Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Greens unique attitude: “We can dig dirt on rivals but rivals cannot do the same”!

I decided to write this piece after I had enough of the Greens unacceptable hostility against anyone who dares to criticise them. And anyone dares to do so will open himself for all kinds of abuses, attacks (both verbal and physical) under many headings, especially being Labor member or paid by Labor to do so.

From my own experience, I should mention here that during the last decade I managed to criticise many politicians by writing letters, opinion pieces (in English and Arabic), petitions, and letters to editors and many other forms. These criticisms were directed to many politicians from wide range of political parties. None of these politicians faced our campaigns of criticism by such hostility like the Greens politicians, members and supporters did.

We campaigned, for example, very hard against previous PM Howard and his ministers. We even tried several times to block their way to functions, meet them with high hostility and accusing them with all kind of accusations (most were right anyway). We never received email, letter or phone call asking us to stop these campaigns. The Greens hierarchies and politicians encouraged us to keep this campaign, and even sometimes participated with us. And that is their right anyway.

We also directed all kinds of criticism to Labor opposition during Howard for not standing against government’s harsh policies. We protested outside Labor conferences, protested outside Labor election campaigns launches, wrote letters and opinion pieces and wrote letters to editors. Also none of Labor politicians or supporters asked us to shut up and stop criticising them. We did the same when they won 2008 election and formed government. We never stopped our criticism, and they never asked us to stop doing this.

The same happened to the Democrats, before its disappearance.

But the Greens is different story.
When they became real player in Australian politics after 2004 election, we started criticising some aspects of Greens politics and behaviour.

So what happened then?
First we were accused of being paid by Labor to discredit the Greens.
When we refused to budge, we were subjected to verbal attacks and threats of physical attacks.
Suddenly our cars were vandalised, abusive letters received and things got nastier.
Suddenly we started to receive threats of persecution for supporting terrorist groups (namely Hamas and Hezbollah), complaints to authorities for alleged violation to Australian constitution …
And recently our website was hacked twice in the last few weeks.

Since we started criticising the Greens, we became “enemy of the progressiveness”, “enemy of masses” and even “servants of imperialism”.

When the Green criticised the Liberals and described Howard and his minister as Nazis, Fascists, xenophobic and racist, this was freedom of speech.

And when the Green viciously attacked Labor and branded them as racists, regressive, force form 20 Century, all this was legitimate as freedom of speech, again.

But when we started to criticise the Greens politics, a criticism that is based on facts and aims to open debates on vital issues, the Greens started to scream up and down and described such criticism as “hate” “ranting” slanders” and lately as “sectarian” attacks on the Greens.

We can note clearly here that the Greens is the only non-metaphysical idea that forbids people from discussing, debating and criticising its experience. The Greens, who consists largely from atheists who refuse to acknowledge the ideas of metaphysical forces, are appointing themselves as divine forces that do not make mistakes. Hence they demand shutting up any criticism.

And anyone who dares to criticise them deserves to be condemned and expelled from the Greens paradise

If we take into account that the Greens idea is not metaphysical, but at the same time is insisting on shutting up any debate and criticism, would not this remind us of Stalinism dark era? That was the only non-metaphysical ideology that practiced the Greens-like claim of monopoly on truth and progressiveness.

The Greens who brand themselves as the only progressive force of the 21 century because they promote anti-moral and anti-family values, on the basis that family idea is very old idea stemming from pre-civilisation era that needs to get revolutionarised and civilised, had actually added nothing progressive so far to the Australian politics.

The Greens did not, for example:
1- Introduce any politicians from ethnic and religious minorities (to promote real Multiculturalism).
2- Condemn Israel and regard Zionism as a form of racism. This include never issuing even one clear media release blaming Israel for the cycle of violence in the middle east for the last century.
3- Take practical steps to prove their verbal commitments to issues, including support public education, public health, public housing,... On the contrary. During the last few years, they opposed strengthening public services and even offered to support selling public assets.

So for the Greens, progressiveness means only promoting prostitution, drug abuse, abortion, assisted suicide …etc. The Greens regurgitate (without any practical evidence) claims of fighting to improve marginalised people’s lives. We do not understand how promoting drug abuse among new migrants, unemployed or very poor will reduce their marginalisation or feeling of social isolation. We don’t understand how promoting prostitution will restore the dignity of needy women and men who were enforced to sell their dignity to the point of selling their bodies.

While we cannot understand (nor accept) the Greens logic and definition of progressiveness, but we deeply believe that we are living in democracy. And in democracy, everyone has the right to participate in political process, including participating in debate and criticism of political parties. While we highly condemns the Greens Stalinist-like bids to shut up debate in this country by claiming monopoly on truth and progressiveness, we will insist on exercising our rights. We will harshly criticise the Greens if they continue their political prostitution of turning the suffering of innocent marginalised sections of the society into political football for cheap electoral gains. We will not hesitate to continue our campaign to expose the empty rhetoric the Greens is spreading before each election in the last decade, which is a clear evidence of “ideologless” Greens party.

And the Greens should respect the democratic environment in the country.

We fought before against Stalinism, until it was disintegrated to the history rubbish bin. We will continue fighting against the destructive agendas of the Greens party, until it will disintegrate to the history rubbish bin, too. Unless the Greens become party of democratic nature.

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