Friday, June 22, 2012

The story of CJPP, Hebron-Leichhardt & Jennifer: Palestinian blood in election campaigns!!

Jennifer Killen does not hold any official position in the Greens. She even denies that she is Greens member. But she attends all meetings, events and celebrations. She participates in election campaigns. And she does many things with and for the Greens, but all behind scenes. All this because she has unique job: she is the Greens rubbish lady.

When the Greens officials make stupid mistakes, they need someone to clean their rubbish. Jennifer will step in.

And when the Greens need to throw rubbish on rivals, opponents or anyone criticising them, they need people like Jennifer to do the job.

In mid 2006, I contacted few community members active on the issue of Israeli occupation of Palestine. My idea was that we in Sydney, as the largest city in Australia, we need an organisation that coordinate activities on this issue and lobby the government, opposition parties and media. So we came with the idea of Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine. Even the name was my idea, adopted by the majority.

After the group started to grow steadily, Jennifer Killen appeared from nowhere. I never heard of her. But she was introduced to the committee by one of the founding members.

Immediately after accepting her, she started her dirty game. She is very good at bullying, intimidation and giving people very hard time until he/she would wish to just vanish from earth.

At every action we organised, she would squeeze the Greens speaker. Then at some stage, she swamped the meeting with Greens and pro-Greens Socialists. They hijacked the organisation that was growing very fast. You can go to the website and check the actions we organised in 2006. It was tremendous work that was easily hijacked by Jennifer, Greens and Greens-arse-licking Socialists.

For us it was very clear. We lost the organisation. But we did not have time to waste by fighting Jennifer and her Greens fellows. And because Palestine is very important for us, we withdrew silently and went other way in our activism.

Jennifer and the Greens hierarchy loved the game. So they asked Jennifer to continue her game within CJPP. Not only this. They set up few other fake organisations to mix up things and make it difficult for people to expose Jennifer and her Greens hierarchy.

The Greens are interested in Palestinian blood only before election and for electoral reasons. No more no less.

The Greens before one of the elections helped moving and supported motion for sistership between Leichhardt and Hebron (May 2007 – just few months before 2007 Federal election). These games proved to be highly effective, especially among voters from Middle Eastern origins who make judgments through their hearts. It was approved. After the media (especially Murdoch media) started to attack the move (as expected), the council met again and decided (with the support of the majority of the Greens councillors) to overturn the decision, as the purpose of the motion to attract voters to the Greens were achieved.

To avoid embarrassment and continue emotional abuse of highly desperate Middle Eastern, Palestinians and pro-Palestinian residents, the Greens decided to empower Jennifer again. They set up the Leichhardt friends of Hebron. The mission of this group is no more than to promote the Greens as pro-Palestinian politicians (without any evidence or practical achievements). The group has one mission: to have activities where only the Greens politicians are invited... take their pictures and put them on the website... issue media releases praises the Greens politicians... All this to attract more progressive vote, in very cheap way that does not cost them any regressive vote or criticism from Murdoch media.

And they were successful. They did the same in Marrickville. They put motion... The Greens politicians divided their vote... Then they accused Labor members of the council of failing the Palestinian cause.

Otherwise, how would the Leichhardt friends of Hebron refuse to allow an organisation that done a lot for the Palestinian cause from having a stall in the annual festival? This happened in the same time when an active member of the group was on the SBS radio asking the community to participate in the festival by all means, including bringing Palestinian traditional staff and donate to the festival. He was urging organisations to do this and refused Viva Palestina Australia (which had participated in 2 convoys to Gaza, in Global March to Jerusalem, in cooperating with Gazans to send money to purchase medicines.....) a stall!!!

The Leichhardt friends of Hebron mission is simple: to hide the reality of the Greens as a political party controlled by Zionists and pro-Zionists groups. Let us remember that the Greens:
1- Introduced the largest numbers of Zionist-Jews to the Parliament/s.
2- The ONLY political party that did not participate in any solidarity missions to Palestine.
3- Party that supported all legislations to list many Palestinian organisations on Australian terrorist lists, with no demand to list any Zionist terrorist groups...
4- Has no one practical achievement on the debate of Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The Leichhardt friends of Hebron maybe has some good people with good heart. But the influential people who are steering the organisation are Greens members who act always to enable the Greens to get more votes, even on deceptive claims.

We need to hear from this group why our organisation was not allowed to have stall, show Palestinian culture and fundraise money for the cause....

More on the reality of the Greens, CJPP, Leichhardt freidns of Hebron and Jennifer soon...

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