Wikileaks party: political party or family convinient store!!!

Last Saturday was not ordinary one. I received a phone call just after midnight of Friday which stunned me to total shock.

On the other line was John Shipton, the father of Julian Assange and CEO of Wikileaks party. What he said was extraordinary and shocking. It was also arrogant and disrespectful.

This is what he said “Julian decided that the party is affecting the level of media he receives. So he decided to end up the party. This is the plan. I and (,,,,) will resign immediately. Julian replaced us with his people from Wikileaks organisation in London. Then and after your return from Syria, you resign, and Julian appoints one of his people in Wikileaks organisation to replace you. Then the party will die: no candidates, no activities and no media and the media will be focusing on him solely again”.

How would I respond? The more important question is: how could I have replied?

I was shocked. I did not imagine that I could hear something like this ever, especially in democratic society in the 21 century. So I said: I need to think about this. Ok… talk to you later.

Immediately after this conversation, NC members received short email from John “Julian do not want us to run candidates in WA”. Was the most ridiculous and humiliating email I ever received. The NC members decided unanimously few days earlier to run candidates and preparations were in progress to make it happens. Julian on his own decided not to run any candidate. WOW.

In the next day, I received phone call from John in the morning. “Are you ready to implement? What do you think about the plan?”. I reiterated “I need more time to explore options. It is not acceptable that such big issue decided in few hours. I need to discuss things with others” I said. “After I resign, and (....) follows, you will be alone in the National Council. I do not want you to fight against my son. You have no other choice. The party is an obstacle in the way of Julian to get media and coverage” John said.

“Yes, but other options are possible. Like severing ties between both organizations which will give Wikileaks organization fair coverage in the media of the work they do. It is unfair for one person to use thousands of members and volunteers and then disregard their feelings, aspirations and ambitions. I need more time to decide. Talk to you soon” I was firm.

I immediately sent email to other NC members. Beside John, Julian and Gail, there are Omar Todd and Matt. I really do not know their politics or loyalty.

After sending email to both Omar and Matt, I knew where they stand: Matt is blindly loyal to John and Omar did not express clear position. After sending the email, John called again. I was still in shock. I was also waiting to hear back from Matt and Omar. I did not answer. So John sent sms “I have solution… let us talk”.

Julian got it. I will not leave easily. So time for subtle deceiving tactics.

Here is the plan suggested by John. John suggested adopting my solution. Change party name. Then Julian resignation. John said that he is much hated in Australia, and so it is in the interest of everyone for him to resign too. These steps will make total separation between 2 distinct entities. I agreed. Let us work on it. It is unfair for thousands of members, supporters, volunteers and voters to let them down so badly.

The first victim came forward quickly. (....) sent shocking email. (....) is deeply depressed because of Julian actions “again Julian's timing shows a blatant disregard, or more to the point contempt, for the NC and his support base.” We know now that (....) is devastated and does not want to be associated with the party. (...) even insisted that NC accept her resignation on 1 March 2014, as she cannot take anymore any public storm at her credibility.

So they did lie too. (....) did not agree to resign voluntarily. I suppose that (....) was told the same words “you will fight alone on NC and will be defeated… so the easiest is to resign silently and hand the party to Julian”.

After we agreed on this extraordinary plan to save the party from the jaws of Julian, I thought that John will honor his commitment: Declare to the NC the plan we put together to achieve the separation. And then resign quietly and tender the resignation of Julian. I was told by John that he does not want to be seen in public until the plan accomplished.

But what happened in the next day was the opposite.

John was on full active mood. He attended meeting that does not require him to attend. He confirmed that he will speak at rally on Syria. He also confirmed that he is speaking at fundraising dinner for Syria.

What is going on!!! Maybe it is just tactics not to attract attention to the saga- disgrace.

But suddenly John delegated to Matt to resume leadership role in trying to continue deceiving us to achieve hidden-clear agenda: manage this farce, give us hard time then expel us (myself and Omar... maybe) in diplomatic way. Maybe even through election at AGM. Who knows? John has accumulated all power in his hands: membership list, facebook page, website, blog….

So what makes me so angry and depressed?

Julian has used thousands of members and volunteers to build another public organization. Then he tried (mostly successful) to get rid of all these people to achieve another hidden agenda. You all can imagine what is the real agenda of Julian to use all these people, including my work, efforts and reputation.

What is the next move for me???

Still to be decided. But the truth should be exposed. Was not this the heart of the Wikileaks work…!!!

We clearly need another Leaks organization to leak the real story of Julian and his Wikileaks organizations… But public deserves to know the truth: Julian and his father were successful in using noble people who has reputation and stance in the community to accumulate even more power... and maybe wealth too… by bullying them silently and secretly and enforce them to resign quietly… then to jump on another punch of noble people and use them for personal agendas… Do you note here that such tactics upset even his mother!!!

This needs to stop now and forever…


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