Howard and North Korea: Courage without limits!

Really this time, I am proud of you Mr John Howard.
You showed the whole world that you have both vision and courage, with your description of North Korea as an “International Outlaw”, and then demanding International collective measures against it.

Your words, vision and integrity should be taught in all universities around the world.

You cannot allow the proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world. Frankly, I share your vision in this.


I recall that months ago you did sign an agreement with India to export to them Uranium. To the best of my knowledge, India is a member of the nuclear countries club.

And to the best of my knowledge, you did not criticize Israel for the last 10 years.

To the best of my knowledge, North Korea does not occupy any other country's land.
But as I recall, Israel is occupying lands of at least 4 neighbouring countries.

To the best of my knowledge, North Korea did not stage any war against any of its neighbors in the last half century.
But for the same period, I know that Israel waged 5 major wars against its neighbors, in addition to the daily incursions and violation to their sovereignty.

To the best of my knowledge, North Korea did not violate any UN resolutions.
On the other hand, Israel is refusing to implement more than 65 UN resolutions, the latest is resolution 1701.

To the best of my knowledge, North Korea did not violate any international treaty.
On the other hand, Israel violated almost every major International treaty, starting from the IV Geneva Convention, Convention on the Rights of Children, Convention to Protect the Rights of Indigenous People,......

Despite all of this, you “have always admired Israel's extraordinary fortitude and resilience” (as you stated in an interview with Australian Jews News Weekly, 22 September 2006).

Then you added another reason to why you are condemning North Korea's nuclear test: the arrogance of the North Korean government to spend the money to build nuclear weapons, while depending on the International community to “feed” its citizens.

A clever argument that shut up the North Korea's argument forever.

But was Israel not dependent on the many billions of dollars from the US to “feed” its population, but is still too spending the biggest proportion of this money on arms, army and stacking non-conventional arsenals.

Why is Howard not threatening to stop the millions of tax-payers money to Israel, until it stops producing nuclear, chemical, biological and other internationally-forbidden weapons of mass destruction?

Do we call this genius or hypocrisy?

In Arabic we say “if you have no feeling of shame, do whatever you want”.


Ozmuslim said…
I think there is evidence of a shift of world power in the world. It is possible that an anti-imperialism alliance will form which could involve some or all of North Korea, Venezuala, Iran, China and others.

Let us pray for peace in the world.

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