Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 more reasons why not to Vote the Greens

Let us first mention that we urge everyone who believes in social justice not to vote for either the Liberals or Labor.

But at the same time, we urge everyone who believes and works for social justice in society not to vote the Greens. The Greens is more dangerous than both the Liberals and the Labor. Here are 10 reasons to believe that the Greens is more dangerous and less trustworthy:
1- Political donations: Both Labor and Liberals are not denying that they receive political donations from big corporates. The Greens has consistently campaigned on banning political donations. Yet the Greens accepted all donations offered to them from any corporate. Indeed, they received the largest political donation from single donor in the Australian history.
2- Multiculturalism: The Greens insists that they are inclusive party which promotes and believes in Multiculturalism. Yet, the Greens failed to run single Non-English speaking candidate for any safe or semi-safe seats. The Greens has no single politician who speaks English as second language or from Indigenous background. The Greens is the ONLY Australian party that practice strict White Australia policy.
3- Family and moral values: The Greens work very hard to dismantle family and moral values, where it supports promoting drug addiction, prostitution (including in residential buildings), abortion … The same-sex marriage was the main issue the Greens campaigned on for decades.
4- Public Health: The Greens said that they support public health system and wanted to strengthen it by abolishing government rebate for private health insurance. When the Greens had chance to achieve this, the Greens voted against partially abolishing the rebate during Kevin Rudd primenistreship.
5- Reconciliation: The Greens said that they support reconciliation with indigenous people. Yet, the Greens (unlike even the Liberals) has no indigenous presence in the top positions of the party.
6- Palestine and Israel: The Greens resorted to use the Palestinian suffering and blood in this election by claiming that the Greens opposed Israeli crimes. Yet the fact is that the Greens is the ONLY mainstream political party represented in Federal parliament that never took any practical step to show this opposition or support for the Palestinian rights. The Greens never participated in solidarity visits to Palestine, unlike Labor, Liberals, Nationals and the Democrats. The Greens supported banning of Palestinian armed factions as terrorist organisations. In 2008, the Greens blamed Palestinian armed faction for the Israeli barbaric aggression on Gaza.
7- Economic Management: The Greens record to support services for marginalised is very poor. The Greens is responsible for the biggest waste of common wealth money when they approved stimulus package measures that saw huge waste of more than $50 billions on mainly bogus projects.
8- Housing Crisis: The Greens never came up with any idea or suggestion to relieve the critical housing crisis, the biggest single issue affecting life style of everyone in Australia.
9- Public Assets: The Greens claim to oppose selling public assets. While the Greens never was in position to hold balance of power to approve or disapprove such sales, but all indications suggest that they would approve such sales if they think they will win some votes in return. The Greens leader offered to trade the sale of Telstra in return of moratorium on old growth logging during Howard’s time. It was Howard that did not need the Greens to secure the sale.
10- Refugee and Asylum seekers rights: The Greens rise was mainly on their claim to defend refugees and asylum seekers rights. Yet, the situation of refugees and asylum seekers has deteriorated significantly under Labor-Greens coalition in the last year to the point of suicide of 4 detainees in the last 6 months and violent clashes in many detention centres.

The Greens has no credibility on any issues important for the marginalised communities. The Greens participated in spreading racism and Islamophobia. The Greens did not promote equality. The Greens did not take any practical steps on any issues they claim to have clear and strong stance on. The Greens is the least trustworthy party in Australian history.

Do not risk your and your family’s future.

Put the Greens last.

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