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10 more reasons why not to Vote the Greens

Let us first mention that we urge everyone who believes in social justice not to vote for either the Liberals or Labor.

But at the same time, we urge everyone who believes and works for social justice in society not to vote the Greens. The Greens is more dangerous than both the Liberals and the Labor. Here are 10 reasons to believe that the Greens is more dangerous and less trustworthy:
1- Political donations: Both Labor and Liberals are not denying that they receive political donations from big corporates. The Greens has consistently campaigned on banning political donations. Yet the Greens accepted all donations offered to them from any corporate. Indeed, they received the largest political donation from single donor in the Australian history.
2- Multiculturalism: The Greens insists that they are inclusive party which promotes and believes in Multiculturalism. Yet, the Greens failed to run single Non-English speaking candidate for any safe or semi-safe seats. The Greens has no single …