My conspiracy theory: Wikileaks as Al Jazeera-style CIA project!!!

After the rise of Wikileaks star few years ago, I was asked to give opinion on the work of this organisation. Instead of giving a quick comment on Facebook or Twitter, I wrote detailed article published on Al Nahar and Al Iraqiah newspapers in Australia. The article published on 15 December 2010.

I expected in that article, that the Wikileaks organisation most likely was established for hidden agendas. My expectations for the hidden agendas were specified in that article to be either: to prepare the US citizens for the US withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. The other possible hidden agenda I mentioned is: to prepare the grounds for wide conflicts, and maybe regional wars.

Surprisingly, in less than 3 months the blood started to flow as a result of the so called “Arab Spring”.

I was still not sure about Wikileaks. This is why I asked my friends (journalists and politicians around the Middle East) about their thoughts on this issue. Surprisingly, not many had definite answer.

Wikileaks brand was very tightly secretive, for some reasons. Not even intelligence agencies in the Middle East knew the reality of it.

When I was approached to help setting up Wikileaks party in Australia, I was very confused. I had suspicions. I read a lot about the secrecy inside the organisation. I also read about suspicious meetings held between representatives of Wikileaks and Israeli semi-officials where Wikileaks assured them that no “bad-news” for Israel will be released ( ). And no “bad-news” were released. I also read about the timing of releasing “Syria-files” ahead of UN meeting to decide “authorising attack on Syria” ( I read more and more about Wikileaks and its dodgy behaviour.

Despite all these I decided to go ahead and help under one condition: I will not join as an ordinary member but as National Council member. And to the last minute, I was NC member, but not ordinary member. Since I have no evidences, I wanted to explore the truth myself.

Six months as NC member was enough to confirm my suspicions.

For 6 months as member of the leading body in the party, I had no idea what is going on inside the party. No meetings. No active membership. No intention to empower active membership. No financial transparency. No consultations about decisions. No declared policies. No agreed upon politics. No office. No stored files. Nothing.

It was one guy who knows everything and does everything: John Shipton – biological father of Julian Assange.

John made all deals. He made all phone calls. He chose NC members. He chose candidates for election. He made decision about preferences. He made all these decisions after anonymous phone calls... allegedly with his son.

Total secrecy, is not only against the core objectives of Wikileaks brand, but a suggestion for secret intelligence agency (or a branch of one).

When I met with Syrian honorary consul in Sydney to organise solidarity visit to Damascus, we both did not expect that Wikileaks party will be interested in participating. Surprisingly in less than 24 hrs, we secured the party’s participation. Well, I thought that I was convincing politician.

Arriving to Damascus, with all mishaps, John’s concerns and demands were very strange.

Upon arrival to totally strange country going through difficult times of terrorism and violence, the first thing John wanted to do was to go through the hotel door and go for a walk in the streets of Damascus. A white man, speaks no Arabic, know no local people and has no idea about culture, has no money and has no sense of direction, the first thing he did was to try to cross the door of the hotel into neighbouring streets. When stopped by security and a delegation member, John burst in the face of them. He went mad and threatened to go ahead with his “short-walk”, and “security can arrest me” threats.

Then he came with this demand “I need cameraman assigned specifically for Wikileaks party and under our direction to record everything we want”. He repeated this demand day after day till the last minute of our visit. The whole issue was very suspicious.

After arrival back to Sydney, he asked me to organise meeting with Iranian ambassador. He also asked me to organise meetings with Shia clerks and community leaders (mainly supporters of Lebanese resistance and Syria). His motive was to gather the biggest possible support for Syria ... as if it was not the Wikileaks who leaked personal emails of Syrian president ahead of UN meeting.

Here can I ask few questions:
1- Why only Iran and Syria that Wikileaks party is interested to meet with and visit?
2- If this is a “revolutionary” figure and party, why this is not echoed in its policies and politics?
3- Why the insistence to go back to Syria, once after once, in a bid to establish strong personal relations?

I can note here that all efforts inside the Wikileaks are to infiltrate Syria and Iran and their supporters and allies, here and abroad. Taking into account the history of Wikileaks leaks and the total secrecy inside all Wikileaks organisations, I cannot believe that these are innocent efforts. I also do not think that all these are efforts to gain more votes. You can gain votes by one solidarity visit to Syria. No need to repeat this every 2 months. No need to visit ambassadors. Also this could be achieved with simple pictures and videos taken by personal cameras, without a professional cameraman recording everything and every faces in Damascus.

When Al Jazeera TV started its work, everyone thought that it will serve breaking the Murdoch’s monopoly on making news around the world. Then we discovered that it was no more than CIA project that was used to re-write history and instigate conflicts that serve imperialism.

For me, Wikileaks is another Al Jazeera. It made the same claims of serving the truth and breaking secrecy. When in fact it is the most secretive organisation around the world.

Was it just mere coincidence that CIA agent Wadah Khanfar (former manager of Al Jazeera) was close friend of Julian Assange (manager of Wikileaks)!!!

More to come soon on the same issue....


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