the perimeter of the racecourse during the event.
Tomorrow night, Mr Gore, who lost the 2000 presidential race to George W.Bush and last visited Australia in May 2003, will speak about sustainable investment at the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia's national conference.
A spokeswoman for the association said Mr Gore was not being paid for his appearance.
Since losing the election, Mr Gore has developed a cable network called Current TV, which lets viewers submit contributions over the internet and even decide what makes it to air.
He has also set up an investment consultancy, Generation Investment Management, with business partner David Blood.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

John Howard had done it again.

It seems that John Howard had done it again.

Yesterday, his approval rate was the lowest since the Tampa, and the problems with corruption claims of wasting millions of dollars deceiving Australians about his Industrial Relation Vandalism (he calls them “reforms”).

His notorious minister, Philip Ruddock, was facing a hard time trying to sell Australians the needs to rush through the Anti-Terrorism laws, when there is no immediate need for them.

So today we woke up at about 3 am to the noise of the “Apache” to learn later on in the morning about the cowboy-like raids on homes of “suspected terrorists” in the poor suburban Muslim Ghettoes.

Peter Costello, whose eyes are still on the job of PM, declared that the new amendments last week to “strengthen” Anti-Terrorism Laws were crucial in such raids to “foil major terrorist attacks on Australian soil”. We learnt later that the suspects will be tried under the normal criminal code, and there was no need for the new amendments!

Do we need great thinkers and a lot of researchers to link the dive in the popularity of the government associated with the problems it is facing selling IR and welfare “reforms” ? Or to the simple fact that every Australian was laughing at the claims of John Howard that his government received specific information about terrorist preparation to strike in Australia so there is a need to strengthen “sedition” laws. Do we need a genius mind to tell us that all this is a farce from Howard and his ministers to cover-up their lies and failures?

The dangerous thing here is that this government is playing with fire by provoking anger and resentment in a large and largely law-abiding community by criminalizing every one of its members.

It seems that Howard and his ministers do not watch what is happening in France these days. It seems that they do not remember what happened in England a few years ago, when social unrest broke after decades of marginalisation and “criminalisation”.

May be John Howard and his ministers want to take us to some sort of “martial law” post-democratic era. Maybe they succeeded in sparking fear and dividing the society so deeply, that the majority of the society is turning blind eyes on what is happening in the suburban ghettoes, convincing themselves that “it is OK as it is not me who is targeted”.

Going back to what is happening in France, can I ask the simple question: why are the Australian government and Australian media avoiding pointing out that the trouble makers in France are Muslims? How can anybody convince me about the reason for this especially after Alexander Downer accused Somali pirates of being Muslim terrorists, against all the intelligence information for the last 2 decades?

So why did the Australian government, media and French government did not make big fuss of this fact?
I must admit here that the rioters are indeed Muslims. I must admit too that the actions they are taking involve terrorizing innocent people.

So why does our government and the French one not seize this opportunity to further the prejudice, stereotyping and dirtying the reputation of all Muslims on the earth? How come they are not keen to mention the Muslims for actions they are doing, while they were quick to link pirates to Muslim “possible terrorists” and to make arrests because there is “chemicals that could be dangerous if mixed with other chemicals”? ( any student who went through high school knows that any chemical could be dangerous if mixed with some other chemicals, including my laundry powder).

The other question I have to ask here: did the latest Anti-Terror laws in France stop such acts? Or can we ask the question another way: were the Anti-Terror laws the last straw to ignite the flame, which led to this social unrest?

The issue is more than the crusader war as Bin Laden is claiming. The issue is related to a criminal capitalist system, where the rich want to enslave the rest of the world for the sake of maintaining total control of the whole wealth of the globe. Such a process of slavery which was enhanced by the agenda of the new-liberal capitalist, who are aiming to strip the workers and poor from all their gained rights.

So what have the anti-terror laws in France achieved in preventing such actions?

Looking very carefully at the events, we can realize that it did not have any effect at all. On the contrary. The anti-terror laws further the feeling of marginalisation amongst the Muslim French in their suburban Ghettoes and led them to defend their dignity and rights in the only way they felt was open to them. The democracy failed them and left them to take justice on their hands.

What do you expect from community of few million that was criminalized by the constitution? What do you expect from youth that did not experience anything from democracy but unemployment, harassment, poverty, discrimination and finally mass-criminalisation?

No wonder Alexander Downer did not dare to mention that these youths are Muslims, who had enough from the new-liberal politics of fear and mass-criminalisation, to cover-up the failure of the Anti-Terrorism laws and indeed the responsibility of such laws for the latest wide-spread riots and unrest.

Should this government wake up before we will start to see French-like unrest in our backyards?

