Sunday, January 09, 2011

Democracy for Sale: the Greens last nail in their credibility coffin!

We should admit first of a clear fact now: The Greens were masters in deceiving all of us. They have great skills in deceiving everyone in the society: academics and illiterates, poor and rich, marginalised and privileged, progressive and regressive, media, rival politicians and even international observers.

They told us that they support multiculturalism, but failed to promote any non Anglo-Saxon to parliament or hierarchy. They convinced us that they oppose racism and xenophobia, but negotiated deals with One Nation and Liberals to swap preferences on several occasions.

They claimed that they support public health, but voted down legislation to strengthen public health by abolishing government rebate for private health insurance.

They convinced us that they fight for better environment, but voted against legislation to reduce gas emissions.

They claimed to oppose Israeli aggression, but failed to condemn Israeli crimes or to show some practical solidarity with Palestinians and Lebanese.

They told us that they support public housing, but never demanded to increase funds to build some more public housing.

They criticised Labor and Liberals for attacks on Aboriginal rights, but never showed practical steps to improve these rights. Can you find any Greens politician in any parliament around Australia from Aboriginal background?

And they told us that they are the champions of defending human rights, but supported draconian Anti-Terrorism laws. And they said nothing about the mock trials of Muslim youth who were sentenced for lengthy periods on no clear charges.

Then they told us that “politics corrupts politicians” and so they pushed for limited tenure for politicians. But all their politicians are in parliaments for decades and they do not intend to retire soon. Now instead of “politics corrupts”, they replaced it with “vote for candidates with wealth of experience”.

And they told us that political donations corrupt our system and there is need to abolish them. They even created special organisation to advocate for this under the slogan of “Democracy for Sale” under Greens banner. But now we discovered that they received the largest single donation in Australian history.

Suddenly there is “good donations” vs. “bad donations”. There are donations that corrupt the political system vs. donations that strengthen our political system. There are progressive donors vs. regressive donors. There are donors with no intension to influence political decisions vs. donors that want something in return for their donations.

The Greens politics are very unique:
The racists are defending multiculturalism.
The Zionists criticise Israel.
The regressive privileged politicians defend poor and marginalised.
The Greens long serving politicians are the only corruption-proof politicians.
The corrupts are leading “clean politics”.
And the Stalinists advocate freedom of speech.

And on the top of all: Greens politicians are above any criticism. They are saints or angles. They do not make mistakes. And because of this they do not deserve to be criticised.

Yesterday, the Greens said that the democracy should not be for sale, mainly because no donors offered any donation. Now, when they had the chance, they sold the democracy. But they sold it very cheap.

The Greens auction of the democracy generated only $2 millions. Can they blame the Labor for selling the democracy for $62 millions?

Is there any credibility left for this party of bankrupt politicians: politically, morally and ideologically bankrupt.

The Greens sold Australia for $2 millions: how much they will sell NSW for?

NB: We think it is time for the Greens to dismantle the “Democracy for Sale” bogus organisation and scale down its website. Enough deception, please.

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