Saturday, July 15, 2017

Will Ludlam stand trial for charges of fraud and wasting public money?

How could media swallow the Greens Politicians' lies that Scott Ludlam "did not know that he had NZ citizenship"... when in fact few concerned citizens initiated petition 3 years ago, after he refused to publish document that he does not have NZ citizenship, asking the parliament to take action against his illegal candidacy..

(The petition could be found on

We consider this to be deliberate misleading public... that could be mounted to fraud...and wasting public money in enforcing the electoral commission to re-conduct last federal election in WA... wasting millions of tax-payers money...

We cannot believe that SBS could not check this petition when it aired that the whole issue was “innocent mistake” of this politician.

Many questions should be asked here:
-How could Australian Electoral Commission not find this mistake?
- What is the need of a law if it cannot be implemented?
- Will Scott Ludlam face trial for charges of wasting public money and making fraudulent documents?

One Greens member commented after swearing on me "f... you mate, what about Abbott who is still dual citizen". Well, again: what is about Abbott? same questions above are relevant to Abbott (if he is still dual citizen until now). Also, the Greens member should remember that "two wrongs do not make a right" especially for a party that deafened our ears with "clean politics" slogan...

Hang your head in deep shame Greens party.

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