And why the state government was complacent in this matter? Does this have anything to do with state government’s inclination to cover up its own failures? Does this have anything with the try to seize the opportunity to justify the Labors complacency in passing the draconian Anti-Terror Laws?

It seems that there is bipartisan agreement on this mass-criminalisation!

Submission to the People's Inquiry into Migration Act – November 2005 - was originally submitted to the senate committee about the same issue.

1- Processing and assessment of visa applications

By comparing statistics and numbers we can reach very clear conclusions that the processing of applications (for many categories of visas not only for protection ones) is not according to consistent regulations and procedures. The government treats many holders of certain visa categories as criminals, liars and law-cheaters as a general principle. This is why the rejection of the applications by people seeking protection and spouse visas was very high at the departmental level, yet the acceptance of the same cases by the RRT or MRT was very high.

The regulations and directions seem to have been that the applicants for these categories are liars and need to be rejected without reason, ie the applicants were not innocents until proven guilty but the way around.

The issue here is why these inconsistencies were not investigated to determine why there was a high rejection rate for genuine refugees at the departmental level then the opposite at the RRT level? Why were these inconsistencies not rectified for the last 8 years? On the contrary, these inconsistencies were increased in the last few years.
Talking about some outrageous illogical inconsistencies are the case, for example, of Naser Almubarak. He was deemed to not been a refugee, while his son, who was arrived by the same way and has identical circumstances, was accepted as refugee and now an Australian citizen.

The other question is who will compensate the genuine refugees who were locked up in detention for long periods, many to be discovered after more than 4 years that in fact they were genuine refugees? This is what happened in the case of Iranian refugee Mohsen Sultany, who spent 4 years in detention, after which the High Court determined that he is genuine refugee. Instead of receiving compensation for the wrongful detention he was issued a bill for $18,000 for the cost of the RRT and federal court. The same happened to many other refugees. In fact, there are very few refugees who spent less than 6 months in detention.
The other issue here is the indefinite detention and stateliness. Ahmad AlKateb, Naser Almubarak and Ibrahim Ishrith all are stateless people and all were determined to be not genuine refugees. After few years in detention, where they developed many illnesses including mental illnesses, they were released on No-Visa basis with no help from the government. They tried all what they can do to arrange for their departure from the country but unsuccessfully. Instead of opening their cases again and see how to solve their problem, they were treated very bad. They are required to sign in DIMIA every fortinight, they nor elegable for any welfare help, they are not elegable to work, no Medicare. After years in detention, which left them with deep scars and illnesses, they were further punished and still subject to very harsh treatment which exacerbated their problems.

So it appears that the directions given to DIMIA case officers were to reject as many as possible on very thin grounds, as there is no accountability for such rejections, either by case officers or senior DIMIA officials. Why did DIMIA not investigate case officers who had high rejection rates against high acceptance rates for the same type of application processing for many years?

The same was and is still happening for applicants for spouse or prospective spouse visas, which were the rejection is the rule.

2- Assessment of applications
On many of the letters of rejection for protection visas, the cause of rejection was that the case officer was not satisfied that if the applicant were to return to their country of origin he/she would be persecuted. Well, this cause is not valid, especially for this category of visa, where well founded fear of persecution can apply to groups of people rather than individuals. This compares to the apparent Australian requirements, wherein the only proof for the officer to be satisfied is the return of the applicant, which may well result in the death or imprisonment of the applicant.
The whole idea of the Geneva Convention of 1951 was to stop this loss of life because of persecution from happening. Australia under this government is rolling back more than 50 years of human rights and life protection.

3- Migration detention
Mandatory detention of all unauthorised arrivals is a clear breach of Australian obligation under the international law. This violate many articles of the Geneva Convention of 1951, Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and many other conventions (including the Convention on the Rights of the Child).

The detention system is not only illegitimate under International laws, but also inhumane. How many ex-detainees were released with permanent mental health problems? I can give you countless cases.

Take for example the case of Palestinian ex-detainee Omar ElZaegh, who was detained because he failed to pay his university fees on time, then placed in Stage One in Villawood DC, where he developed a very deep case of mental illness. He was hospitalised on different occasions in the Bankstown mental health unit. He spent more than 3 years in detention, before being deported back to Gaza strip early this year. He will suffer permanently from mental-related illness because of his detention.

Then there is the case of Russian asylum seeker Kristina Nievens, who was detained for more than 3 years, and even after more than one year since her release she still suffers from deep mental-related illnesses and is still on heavy medication. Instead of compensating her for her suffering, she is not allowed to receive any help from the government (welfare benefits) and lives on the charities.

I can mention too Mohammed Daoud, a Palestinian refugee who has now very serious mental illness after his ordeal in the detention centre. I can mention names of hundreds of similar cases.

