How to get Howard’s attention to Van’s case?

Do you want to involve John Howard in saving Van Nguyen’s life?
Following is 10 simple steps to achieve this:

1- Change his name from Van Nguyen to James Fraser
2- Declare that this women (his mother) is not the biological mother, and try to find him very white mother.
3- Try to find him white green-eyed sisters and brothers and very white schoolmates.
4- Replace all his photos by new photos with thick black glasses (so that we cannot see the features of his face, especially his eyes)
5- Declare that all photos circulated are not his own, and start circulating new photos, as above.
6- Circulate new media releases where Van is making racist comments about Asians and Muslims.
7- Circulate evidences from electoral commission that Van was voting for Liberal party since he turned 18.
8- Circulate media release of how Van was tough and racist with the Singaporean judges, members of security agencies and public.
9- Refer to Van as monarchist anti-republican who supports the government stance on refugees, border protection, industrial reforms and against Kyoto protocol.
10-Refer to Van as pro Iraq war and that he would be happy to go and fight the “bastards” there.

If the camp to save Van can do all these, I am pretty sure that Howard will not hesitate to send him personal letter that he will do his best to save his life. I am also sure that he (Howard) will ask CHOGM to discuss expelling Singapore from the commonwealth for human rights abuses. His parrots in foreign affairs department will be enthusiastic at that time to press charges against Singapore in the International Court of Justice for the treatment of drug traffickers.
And I am sure that Chris Ellison would sign for application for Van’s extradition to Australia.


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