Bob Brown (and the Greens) real legacy: politics full of lies, deceptions and no achievement!

Bob Brown, the founder and first leader of the notorious Greens party, chose the right time to leave the party. The party currently is at its best look: record numbers of senators and MP, unique position on holding balance of power in both houses and in government. A really unique position that obviously will not last for long time.

The media, politicians and other entities were today busy talking nice about this politician, as part of normal farewell speeches and praises.

But what was the real, ugly and devastating legacy of this cunning opportunist highly regressive politician?

Bob Brown, in his own resignation media conference which was full of lies, could not mention any achievement for him or his party but the introduction of Carbon Tax. And of course a lot of talk about “his” struggle as openly gay activist and politician. Though, he failed to inform us how he struggled being openly gay, apart from some verbal abuses....

Let us go deep and examine the real legacy of Bob Brown (and his Greens party).

Bob Brown was no more than a liar who was very good in making lies, selling them and then believing them himself.

Bob Brown and his Greens party claimed that Bob and his Greens politicians were always taking political stance based on principles and not on its popularity. Let us dissect some of these stances.

Bob Brown launched the biggest lie in his life when he claimed that he was the only politician in Australian parliament that stood up during Tampa standoff.

Going back to senate Hansard, we can easily discover that Bob Brown never talked about refugees and asylum seekers, immigration, racism or Islamophobia. The first time he talked about these issues was during Tampa farce. He understood that the timing was right to talk about this issue in this way.

During Tampa, the Democrats (which was the main party that was standing up for refugees and asylum seekers for years) was embroiled in deep infighting and was losing its popularity in the wake of its deal with John Howard’s government to introduce GST. The Labor party chose to follow the Howard’s government’s handling of the case. Bob Brown knew that more than one third of Australians were looking for strong leadership to stop Howard’s attack on refugees and asylum seekers. At that time the Greens had only 2.5% of the vote. So 30% of voters were very popular, and not as the Greens claim that they always stand on principles and not popularity.

But why the Greens never talked about the immigration, refugees and asylum seekers rights and multiculturalism in general?
The answer is very easy: because the Greens is the only pure white party that stands stiffly against any increase of population, on ecological- balance grounds. The Liberals, on pragmatic grounds, moved away from the racist policy of decreasing immigration and allowed substantial increase in immigration intake. The Greens is still insisting on the need to reduce migration to keep the ecological balance right!!!

The Greens was and still lying by saying that Bob Brown was the first and the only politician that talked against harsh treatment of boat people. The democrats, for example, have long history to talk about these issues and to oppose the government’s policies.

For the Greens, lying is constant “principled” policy. I did not meet any Greens politicians that did not lie. In the next few weeks, I will write extensively about many greens politicians and their apparently “genetic” inclination to lie.

The Greens recently opposed the Gillard’s government decision to close down Tasmanian detention centre. The Greens alleges that they took this decision because they are concerned about the few jobs created by this inhumane “hell-hole”. The Greens is concerned that few security guards, cleaners, psychologists, psychiatrists and funeral services workers could lose their jobs if the detention centre closed down.

But the Greens do not care about hundred of thousands of jobs will be lost because of their policy to introduce Carbon Tax, end forest logging and other environmental policies. This does not mean that we support forest clearing or attack on environment. But it is just to give example of Greens political prostitution.

Bob Brown proud to be “human rights” activist. He is only active against Chinese rule of Tibet. He does not care about Israeli occupation of Palestine, parts of Syria and Lebanon. He was, and still, concerned about the human rights violations in Syria. But he does not care about the gross human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other countries ruled by regimes controlled by CIA.

Bob Brown concerned about refuges and asylum seekers, but only before elections. After elections, who cares? He participates in government that has the worst violation to human rights of asylum seekers beyond White Australia policy era. He also participates in a government that introduced the worst racist immigration policies in recent decades. Yet, he has the courage to appear on media and claim to be “left” and “human rights activist”. Frankly, I did not see Bob Brown on any rally against human rights abuses of boat people.

On economy: Bob claimed that he was responsible for saving Australia from the worst economic slowdown. In 2008, and in the face of turbulence in global markets, Kevin Rudd’s government introduced the worst economic stimulus package in any nation. What the Rudd government with complete support of Bob and his Greens party did was no more than the worst economic vandalism in this nation’s history. They wasted more than $60 Billion which created no single job. Yes, it was popular policy to give people cash in their hands, but such policy achieved nothing.

The slowdown was averted because China was able to create jobs and recover from the slow down, momentarily. So it was not Bob and his Greens party that saved Australian economy. It was Chinese economic stimulus in China that saved Australian jobs.

But the Greens and Bob are still having the courage to appear on National Press club and claim that they saved Australian economy from collapse.

The right legacy of Bob Brown (and his Greens): the best liar-politicians in Australia, ever.

The Greens leader was right to leave politics now. Now he can safely claim that he achieved the best result for the Greens. We deeply believe that in the next election, all these wins will evaporate as voters are discovering day after day the crystal clear fact about the Greens: The Greens is a party about nothing.... except power thirst. No ideology.. No comittments ... No achievments...


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