I want to mention here too that the detention did not only affect the mental health of detainees, but their overall health status. Many, if not the majority, arrived to Australia in very good health, but their health deteriorated after their detention. I can mention here asylum seeker Naser AlMubarak, who arrived very healthy, and is now suffering from multiple illnesses (Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, in addition to mental-related problems).

He is not unique of such situation. Take for example Nauru ex-detainee Iman AlRubaey, who became blind because of the weather, which exacerbated previous eye sensitivity she had.

The related issue here is that there is a deep feeling among detention authorities, officials and workers that they have an absolute mandate to do whatever they wish, with no real prospect of losing anything, been disciplined or ending up in courts for any reason or acts they may commit. During my regular visits to Villawood, this was very clear. On many occasions I (or other Australian citizen visitors) threatened to take actions against security, officials or manager, and we were confronted with the simple answer: do whatever you want. I, in fact wrote a lot of letters of complaints, but either received no reply or the minister dismissed my complaints without even investigating the claims. Is this acceptable in a democratic society?

The workers in these detention centres feel that they are immune from any accountability and it appears that they are having clear directions to make the life of the detainees hellish and the same of the visitors to force them to abandon visiting. There were many reports about security guards accused of mistreating detainees, for whom the government facilitated departure from Australia - presumably to avoid their prosecution here. Some of them went to New Zealnd, and some of them were even transferred to work in the Nauru detention centre, away from any accountability.

4- Deportation of people from Australia
This is one of the most brutal actions any democratic civilised country can carry out. The threat of deportation by itself is very torturous and traumatic for the detainees. Then the method of deportations is very traumatic, violent and involves using prohibited drugs. During my visits to detainees, they expressed both disgust and deep fear from witnessing such acts. They were fearful of the same treatment if they will be forced to be deported.

There were several counts of dreadful acts of deportation, one of them the failed attempt to deport Sudanese asylum seeker Abdel Mune'm Khalgolie few years ago. At that time the deportation attempt was so violent that the seats of the light plane were ripped out.

Later on the deportation process of this asylum seeker early this year involved large numbers of officers, use of tranquilizers and still some violence. There were several claims about injuries during these actions.

Many reports about the destiny of deported people indicate that several people disappeared, were killed or imprisoned. This was documented in the report “Deported to Danger”.

5- The activities and involvement of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
The “successful” deportation of Australian citizen Vivian Alvarez was an alarming signal about institutional racism in the different government departments. When the issues are concerning White Anglo-Celtic Australians accused of drug smuggling, all governmental departments and even the Prime Minister, are heavily engaged in the affair. But when the matter is concerning persons of Asian-appearance in very bad medical situations and who was claiming to be Australian citizens, there is no rush even to investigate the matter. The institutionalised racism in all government departments prevented the raising of alarm even when reports landed on the desks of many officials, and ministers, about wrongful deportation of an Australian citizen. No efforts were made to even investigate the matter, let alone launch a campaign to find her and bring her back home.

We, Australians from NESB who speak English clearly as a second language, are living under constant fear of the possibility of similar treatment as Vivian Alvarez, Cornelia Rau and the other 201 Australian who were detained in the last few years by been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The racism is now well established to the extent that this could happen not to one or two Australians, but to more than 200. The alarming issue is that there were no significant measures taken to ensure that this will not happen in the future.

6- The adequacy of health care, including mental health care, and other services and assistance provided to people in immigration detention

There is no such thing as proper health care, particularly mental health care, for refugees in detention. It took me several weeks to convince the management to send Palestinian ex-detainee Mohammed Ali Mahmoud for a medical check-up for persistent back pain in the middle of last year. This could not be accomplished without asking for legal and activist help to put pressure on detention authorities.
I was told by many detainees that the solution for all their pains were to take panadiene and drink a lot of water. This was the reason why there were more than 10 deaths in detention centres during the last 5 years.

I was told by ex-detainees that even if they were successful in gaining a medical check-up by a specialist outside detention, the prescribed medications would not be bought.

It seems that this is a result of two factors. First, the privatisation of the management of these centres gave the management incentive to cut all services to a minimum to maximise the profits. The other factors could be that the government was agreeing to this policies in order to make the life of the detainees hellish to force them to accept “voluntary” repatriation on the one hand, and on the other hand to gain more support among the conservative voters by appearing as a tough government on refugees and asylum seekers.

The other services are very poor, if they exist at all. The food quality, I was told by the detainees, is very low -to the extent that many detainees stopped eating there and will depend on the food brought by visitors. I am talking about Villawood, where there are a lot of visitors to most of the detainees everyday. I have no idea about how they are managing/managed in other centres in the middle of the desert (Curtin/Woomera/Baxter/Port Hedland..)

The education process is carried out by volunteers. There is no entertainment activities, no Internet accessibility, no accessibility to a real library....

