Thursday, May 29, 2014

This is why US and allies opposed Syrian presidential election

They say that one picture is worth more than a thousand words. And this what the pictures of Syrians voting in Lebanon and Jordan did.

For the last three years, US and its allies were claiming that Syrian president was facing “popular uprising”. The hundreds of media outlets dedicated to fabricate facts to convince the world that “Syrian president is killing his own people” failed to show the scenes of the waves of hundreds of thousands of Syrians chanting for president and flocking the Syrian embassies in Jordan and Lebanon to vote for him. These media outlets which we claimed to be financed and directed mostly by CIA and other Western intelligence agencies proved in the last 2 days to worth no penny of credibility.

The BBC, CNN, AL Jazeera, Sky News, AL Arabia, our ABC, our SBS, the Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald and all other hundreds of internationally recognised major media outlets were exposed seriously and stand today naked in front of its audience and readers.

When the Syrians were demonstrating in the streets of Damascus and Aleppo prior to June 2012, these media outlets claimed that they were enforced to gather in millions in the streets to voice their support for the regime. But who enforced them to gather in hundreds of thousands in Beirut and Amman? Who enforced them to demonstrate in support for the president in the streets of Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and London?

The scenes of Syrians around the world prove one thing: what is happening in Syria for the last three years was no more than a US conspiracy to change unfriendly regime, by force. This time, US and its allies resorted to very dangerous manoeuvres and ventures.

Who can imagine that CIA will arm Al Qaeda terrorists with all kind of sophisticated and deadly weapons, including chemical weapons, in a bid to change this unfriendly regime?

Who could imagine (especially beyond 11 September) that Western media will work very hard to portray Al Qaeda terrorists as “freedom fighters” and “peaceful demonstrators” to deceive us of the true agenda behind the violence in Syria?

The scenes and pictures of Syrians outside their embassies around the world proved what I have claimed several times in my articles and media talks: the Syrian president is very popular among his people and will win any election against any candidate, comfortably.

After my visit to Damascus and meeting with President Assad, I contacted journalists with SBS and ABC and invited them to go to Syria to report on what is really happening there. A good journalist friend of mine was very enthusiastic to do so. She asked me about all kind of logistical details. After 2 days, she came back to me and told me that “SBS management does not want to send journalist and report live from Syria”. The same happened with journalists from ABC and the Australian.

Ironically, SBS and ABC were happy to air fabrications made by AL Jazeera or BBC on Syria for the last three years.

The latest scenes outside Syrian embassies in Beirut and Amman should be reviewed very carefully especially by the so-called “progressive” journalists like Antony Lowenstein. He attacked me for my participation in the visit to Syria and meeting with President Assad. I call on him to watch this video (of course he needs Arabic translator) . Of course with all other videos and pictures available to him.

The so-called progressive political forces, especially the Greens and large section of Socialists, criticised me for writing my article “Open letter to my Socialist friend: This is why I support President Assad!! They did not read the article at all. All what they read was the heading. And, as they were either brainwashed by CIA-financed media or for cheap political gains on populist matter, they declared me “enemy of revolution”. Today, the words of simple people who were enforced to be declared “revolutionists” in a “revolution” that was never happening should see these so-called progressive journalists and politicians bury their heads in deep mud of shame. They in fact supported CIA conspiracy to change unfriendly regime.

No wonder US and allies opposed conducting presidential election in Syria. The early scenes from Amman and Beirut demolished what they have done for the last decade to achieve regime change. The last straw to completely demolish this conspiracy will be the scenes on 3 June in the streets of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama and other Syrian cities.

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