The media and politicians still deceive you on “terrorism”: Wake up Australia..!!

I was visited by friend who was supporting ISIS and all other Takfiris in Syria until recently. I was shocked to hear him speak differently now. He was humiliated, disappointed and confused. “Did not they tell us for the last 4 years that they (ISIS and other Takfiri jihadists) are freedom fighters who need our help?”

But are the authorities and media serious in their “change-of-heart” towards these terrorists?

I personally do not think so.

Since the change of heart, the authorities (including media) were still seeking opinions of the same community “leaders” who promoted “freedom fighters” concept and supported these terrorists by all means.

Listen to this “leader” who was elected to be leader by 10 community members only but still claims to represent the “largest Muslim organisation” saying last Monday after PR conference to shake hands and kiss each other “the problem is that the community members do not listen to the true leaders. They listen to Sheikh Google and Imam Facebook”.

His mere lies were widely broadcasted on our media, adopted by our politicians and will be taught in our universities soon. Media noted earlier that the same leader’s organisation was actively brainwashing community members for the last decade even by broadcasting on several occasions lectures of AL Qaeda terrorists, including lectures by killed terrorist Anwar AL Awlaki, who was no 1 on most dangerous terrorist on earth ( ). Mr Dandan of Lebanese Moslem Association apparently did not attend any Friday pray in the last 4 years in any of the mosques operated by extreme local imams which will be ended in calls for sectarian hate (and attacks) on Shia and Alawis as a support for Syrian “revolution”.

Media did not question Mr Danden’s unsubstantiated claims by reminding him of the auction of Al Qaeda flag in Ahmad Bin Hanbal centre ( ). Not only this.

On Q&A program last Monday, a counter-terrorism expert Anne Azza Aly, adopted these lies unquestioned. The veteran ABC host, Tony Jones, agreed enthusiastically. No one asked Mr Dandan why Muslim community members will need Sheikh Google to radicalise them when there are plenty of extreme sheikhs available in every neighbourhood in our major cities!!!

This is not the only program that adopted such lies and reported them as facts.

So why our authorities are trying to continue deceiving you?

One would assume that media and other authorities would not continue to deceive you unless there is another agenda or plan.

I say (and said for the last 4 years) that plan A for authorities was to allow extremist sheikhs and centres to brainwash our youth and recruit them to go and fight in countries like Libya and then Syria to achieve US “New Middle East plan”. Otherwise, how would our authorities explain the large numbers of Australian terrorists participating in the fight in Syria and Iraq (the largest among Western nations per capita).

But when plan A failed outside the gates of Damascus, it seems that the same perpetrators (US and its CIA) came with plan B.

We discover that by plan B, the perpetrators will change some of the terminology only. By plan B, “Freedom fighters” will become “extreme terrorists” that need to be crushed and destroyed. By this way, US can achieve many goals with one shot.

Firstly, it will try and attack Syrian army posts and government’s command centres, then they can try changing the unfriendly regime. This is highly unlikely (if not impossible) to happen now after Russia and Iran strong warnings with sending whole fleet of warships and stockpiles of rockets and advanced weapons.

Secondly, US will secure new military basis to try and contain the aftermath of the collapse of plan A (protect their puppet regimes). In addition, US will be able to continue milking the region’s wealth under the banner of “protecting you from ISIS”.

Thirdly, kill as many terrorists as possible before they could return safely to their homeland where they could constitute great pain to the Western security agencies.

This is why authorities are not telling you the full story. This is why media and authorities are not talking about the main related issue: “who created these monsters and allowed them to grow and expand in our society and beyond”.

Otherwise, why all talks by politicians on our media for the last 2 months were about the threat of Australian Takfiri terrorists on our society after their return from Syria. But no one is ready to discuss who allowed them to go to fight in Syria, who recruited them and who allowed this recruitment.

I can smell new conspiracy... I am sure it will fail... but what is the price...

In addition to hundreds of thousands of innocents killed in different countries because of plan A, we started to pay the price by coping attacks on community members, spit on women faces, graffiti on mosques and schools and high discrimination at all levels.

Why would victims pay the price twice!!!


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