Most of the problems identified are because of lacking of accountability. The detention centres are away from the reach of the media, independent bodies, free accessibility to politicians and free accessibility to records (with the consent of the detainees). The detention centre and DIMIA is operating outside the democratic society of Australia. This is behind the feeling of absolute power that the people working in these centres and in this particular department are feeling for the last few years. Any real changes should start with more accountability and accessibility by media and political institutions. Without this the current mistakes, atrocities and problems will persist.

The people in this area must start to feel that they are under the law and can be held accountable for their actions.

The Australians needed to be alert and alarmed - was published on Sydney Indymedia on 15 June 05

The detention of Australian resident Cornelia Rau, deportation of the other Australian Vivian Alvarez and unjustified detention of more than 200 Australian citizens or permanent residents have made me definitely both alert and alarmed.

I am now taking all precautions not to go out alone, I inform somebody of my whereabouts, and keep two mobile phones with me. I now carry at all times my driving licence, Medicare card, bank card, and my Australian passport... I am armed to the teeth with documents to prove that I am not “illegal”. I have also started to be very disciplined and take my place in the queue everywhere I am going to. I am even considering now getting married (or at least have a permanent girlfriend) just in order to not be alone at any time. After all, being in the wrong place at the wrong time could end up with me in the hands of DIMIA officials; then it will be difficult to locate me again for years!!

It seemed, just few years ago, that holding Australian citizenship would give a person some immunity and respect for his/her human rights, but it turned out that all these are myths from the past. Welcome to John Howard's era.

The Australians were told 8 years ago that the tightening of the detention system was designed to protect us, ensure our safety and maintain our life style, free from the barbaric uncivilized “queue jumpers” and “illegals” who will do anything to benefit from our relaxed life-style, sitting near the beach enjoying the sun while on social security benefits.

The Rau and Alvarez cases are only those that have come to the attention of the media and Parliament, and I am sure that there are more cases still hidden. Even so, they prove that this system did not protect anyone. On the contrary, it has caused great pain for citizens, endangered the lives of others, divided families and who knows what else was happening in these “camps”.

Howard's government won the last few elections on promises that it would make us secure, both physically and financially. They introduced many pieces of legislation to make Australia seems like a fortress, too hard to be penetrated.
They convinced us that Australia is under imminent danger of “Muslim” terrorists, who could even come by boats. They convinced us that there was a need to tighten “border protection” and give ASIO and other security agencies more powers to detain and terrorise people to extract information and then abort any attack on Australia.
After years of these policies what we have got?

Neither Vivian Alvarez nor Cornelia Rau are illegal. Neither condone Bin Laden's actions. Neither of them nor any of the 200 wrongly detained are illegal or “Muslim” terrorist. They are even not Muslim at all.

There are about 5,000,000 persons in Australia who speak English as a second language. All these have now discovered that they could be easily treated as Cornelia or Vivian on the basis of their English proficiency. English proficiency was always an indicator of marginalisation, but now it has became an indicator of criminality.

I must admit too that, even though I speak English very well, I now keep an English-Arabic and Arabic-English dictionary with me all times, in case I will need to show a police officer or DIMIA official that I am doing my best to learn how to speak English like them. I am a good citizen that is trying his best to get rid of the last of my criminal record by getting rid of my first language and trying my best to speak Aussie.

But what shall I do with my skin colour and dark hair? I do not want to go through what Michael Jackson went through to become more white, but should I consider this to escape persecution?!

After years of “border protection” and increasing “ASIO” powers, we discovered that we are more vulnerable and more unsafe than ever before. After years of mandatory detention of every “illegal” “queue-jumper”, we discovered that we not only not safe, but we may become “queue-jumpers” without jumping any queues and becoming “illegal” without violating any rules.
After years of dreaming of a safe prosperous life, we discover that we could end up in detention or in other country, because we are still not “Aussie”, and speak differently and look different.

What did you do to our lovely Australia, Mr Howard?

I remember when your government sent to every household the “be alert but not alarmed” kit, which cost tens of millions of dollars. You did tell us what to do if we saw suspicious things, like a person with a big beard or women with veils, but your kit did not tell us to be on high alert and alarm when dealing with DIMIA officers. The kit did not show us how to avoid deportation or detention, although we thought that we were “legal” in this beautiful country . The kit did not mention the contact numbers in case we are picked up by DIMIA officers and deported to other countries. The kit did not say that if we have a mental illness or speak little English, we must not wander in the streets alone.

How will you explain to Vivian's kids the reasons why ASIO and “border protection laws” could not protect their mum?

Perhaps it is time, after the failure of this model, to try to abolish these measures and try to protect Australia by love, humanity and respect, as we did before 1996?!!

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